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19th Nov 2007, 23:00
i made this thread so that others will not experience from our/my mistakes.. hehehe you can post yours too:)

in going to places that you don't know or like first time nyo dun,
be sure to ask anyone who has been there before.(like the fares, is safe?, places to crash kung ma stranded or stuff like that.)

be sure to have you id with you[if you are still a student] why?
it saves money coz you get discounts[in fares]

never bring unnecessary things. bring only what you need. [ i got this from my uncle when we went to Camiguin once ]

have maps with you.[available at maps.google.com]
(we did this when me and my buddies had our intern there at cavite) since we came from the farside of the country.

have enough money[not just for fare] also for pasalubong items..

take pictures.(when we went to siquijor when i was still a kid with ma relatives, we had loads of pics. years later, i came across with those pics, it was really great. having to remember those white sandy beaches and deep blue waters..)

don't just throw your garbages anywhere.(i got this when we had our climb at Mt. Malindang's south peak) also, you would not want passers' by throwing stuff around you, would you?

be friendly.it pays to gain friends while travelling..

anu pa? marami pa.. add ko na lang pag meremember ko na..:beat:

9th Dec 2007, 04:27
take nothing but pictures,
kill nothing but time,
leave nothing but footprints.