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5th Nov 2007, 16:49
What is Breast Cancer?
Cancers occur when abnormal cells grow in an uncontrolled way. Almost breast cancers occur in women Ė but few occur in men.

The cancer usually begins as a small lump in a breast and then grows, either slowly or quickly. It can also spread to other parts of the body after a period of time. Early diagnosis is the key to survival.

In fact, most lumps in the breast are not cancers, they are benign and donít spread to other parts of the body. However, every lump in the breast needs careful checking by a healthcare professional.

Tumors can therefore be described as benign or malignant. Benign tumors do not spread but malignant tumors, as in breast cancer, are made up of cells that can spread to and damage other parts of the body.

How do you get Breast Cancer?
Although the exact causes of breast cancer have not yet identified, the risk increases gradually with age and for certain people there may be a family hereditary (genetic) component. Doctors know that 1 in 10 women will develop breast cancer at some point in their lives. Three quarters of women who develop it does so after the menopause.

Some other things are known to increase the risk such as early puberty / late menopause, not having children or having a first child after the age of 30 years.

How serious is Breast Cancer?
Breast cancer is potentially a very serious condition and can be life-threatening. Early detection of breast cancer is therefore vital as it increases the chances of successful treatment.

Screening programs and mammograms are key to early detection and are integral tools in the light against breast cancer.

Self examination is also important and women should check their breasts regularly. If there are any changes in size or shape, lumps, tenderness or nipple discharge then a consult to your doctor.

How long does Breast cancer last?
Doctors know that breast cancer develops in phrases from early to advance stages (when it has spread to other organs). The earliest stage may have taken only a few weeks to develop before it is detected. Early treatment, possibly involving surgery and radiation combined with drug treatment, is very important and will probably take several months. Hormone therapy may be then continued for a longer period.

If a tumor is malignant this can form new tumors that doctors call a recurrence, secondaries or metastases.
The common places for breast cancer to spread are the bones (back or hips), the lungs, the liver and sometimes the brain.

Recurrences do not occur in every woman who has breast cancer and they do not occur in all the places mentioned, usually only one place is affected.

How Breast Cancer is be treated?
Typically, treatment of breast cancer will involve surgery followed by a combination of chemotherapy, hormonal therapy and radiation. However, treatment can vary greatly from patient to patient depending on the stage of the cancer and whether recurrence has occurred.

Surgery: Removal of the lump (called lumpectomy) is the preferred technique. Removal of lymph nodes in the armpit may be undertaken as well. Removal of the breast (called a mastectomy) is only performed if absolutely necessary.

Chemotherapy: Medicines that interfere with cancer cell growth and division are administered to reduce the size of tumors or kill them.

Hormonal therapy: Hormones are chemical signals which are released by different parts of the body and can carry in the blood to some other area to have an effect. Oestrogen is a sex hormone that promotes the growth of some breast cancers. Hormonal treatments, such as anti-oestrogens, aromatase inhibitors or LHRH analogues, are design to block the effects of oestrogen or production, which stops or slows the growth of cancer cells.

Radiation Therapy: X-rays or other high-energy rays are applied to the tumor and surrounding areas to destroy cancer cells.

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Well, di rin ako bilib sac chemo, kse yun ang reason bakit nasisira ang cells lalo na pinapadali ang buhay ng tao, although it alleviates pain