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31st Jul 2007, 19:48
Byron Ryman (left) is three times bigger than twin Lincoln
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ying next to each other these two babies look like they could have been born weeks or even a month apart.

In fact, these identical twin boys were born less than a minute apart.

Big brother Byron Ryman weighed in at 3lb 6oz and was almost twice as heavy as his brother Lincoln who was only 1lb 2oz when they were born.

Doctors at the Royal Hospital for Women in Sydney had given little Lincoln only a one-in-three chance of survival because he was so small and the twins' parents Nicole and Todd Ryman were told to prepare for the worst.

The couple, who conceived through IVF, said their first few weeks of parenthood had been nerve-racking.

Mrs Ryman, 31, said: 'We've been on top of the world because we didn't think we were going to have them both.

'We've had a few scares along the way, but they're pretty well going forward now and I know I'm going to be able to take them home.'

During the pregnancy she was having weekly scans and she said the doctors would 'write Lincoln off' and told her to 'be prepared to not to see a heartbeat next week'.

'But he's a big boy now. They're both fighters,' she said.

The twins were induced 11 weeks early and were born on March 15.

Dr Parag Mishra, who is looking after the twins, said: 'Nicole was 15 weeks along when medical staff detected twin-to-twin transfusion, a type of problem that occurs sometimes with twin babies, whereby blood flows from one twin to another.

'At 29 weeks we realised Byron's growth had completely stopped, so it was decided that we would induce her to give him a good chance of living.

'Lincoln had some hope, but the chance of survival I gave Mum was less than 30 per cent because he was so small.'

But from that point, though, the brothers showed an exceptional will to live.

Both boys needed help to breathe and Lincoln has also had an operation to overcome a heart problem when he still weighed no more than half a bag of sugar.

Dr Parag said: 'Now he's progressing and doing much better. Hopefully he'll soon start gaining weight much more quickly and get nearer his brother.'

Lincoln is expected to spend the next four to six weeks being cared for in the newborn intensive care unit but Byron is likely to leave hospital at the end of next week - just in time for Mother's Day in Australia.

31st Jul 2007, 20:41
congratz nila dalawa..they made it!!..Thank sa help ni God at naka survive sila..:pray:

1st Aug 2007, 09:16
congratz nila dalawa..they made it!!..Thank sa help ni God at naka survive sila..:pray:

ang galing tlaga ni GOD

2nd Aug 2007, 08:45
Blessing talaga. Galing ni God.

With God all things are possible :)

2nd Aug 2007, 08:58
May God Bless them esp Lincoln!

14th Sep 2008, 22:45
kawawa naman si lincoln.. sana may current pic na sila :) update! :more::giggle:

15th Sep 2008, 19:52
miracle!!! gogogo:salute: