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24th Nov 2010, 21:03

Max Level: 150 (3rd Jobs)
Job Level: 50 (3rd Jobs)
Max Stats: 120 (3rd Jobs)
Base Experience Rate: 100x
Job Experience Rate: 100x
Quest Experience Rate: 40x
Drop Rate: 25x
Max Friends: 100
Max Party: 12
Party Share Exp Level: 50
Max Char Zeny: 1,000,000,000 (1 Billion)
Vending Tax: 5%
Server Birthday: 2010-10-12


* Stat & Skill Reset.
* Free Job Changer for Normal, Baby and 3rd Jobs
* Dungeon & Town Warper
* PvP & GvG Arenas
* Banker
* Stylist NPC
* Dead Branch Room (The only place you can have fun using Dead Branches).
* Card Remover (Cost 200,000 zeny and 25,000 zeny for each card).
* Hat Maker (A NPC that has alot of hat quests – designed for hat lovers).
* Coin Exchanger (To exchange your zeny into coins, less big trade scams).


@commands, @alootid, @autoloot, @time, @accept & @reject (from Duels), @away, @noask, @noks, @jailtime, @showexp, @played, @ac, @whosells, @auction and others!


By playing ingame, you can receive free Game Points.
For each 1 hour of gameplay, you will receive 10 GPs.
But, during that 1 hour, you are not allowed to logout, stay idle for 5 minutes or open vending.


A feature that can be obtained from Donation Shop, Vote Shop and Game Point Shop.

Premium Commands
@main, @duel, @invite, @leave, @autotrade, @homtalk, @rates, @showmobs, @whereis, @go, @changegm, @partyoption, @pettalk, @feelreset, @who2, @me, @storeall, @hatch, @die, @petrename, @party, @storage, @mail, @auction, @where, @hominfo, @homstats, @whereis, @mi, @ii, @whodrops, @showmobs

Premium Service
* Stylist Woman (A special stylist with more styles).
* Rental NPC
* Card Remover (Free).
* Size Changer
* Special Shop (Includes Giant Fly Wing, Alice Scroll, Disguise Scroll, Mimic Scroll and Siege Map Teleport Scroll).
* Special Pet Shop (With new pet taming items and food for new pets).

Website: Only registered users can see the link.

But hnd nyo i try? hehe medyo ok lng we need more players lng bago lng to server.. sana magustohan nyo :):thumbsup:

27th Nov 2010, 16:59
try nyo taasan exp rate baka madami maglaro hehe