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13th Oct 2010, 02:36
Differences between you and your boss

When you take a long time, you're slow.

When your boss takes a long time, he's thorough.

When you don't do it, you're lazy.

When your boss doesn't do it, he's too busy.

When you make a mistake, you're an idiot.

When your boss makes a mistake, he's only human.

When doing something without being told, you're overstepping your authority.

When your boss does the same thing, that's initiative.

When you take a stand, you're being pig-headed.

When your boss does it, he's being firm.

When you overlooked a rule of ettiquette, you're being rude.

When your boss skips a few rules, he's being original.

When you please your boss, you're arse-creeping.

When your boss pleases his boss, he's being co-operative.

When you're out of the office, you're wandering around.

When your boss is out of the office, he's on business.

When you're on a day off sick, you're always sick.

When your boss has a day off sick, he must be very ill.

When you apply for leave, you must be going for an interview.

When your boss applies for leave, it's because he's overworked.

13th Oct 2010, 13:16
hahaha:lol: a boss is early when your'e late & late when you are early :slap:

20th Nov 2010, 01:21

26th Nov 2010, 14:37
wooohh...parang di joke pero cool

26th Nov 2010, 15:26
hehehe :D ganyan talaga ang buhay sa :work:

26th Nov 2010, 19:29
:thumbsup: ayos.,hehe

26th Nov 2010, 20:52
aray di naman ata :D

27th Nov 2010, 09:12
aray di naman ata :D

Hala.,natamaan ata si boss.,ehehe

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heheh sapol :clap: