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7th Nov 2010, 14:38
I-1. Introduction

* Are you ready for a brand new adventure?
* Are you ready to play a whole new zelda 3 game, with completely new
dungeons and overworlds?
* Are you ready to find the secrets of the Parallel Worlds?

Parallel Worlds is a fully hacked version of Zelda 3 (aka A Link to the Past).
A majority of the game has been changed. There may be a few rooms which can be
said to be similar to some from the original game.

General changes involve:

* Brand new Overworlds, I promise you won't find an area which is unchanged!
* Brand new Dungeons, all dungeons are completely different from the original!
* New house indoors and caves, some of these you may find similar to the
original game.
* New Graphics, a lot of the graphics have been changed.
* New Screen layout, similar to Ocarina of Time yet not exactly the same.
* Some new music, the original game had great music, these are not to be
changed :)
* New Story, while some maybe similar to the original game, but
it's intentional.
* A lot of other changes, and surprises!

This is a result of 4 years (maybe 5) of "behind the scenes" hard work, lots
of assembly hacks and fixes etc. This game was known as Tower of the Triforce
which some people may remember, when I released a demo from that game a few
years ago. When SePH joined the team a majority of the things from that hack
was taken over into this hack, so spiritually it's still the Tower of the
Triforce (to me that is).

This game is difficult. Believe me when I say it is. You'll need to have every
trick from the original game memorized plus more to beat this.

Puzzles are everywhere in this game. Some dungeons are more puzzle oriented,
while some dungeons are more fighting oriented. I try to keep a balance
between the two in some dungeons.

While there isn't much enemy changes, there are a few, which I'll let the
player find out by themselves.

There is tons of secrets in this game... some are original while some are just
brought over from other zelda games.

That's it for a brief introduction... we hope you enjoy playing this game!

Please note:
**This game's story is not based on any official Zelda games**

Only registered users can see the link. - Parallel Worlds 1.1.rar

7th Nov 2010, 15:03
Saan console ito? NDS?

7th Nov 2010, 20:13
yari!!wala pa pala emulator ng snes sa ds.snes game po kasi ito sir.akala ko meron na.sensya na sir

7th Nov 2010, 21:58
ahh.. Baka pwede ito sa PSP gamit ang SNES emulator..