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1st Mar 2012, 20:31
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Mestiza Complete Organic Soap

Organic based ingredients
Feel fresh all day
Has five major ingredients
Undergoes a stringent curing process
Export Quality

active ingredients : papaya,banana,carrot ,virgin coconut oil,& calamansi ( which is known as whitening agents )

papaya extract : provides skin whitening and moisturizing treatment
carrot extract : contains vit. A which reduces winkles and fine lines
banana extract: smoothens out various skin probs.
virgin coconut oil : effective in removing molds, bacteria, & virus on skin
calamansi extract : contains vit. C , valued for skin toning

Rate: 5/5
Cost P45.00 ($1)

Ohh..I forgot..this product was featured in Rated K last Saturday
cope & paste teh link to watch this episode, go to middle part
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and their website
Only registered users can see the link.