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  1. FM Radio Chat
  2. bass guitarist learning lines...
  3. new wave tambayan
  4. What music genre you love the most?
  5. Rage Against the Machine will reunite for Coachella!!
  6. Top 3 Songs Right Now
  7. tvxq/dbsk/dbsg/thsk/tvfxq thread
  8. What music Are You Currently Listening?
  9. Anong mga magagandang pinoy originals na english and lyrics
  10. Wedding Song Suggestions
  11. [REQ]Lyrics
  12. song from john tucker must die?
  13. what's the ost of your life?
  14. Pag nadinig mo 'tong kantang 'to....it hurts you.
  15. DBSK RockS....
  16. Lyrics domain...
  17. EMO:to those who like emo music and everything associated to it
  18. local/foreign band "legends"
  19. are you a musician or loves music so much ?
  20. Ei anu po ang OK, maganda ang boses o marunong magplay ng musical instrument?
  21. favorite line in a song?
  22. Your Song
  23. Adam of maroon 5 VS john mayer
  24. Steven Curtis Chapman Free Concert In Manila!
  25. Any guitar players here? POST niyo na rin mga tabs dito.
  26. Classic_Old LoveSongs for Gelo
  27. The Last Song Syndrome
  28. Any Song for debutant
  29. Brighten up your day.....
  30. [ Last Song Syndrom ]
  31. Nicole Hyala and Chris Chuper...(sino nakikinig sa FM?)
  32. old ROCKING songs
  33. Anong Latest (New Single, New Albums, New Bands etc)
  34. Bamboo??
  35. RiverMaya naghahanap....
  36. 100 Greatest Rock Songs Of All Time
  37. who's your fave vocalist? (local/foreign)
  38. Savage Garden Vocalist ARRESTED!
  39. What song are you listening right now?
  40. Black Eye PEE's??
  41. Fav R&b/hip-hop Songz!!
  42. Anong song ang gusto mo Idedicate para sa mga barkada/kaibigan mo?
  43. The Great Luciano Pavarotti ‘last, great voice’ dies at 71
  44. can you post new hits & up to date songs titles?
  45. Pedicab
  46. Alternative METAL: Mudvayne fans!!!!
  47. your all-time fave OPM band
  48. orange and lemons, disbanded na nga ba?
  49. Song Title - Patulong naman po
  50. Babalik na ba si Vinci sa Parokya?
  51. si macoy pala ng orange and lemons ung sa PBB
  52. ano ang pinaka paboritong mong kanta at bakit
  53. Philippines Mentioned by Britney In Her Blackout Album
  54. New Wave Top 10
  55. jenny who are you?..(click five song)
  56. bakit madaming nadidisband na mga bigtaing banda?
  57. Who's your all time favorite/best rock/alternative band (local/foriegn)?
  58. Request for the song and title?
  59. Reggae Lover?!
  60. a song for someone...
  61. Are you inclined to Contemporary Christian Musics
  62. Oasis Nagbabalik at may incoming album..what can you say?..
  63. if there's one song that could describe whatyoure feeling right now what would it be
  64. is there a dj in here?
  65. Songs named after name of Gals
  66. Missing You...
  67. TRY THIS radio statiOn YOU WILL LOVE IT
  68. BoA / BoA Kwon ^^
  69. DONG ABAY songs...
  70. Pahingi naman po ng guitar tabs.....
  71. Mga Masasayang Kantahin sa Videoke...
  72. Anyone know the title of this song..
  73. Anime Soundtracks and Other Japanese Music Here!
  74. san po ba nakakakuha ng piano piece or tabs tama ba yan ba twag dun?
  76. [VIDEO TUTORIALS][DL] Using Guitar FX like Tremolo, Flanger, Delay etc...
  77. 3 Doors Down
  78. may concert daw ang MCR sa Fort Bonifacio??!!
  79. send nyo po ako ng mga TOP
  80. To all Tool and A Perfect Circle fans this thread is for you
  81. Avril Lavigne is Pregnant
  82. Arnel Pineda New lead vocalist ng Rock Band JOURNEY
  83. celine dion's new album
  84. Request for Lyrics Here!
  85. Ne-Yo:Live in Manila!
  86. Boogie Through Life
  87. Breaking Benjamin Phobia (Songs lyrics)
  88. Emotil's(Music Lounge)
  89. Renaldo Lapuz Rocks American Idol
  90. The Suicidal Note of Kurt Donald Cobain, 1967-1994
  91. Emo Songlist
  92. Incubus at Araneta!!!
  93. Melt With You
  94. para me gamitin mga singles...
  95. Hed Kandi Live on Vocals
  96. My Chemical Romance
  97. Who's your Fave Band? Foriegn/Local?
  98. ano banda pinaka-ayaw mo? bakit?
  99. give me songs poh na slow rock kapareho po ng your guardian angel
  100. songs that makes a lot of sense..