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12th May 2011, 15:19
Negosyotext FAQ's

Q: Can someone outside the Philippines send text messages locally?

A: Yes

Q: Can the recipient reply directly to the message sent by Negosyotext?

A: No, but we are already working on this.

Q: Is there a limit on the number of text messages I can send in a day?

A: No, you can send as much as you want. However, we require a 5-minute interval on messages per number. This is to avoid spamming. ( Kahit wala pang 5 minutes puwede na mag send 1 minute interval ok na. )

Q: Can I use your Free SMS service to a mobile number outside the Philippines?

A: If the recipient is using a Roaming Sim, Yes. We are unable to send if otherwise.

Q: I want to advertise my business, can Negosyotext send bulk SMS?

A: Yes, we offer low cost Bulk SMS packages which can be used for announcements or advertisements.

Q: How can I access the mobile version?

A: Our website automatically detects if you are using a mobile phone when opening the website and will redirect you to our mobile version pages.

Amazing! it helps a lot specially for those who doesn't have any load! nkakatulong din for emergencies.

click here :
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* May sariling number po ang Negosyotext
SMART : 09212578534
GLOBE : 09062395612
SUN : Di ko pa alam...

Lagay lang po ninyo ang name ninyo sa message. Kasi ang lalabas na number is yung nasa taas. Sana makatulong.

12th May 2011, 15:36
thanks.. working great

12th May 2011, 15:46
,thanks :thumbsup:

,kaya lang 5 minutes pa hihintayin

,Sorry! You are restricted to send another message to 09XXXXXXXXX for 5 minutes.

12th May 2011, 16:01
Huwag naman po masyado mabilis sa pag text.... working po yan... 1 to 2 minutes interval ok na... salamat...

12th May 2011, 16:04
salamat otoi!

12th May 2011, 18:40
ok na to at least meron na din

12th May 2011, 19:08
ts pwedi ba to kahit ilang characters ang text message?

13th May 2011, 04:25
Only registered users can see the link.

13th May 2011, 05:07
tnx otor

13th May 2011, 15:14
Working salamat TS....

13th May 2011, 16:29
working sya sa smart subukan ko.. mabilis marecieve.. hehehe thanks..

13th May 2011, 16:51
maraming salamat.

13th May 2011, 18:28
ayos working.thanks