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9th Mar 2008, 22:28
my pride and joy

Four friends, who hadn't seen each other in 30 years, reunited at a party. After several drinks, one of the men had to use the rest room. Those who remained talked about their kids.

The first guy said, "My son is my pride and joy. He started working at a successful company at the bottom of the barrel. He studied Economics and Business Administration and soon began to climb the corporate ladder and now he's the president of the company. He became so rich that he gave
his best friend a top of the line Mercedes for his birthday."

The second guy said, "Darn, that's terrific! My son is also my pride and joy. He started working for a big airline, then went to flight school to become a pilot. Eventually he became a partner in the company, where he owns the majority of its assets He's so rich that he gave his best friend a brand new jet for his birthday."

The third man said: "Well, that's terrific! My son studied in the best universities and became an engineer. Then he started his own construction company and is now a multimillionaire. He also gave away something very nice and expensive to his best friend for his birthday: A 30,000 square foot mansion."

The three friends congratulated each other just as the fourth returned from the restroom and asked: "What are all the congratulations for?"

One of the three said: "We were talking about the pride we feel for the successes of our sons...What about your son?"

The fourth man replied: "My son is gay and makes a living dancing as a stripper at a nightclub."
The three friends said: "What a shame... what a disappointment."
The fourth man replied: "No, I'm not ashamed. He's my son and I love him. And he hasn't done too bad either. His birthday was two weeks ago,
and he received:

a beautiful 30,000 square foot mansion;
a brand new jet; and
a top of the line Mercedes
from his three boyfriends."


9th Mar 2008, 23:01
wow that's terrific! ..... hehehehe sa anak nya lahat na punta.. swerte nung bading

11th Mar 2008, 16:09
wow that's terrific! ..... hehehehe sa anak nya lahat na punta.. swerte nung bading

:lol: pumatol din pala sa bakla anak nila...:lol:

11th Mar 2008, 16:28
swerte naman un yayaman ng mga boyfrends nya

11th Mar 2008, 16:36
swerte naman un yayaman ng mga boyfrends nya

cguro magaling magdala! :lol:

11th Mar 2008, 18:57
:laugh: langya, sa anak niya pla npupunta lahat :lmao:

Slim Cantilever
12th Mar 2008, 14:31
galing nung bading!! nasamsam nya lahat!!:lol:

12th Mar 2008, 16:23
haha!very funny :)

13th Mar 2008, 17:56
:lol: hahah lufet ng mga anak nla

21st Jun 2008, 13:33

21st Jun 2008, 14:01
hehehe :lol: napunta lahat sa anak nung isa! :laugh: nice post po! :thanks:

21st Jun 2008, 15:39
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21st Jun 2008, 17:19
talo pa ang may sugar mommy :thumbsup:

21st Jun 2008, 18:15


loko un ah. :lolcard:

21st Jun 2008, 18:15
mas rpoud nga yung 4th father :lolcard:

21st Jun 2008, 18:24
Hahaha. Nice post. Mas matalino ung bakla kesa sa kanila.

22nd Jun 2008, 21:01
swerte naman nung anak nya. bigla pa clang yumaman. hehehe.

1st Jul 2008, 16:05
ayan pagyayabang nila son nila..di nila alam bading pala..hahahha..napunta pa lahat sa mismong lover..

hahhaha....diko mapigilan tumawa..
nice post!!!! :rofl:

1st Jul 2008, 16:47
naka dali ng 3 mayaman :D hehehehe...

2nd Jul 2008, 02:52
:clap: :clap: :clap: :rofl:

4th Jul 2008, 20:46
hahaha :lmao:

17th Nov 2011, 12:39
okey na sna Puchline na to eh kung hindi bading ung pang 4 na lalaki. meron bang bading na pumapatol sa kapwa dading ? :noidea:

17th Nov 2011, 13:00

17th Nov 2011, 19:36
hahaha! kaya pala... patay na patay pala ang mga anak nila. :rofl: