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16th Mar 2012, 04:06
I am using 3G TATA DOCOMO. Actually it is 2g but i am using 3g using 3g network. But the speed is not so good.:weep: And i think it can be increased using something. May be using vpn or something else. Currently the speed is around 120kbps and i know it can be increased upto 600kbps. What should i do to increase the speed. Is the vpn a solution. I really dont know what a vpn do. I am totally newbie regarding this. Please help me.:pray: Please write in english. I dont understand other language. Thanks in advance.:)

17th Mar 2012, 21:13
Oh my gosh ! Another banyaga ehehhe ( foreigner )

by the way it may help you increase your speed although it depends on your signal and location too :)

( but I know that it's in your modem .. maybe you just update or upgrade it to perform its real task or performance )

try to search other solutions other than VPN.. :)