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26th Apr 2009, 07:18
Thank You for Participating for SOTW 9'#2

The Winner for SOTW 9'#2 is....

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26th Apr 2009, 18:55
Una nba ako? I vote for entry #4. Clean + nice colors + music themed.

26th Apr 2009, 19:30
wow ganda nung #8 ang ganda ang smooth ang lambot lambot parang nagpa salon hahahaha....

pero my vote goes to #17 bilib talaga ko ang galing :D

26th Apr 2009, 19:49
#7 GMV ^^.. colors are very nice.. very original ^^ KIU bro :)

26th Apr 2009, 20:04
My vote goes to #3

-nice combination of vector
-nice colors
-a good concept


26th Apr 2009, 21:17
i vote # 4 cmpleng palaban :rofl: :lmao:

26th Apr 2009, 21:19
No. 4 gets my vote :yes:

1. Superb color choice :D
2. Nice message :nerd:
3. Refreshing in the eyes finish :giggle:

26th Apr 2009, 21:27
I vote for entry #17. :thumbsup:

-maganda yung colors pati yung message :D

26th Apr 2009, 21:35
Entro No.4!!

-pinaka simpli sa lahat..
-masarap sa mata,di nakakasawa yung colors
-unang tingin palang alam mo na agad na music nga yung theme!

26th Apr 2009, 21:41
My choice is entry # 1.

Cool blending , subdued... yet the harmonic flow hits you. :yes: :yes: :yes:

26th Apr 2009, 21:47
may choice is entry #2:thumbsup:

cool ung kulay..ganda ng mga effects..

26th Apr 2009, 21:50
I vote #4 :salute:

simple, hindi nakakasawa tignan, at ang effects naman from simple black and white stock ata un

turn to colorful yet artistic way of change.. :salute:

pinag-hirapan kaya bilib ako sayo sis :D :peace:

26th Apr 2009, 23:11
Vote ko #17
simple...and nice combination of colorz..:thumbsup:

26th Apr 2009, 23:18
I vote for #4. :D

Simple lang 'yung colors, unlike dun sa iba (masakit sa mata :p).

At saka kita agad 'yung theme. ;)

27th Apr 2009, 00:00
I vote for entry #17 maganda ang combination ng color at simple

27th Apr 2009, 07:52
sa entry # 4 ako. .

ganda ng color combination. .smooth na smooth. .:D
iba talaga ang dating..

27th Apr 2009, 09:43
ill vote for #4...simple yet amazing :salute:

yan ang siggy :praise:

27th Apr 2009, 17:01
First of all, I really had a hard time making a decision who gets my vote. Every participant showed their exceptional talent and artistry with their respective entries.

My choice would be for the entry that made a lasting impression on me. The one that has a simple yet relaxing harmony of colour combination. The one that has a touch of abstract in it.

Great job for the person who made entry #17!

28th Apr 2009, 03:19
I vote entry #16

:simple lang at ilan lang ang color na ginamit, ganun paman naipakita nya parin ang nilalaman ng theme.

28th Apr 2009, 08:31
ganda sana kung dalawa sayang..so i vote for entry no. 4 cool art..and blending of colors is great.. :D

28th Apr 2009, 10:22
I vote for entry no.16..

really catches the theme..nice color blending..clear artwork..

28th Apr 2009, 11:07
17 for nice design and colors :D

28th Apr 2009, 15:30
I vote for entry number 12 got my vote
simple lang sya pero astig ang pagkakagawa :D

28th Apr 2009, 19:02
I vote for #17, simple lang pero magandang tingnan..

28th Apr 2009, 19:23
I vote for entry #'s 1, 4 and 17 :lol: ang gaganda kasi lahat hirap tuloy pumili:whew: :lol: ok silang lahat:thumbsup: pero isa lang pala ang dapat:sigh:

ok i vote for entry # 17 :salute: ok yung combinations ng mga kulay,parang retro na modern:D

29th Apr 2009, 08:44
Entry #16 for me

ok yung colors ..:thumbsup:

29th Apr 2009, 10:04
#16 Wala lang, trip ko lang..

29th Apr 2009, 12:46
:think: ill vote for #4
astig ng mga vectors pati yung text nya...
at ang color nice din...

30th Apr 2009, 19:06
I vote for entry #15. I like the tag line,the color and the effects. :salute:

mae anne
30th Apr 2009, 21:55
i go for entry#17

simple but nice color....

i really like it:yes::hat: