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22nd Mar 2008, 00:02
Poem Writing Contest Week 1
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Welcome fellow writers, poets and guest to the first poem writing contest!

The reason of why I made this contest thread is:

-To develop and showcase your skills in writing.
-To practice your criticism ability and...
-To kindle the competitive spirit in you.


-The Contest is open for all symbianizers.
-The entry must be at least have 16 lines and must not exceed 32 lines.
-You may only choose between English or Filipino as the medium of writing [No taglish allowed][For this specific contest, english medium is only allowed.]
-You could only enter on Poem at a time.
-Foul or Offensive words are strictly prohibited.
-Copied or Edited works are strictly prohibited. [I know how to Identify plagiarized works, and this is also where your judgment would be tested.]
-You may revise your submitted woks twice but you have to PM me first.

The Entry may be posted in this format:

Font: Default
Font Color: Black
Font Size [For the Tittle]: 4 Bold
Font Size [For the Body]: Default
Alignment: Centered
Spacing: Your discretion

The theme for this week is...

"Evil Angel"

and to make it more interesting, these 3 words must appear in the poem:


The Deadline of entries is on March 28 at Exactly 12 MN [Philippine Time]

The winner would be decided by the means of votes.

Prizes? I have no power of giving reps nor giving medals. But I think you would agree as a writer that the best price you could receive is the praise, acknowledgment and appreciation in your works.

Please only post entries here a discussion thread is provided.

Good luck and Godspeed.

This is still experimental, and it would have it's flaws, so feel free to suggest, comment and discuss your thoughts here:
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23rd Mar 2008, 01:50
Pendants In Half

One million kisses touched my lips,
Bitten tongue, caressed fingertips..
Many girls have walked through my way,
Rose my sun, brightened up my day..

But some good things come to an end,
I'll never forget, though i mend..
One million tears fell from my eyes,
Melted my make up, my disguise..

Then came the girl born to love me,
To end my pain and misery..
An apple that fell on my head,
Like Newton, something new, i'm led..

You crossed my way, you gave your hand,
Helped me up, and taught me to stand..
Sir Isaac found gravity,
I found lovely serenity..

I love her one million times more,
In one million ways to adore..
In her, i have found my new life,
She is my better half, my wife..�

VDK : roth 03/23/08 1:51 AM

23rd Mar 2008, 16:07

Darkness and Light, where do we belong,
What makes a human right or wrong?
Before Eve’s was been deceived,
Are we destined to eat the apple and live?

An Angel there was crowned as a devil,
But the truth is there is no evil,
He concludes that “Too much light can blind you”,
And speak “Let darkness show you what to do”.

Love and despair, where is the cross lair?
Is He benevolent enough to care?
His power and intelligence to pursue,
Legitimacy of authority is a universal issue.

The girl and the serpent was once walked the light,
But they repent and start a legendary fight.
When does this fight must end?
When one must learns to comprehend?

The doctrine of truth has vague our intellect,
Stands and have courage to understand.
Think now, think once, think wise……

Darkness and Light, where do we belong,
What makes a human right or wrong?

Lean- 4:06 pm.. March 23, 2008

23rd Mar 2008, 21:06
The Evil Angel

In a long forgotten past..
A place where happiness will forever last
Where faeries, angels and winglies fly
The grass is green beneath the clear blue sky

A girl, with beauty unmatched in every angle
In love with an angel whoís strong and brave
Hidden loved by another, and now caught in a triangle
A possessive love as deep as a grave

An angel once was true to his oath
Booted out of the heavens by those who loathe
Others consumed by jealousy and conspiracy
Drop him down to earth with such tenacity

Now the angel betrayed by his own kind
Anguish and hatred filled his mind
Crushed the cross within his hand
And bit the apple forbidden in the land..

-ark 3/23/08

24th Mar 2008, 00:19
Sweet Scented Breath

Scattered pictures on my bed
Your words kept banging on my head
Last night we had was untamed and savage
But you fool me, now taste my sweet revenge

Go bite the apple and fall on my trick
Poison by my kisses until youíll get sick
Seeing my faces every corner of your room
Climb up over you suddenly like thunder in the storm

Love the pain as you carry the cross
Grip the thorn of this black red rose
Stare at me as I bite my lips
Donít dare to touch even my fingertips

Iím just an ordinary girl that bleeds
A puffball thatís willing to give all your needs
The two of us doesnít need faith since weíre through
So Iíll leave you with sweet scented breath and goÖ

24th Mar 2008, 01:29

I destroy homes, i tear families apart
I take all the boys, but that just the start
I'm more valued than diamonds,
more precious than gold
The sorrow I bring is a sight to behold
If you need me, I'm easily found
Im in a place, they called HEAVEN,
just across the street.
I have many names but
one you'll remember till death.
My name is EVIL ANGEL,
a girl with awesome power
Come to me, let us bite the apple.
Try me and see
But if you do you'll may never break free
Try me once and I might let you go
Try me twice and I've got your soul;
When I get control you will steal and you'll lie
And you will do what it takes just to have me
The crimes you commit for my charms
Are worth all the pleasure you'll find in my arms.
I'll be with you always right by your side,
You'll give up everything, your family and home
And soon, you'll regret you tried me, they always do
But you came to me, not I to you
You could have said NO and just walked away
If you could live it all over now, what would you say?
Now that we've met, what will you do?
Still wanna try me? Its up to you
I can show you such misery,
I can show you such strife
Come take my hand, let me ruin your life...

24th Mar 2008, 15:19

He walks the path 'tween here and there,
where battles fought, for right to bear,
where standards borne with fiery eyes,
shook earth and torn asunder skies.

When fields are rife with maiden blood,
of boys and girls and innocents;
He fought with mighty spear and sword,
and scale and shield and mount immense.

Of angels and men, and beasts among,
fought demons bent on raising hell;
He rode and smashed against the throng,
and crushed afoot the demons fell.

'Cross fields and skies the battle raged,
angels good and fallen clashed;
Far below among the caged,
a warrior fell, his hopes were dashed.

Felhounds surround, and demonbrutes,
she fought in vain but valiantly;
Maddened by her loss, he slew
and killed so fast that none could flee.

Among the dead her body bled,
he laid his hands beside and wept;
As love and life and reason fled,
her apple-brooch and cloak he kept.

And now among these killing fields,
a specter dark and brooding roamed;
He wields a wicked sword and spear,
and guards a grave, a mound, his home.

Beware to those who wander there,
lest they be found by him and slain;
An apple-brooch and cloak he wears,
Ferofax was once his name.

26th Mar 2008, 18:32

How can I love that an angel that evil?
so selfish, so boastful, so mean, so cruel.
Where all she want in life is to mingle,
to flirt, to hug and to kiss her.

But what the hell am I thinkin'
that girl so white
with no flaws
a coke figure, waiting for an approach.

So I walked in in her life,
knocked in in her heart.
Lucky enough to land a frontseat
but later I knew I was invoked on a hotseat.

Sins started to flourish
when I kissed that apple.
Her fiery lips had folded
while her soul unfold.

My eyes widened when I saw her bold being.
Anguish wrecking on the outside,
bleeding in the inside.
A virgin wild flower, waiting to be unthorned....behold!

And then she stretched wide open
and her arms pushed me in.
I felt her from the inside,
where nobody had reached in.

A girl with thousand faces
shadowed by hale grief.
Not too shallow, too narrow
eclipsed by her own hollow.

I'll bend my knee and lean forward.
Here's my back, hitch a ride.
"Carry your cross", a priest once preached.
I'll carry you and yours, more than willing.

27th Mar 2008, 18:52
Evil Angel

I hear voices around me
each of them questioning my identity
they often pretend to know me
scattering rumors about who am I

they say I'm pretty
they say I'm lovely
they say I'm the apple of their eyes
which quite flatters me

they love to stare at me
the boys go crazy after me
I'm an angel to their eyes
and they're my only prey

I'm the kind of girl
whom at first you'll love
but when time comes
I'll ruin your life and be a cross whom you'll carry around

yes,I'm that kind of girl
boys call me a heartbreaker
they'll curse me for making them cry
the word revenge they will try

some call me their honey
not knowing how cruel am I
others call me their evil angel
and that's really who am I

28th Mar 2008, 21:47

I am evil
that's how they see me
an outcast more like tragedy
I'll find no one made to love and care for me

always treated as the biggest curse
bringing chaos and disgrace
I'm the perfect mistake God ever created
and so no one would dare, I will never be wanted

and so I travel on
lost in this dark wide smoke
I'm the only person in this black parade I call
it's like a silent walk -- into my grave

I kept looking for the light
but it's not what I just found
I'm not sure if this is right
coz' I see a girl who dared to cross my path

she stepped into my world
and made me realize my worth
as if she cleansed my soul
and now I feel reborn

she sees me as no rotten apple
she believes I'm so much more
she gave me love that I don't have before
and so my life's not that bad at all

I'm a sinner, I'm no saint
yet she believes I'm her guardian angel
I'll protect her with all my heart
and be her strongest avant-garde

29th Mar 2008, 00:01
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