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14th Mar 2007, 08:57
China lawmaker wants Forbidden City free of Starbucks

BEIJING (Reuters) -- A member of China's parliament has demanded the immediate closure of a Starbucks coffee shop set up inside Beijing's Forbidden City, the Xinhua news agency reported on Sunday.

Two months after a television host launched an online campaign to evict the American coffee chain from the former home of Chinese emperors, the seven-year-old cafe has had its logo removed but otherwise it's business as usual, the agency said.

"Starbucks must move out of the imperial palace immediately, and it can no longer be allowed to taint China's national culture," said Jiang Hongbin, who represents the northeastern province of Heilongjiang at the National People's Congress (NPC), a rubber-stamp legislature that meets once a year.

"As long as it stays in the imperial palace, it poses a challenge to our traditional culture," said Jiang, a leading businessman in Heilongjiang.

In response to the online boycott, the Palace Museum management had promised to seek a solution with Starbucks (Charts) by the end of June, Xinhua said. The rent paid by Starbucks is used for maintenance of the palace, it added, citing museum managers.

NPC delegates may suggest motions or proposals for legislation and government action, but these are rarely acted upon but can occasionally be incorporated into legislation.

Other suggestions this year have included protecting under-sea archeological finds, banning claims of state sponsorship in advertising, and making entrance to the Great Hall of the People free.

29th Mar 2007, 17:23
baka ayaw nila ng coffee mas gusto nila tea o kaya hindi tumama sa feng shui nila :rofl:
kidding aside, ang pagkakaalam ko nga po kasi yung forbidden city ay national treasure na nila po eto, kaya may do's and don'ts sila dun, pero kung business as usual naman ok na din, ang nawala lang naman yung label nila pero, if they get evicted masma din po yan, as it reflects their kind of business atmosphere there,talagang ganyan it's their country they have their own policies.:)