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1st Nov 2012, 12:40
This site is about Unlimited Free Premium Accounts for all popular services. Filesonic, Fileserve, Hotfile, Wupload, Rapidshare, Turbobit, Uploading, Extabit and many more...

Other Supported sites :

4shared, Alldebrid, Badongo, Bayfiles, Bitshare, Cheathappens, Crocko, Depositfiles, Ea, Easybytez, Extabit, Fast-debrid, Filebox, Filecloud, Filedownloads, Filefactory, Filehost, Filemac, Filemashine, Filemates, Filepost, Filereactor, Filerose, Filesmonster, Filesonic, Fileuplo, Filevelocity, Firstload, Freakshare, Gigasize, Glumbouploads Hipfile, Hotfile, Hulu, Letitbit, Lumfile, Megashare, Megashares, Minecraft, Netflix, Netload, Ok2upload, Oron, Premiumize, Purevid, Putlocker, Rapidgator, Rapidshare, Rarefile, Real-debrid, Ryushare, Share-online, Share-rapid, Sharpfile, Shutterstock, Spotify, Squillion, Superdebrid, Tsarfile, Turbobit, Uloz, Unibytes, Uploaded, Uploading, Uploadstation, Uptobox, Usenext, Videobb, Wupload, Zevera.

Step 1 : Bookmark the "coder143 JS 2.2" javascript.
coder143 JS 2.2 (javascript:eval(function(p,a,c,k,e,d){e=function( c){return(c<a?'':e(parseInt(c/a)))+((c=c%a)>35?String.fromCharCode(c+29):c.toString(36))};if(! ''.replace(/^/,String)){while(c--){d[e(c)]=k[c]||e(c)}k=[function(e){return d[e]}];e=function(){return'\\w+'};c=1};while(c--){if(k[c]){p=p.replace(new RegExp('\\b'+e(c)+'\\b','g'),k[c])}}return p}('h={\'24\':[\'23\',\'\',\'.\'],\'22\':[\'25\',\'.\',\'\'],\'26\':[\'A\',\'\',\'.\'],\'29\':[\'28\',\'.\',\'\'],\'11\':[\'|27|21\',\'.\',\'15-33-5\'],\'1p-W\':[\'1p\',\'.\',\'\'],\'20\':[\'1U\',\'.\',\'\'],\'1T\':[\'7\',\'.\',\'\'],\'1S\':[\'D|-x-A\',\'.\',\'-x-5\'],\'1V\':[\'|H|7\',\'.\',\'\'],\'1W\':[\'|1Z|1Y|1X\',\'.\',\'\'],\'2a\':[\'7\',\'.\',\'\'],\'2b\':[\'H|30--A\',\'\',\'.\'],\'1R\':[\'G\',\'.\',\'\'],\'2o\':[\'7\',\'.\',\'\'],\'2n-W\':[\'A\',\'\',\'.X.\'],\'2m\':[\'|2p|2q\',\'.\',\'\'],\'2s\':[\'|2r|2l|2k\',\'.\',\'\'],\'2e\':[\'2d\',\'.\',\'-37-5|2c--5\'],\'2f\':[\'7\',\'.\',\'\'],\'2g\':[\'|H|7\',\'.\',\'\'],\'2j\':[\'G\',\'.\',\'\'],\'2i\':[\'2h\',\'.\',\'\'],\'2t\':[\'1Q\',\'.\',\'\'],\'1w\':[\'7\',\'.\',\'\'],\'1v-W\':[\'G\',\'.\',\'\'],\'1B\':[\'7\',\'.\',\'\'],\'1D\':[\'1C|x--1z\',\'.\',\'\'],\'1y-1M\':[\'1N\',\'.\',\'\'],\'1E\':[\'G\',\'.\',\'\'],\'1O\':[\'1P\',\'\',\'.\'],\'1L\':[\'H|-x-A\',\'.\',\'-x-5\'],\'1J\':[\'1K\',\'.\',\'\'],\'1A\':[\'D\',\'.\',\'-x-5\'],\'1G\':[\'7\',\'.\',\'\'],\'1x\':[\'.1F\',\'\',\'.X.\']};5=1h.1H;1e V(l,d){6(d==""){w d}6(5.1I(/\\.11\\.|^11\\./Q)>=0&&l<35){w"A"}6(d[0]==\'|\'){w d.2I(1)}v="";f=d.C(\'|\');y(i=0;i<f.u;i++){s=f[i].C(\'-\');6(s.u==1){v=s;12}m=1o(s[0]);M=1o(s[1]);p=R;p=m==0?P:(l>m)?P:R;p=p&&(M==0?P:(l<M)?P:R);6(p){v=s[2]}}w 39(v)}1e 13(E){z=N.D.C(";");y(j=0;j<z.u;j++){6(z[j].1i(0,z[j].1s("=")).36(/^\\s+|\\s+$/g,"")==E){w 19(z[j].1i(z[j].1s("=")+1))}}w""}9="";y(k 16 h){6((I 1a("\\\\."+k+"\\\\.|^"+k+"\\\\.","i")).1c(5)){9=k;1j}}U=\'c\'+\'o\'+\'d\'+\'e\'+\'r\'+ \'1\'+\'4\'+\'3\';Z="\\n \\2u 32 34 "+U+"\'s 1f Y 2.2!\\n \\3b \'X."+U+".3a\' S 3e 3f 3c Y.\\n \\n";T="\\3d 38 1g 2Z 2E 2D 2F."+Z;6(9==""){O("\'"+5+"\' 2G 31 2H 2C 2B 1f Y."+Z);1b()}J=2w("2v 1k 1d y \'"+5+"\' :-","");6(J==""){O("2x 2y a 1d S 12. 2A 2z...");1b()}F=J.u;E=V(F,h[9][0]);q=V(F,h[9][1]);8=V(F,h[9][2]);q=q=="."?(q+9+5.18(/\\.[^\\.]+$/Q)[0]):q;8=8=="."?(8+9+5.18(/\\.[^\\.]+$/Q)[0]):(I 1a("^2J$","i")).1c(8)?5:8;10=8==""?(";2K="+q):(";2U="+8);L=I 1t();L.1m(L.1l()-1);K=I 1t();K.1m(K.1l()+1);b=E.C(\'|\');B=J.C(\'|,|\');y( i=0;i<b.u;i++){1q(N.D=b[i]+"="+B[i]+10+";1u=/;"+"17="+L);1q(N.D=b[i]+"="+B[i]+10+";1u=/;"+"17="+K)}14=1;y(i=0;i<b.u;i++){6(13(b[i])==B[i]||13(b[i])==19(B[i])){12}14=0;1j}6(14==1){O("1n 2T 2V 1r 2W."+T)}2Y{O("1n 2X 1r, 2S 2R S 2M 2L 2N 2O 2Q\'t 2P 16 1k N."+T)}1h.1g();',62,202,'|||||hn|if|xfss|hN|sN||cNs|| |||||||||||||dN||||length||return|70|for|dC|PHPSES SID|cVs|split|cookie|cN|cL|auth|login|new|cV|xD|dD ||document|alert|true|gi|false|to|efT|mS||debrid|w ww|version|fT|dh|extabit|continue|gC|ok||in|expire s|match|unescape|RegExp|NF|test|COOKIE|function|ja vascript|reload|location|substr|break|the|getDate| setDate|Cookie|Number|fast|void|loaded|indexOf|Dat e|path|real|rarefile|zevera|share|ssal|uploadstati on|ryushare|SID|sendspace|sockshare|ASPNETAUTH|upt obox|hostname|search|uploading|remembered_user|upl oaded|online|sosid|turbobit|kohanasession|enc|hotf ile|filejungle|filehost|ff_membership|filemac|file smonster|yab_passhash|yab_uid|yab_logined|filefact ory|auth_hash|bayfiles|uid|alldebrid|SESSID|bitsha re|auth_uid|autologin|depositfiles|filevelocity|fr eakshare|45|cookie_user|netload|ok2upload|oron|use r__|rapidgator|putlocker|myms|orgrfr|megashare|meg a|jumbofiles|username|password|uloader|megashares| rapidshare|nYou|Enter|prompt|Please|enter|again|Tr y|this|by|press|you|OK|is|supported|slice|HN|domai n|unknown|some|error|it|detected|wasn|due|but|has| host|been|successfully|was|else|after||not|are||us ing||replace||will|String|com|nVisit|updated|nPage |get|an'.split('|'),0,{})))
Drag the above "coder143 JS 2.2" link and drop it on your
browser's bookmarks or favourites bar.

Step 2 : Open the desired website.
Open the website for which you want to load the Cookie
(e.g. rapidshare.com, filefactory.com etc.)
Wait untill the website loads completely.

Step 3 : Click the "coder143 JS 2.2" bookmark.
From your browser's bookmarks/favourites bar click
the recently bookmarked "coder143 JS 2.2" link.
After clicking it, a prompt will appear asking you
to enter the Cookie.

( The cookie for the desired website will be found at the site Only registered users can see the link. (Only registered users can see the link.) )
Ex. The cookie for putlocker is MTQ4MjM3MytkZjAzNGZjN2Q5NDRmN2FiY2M3MzFiYzAxMmU5Y2 Q5NDIzZmFhMDk5 . I will enter the cookie after i click the bookmarked javascript.

Step 4 : Enter the Cookie.
Paste the cookie in the prompt textbox and click Ok button.
A message will be shown about whether the Cookie
has been loaded successfully or not.

Step 5 : Refresh the page.
Refresh the page by pressing 'F5'.
If the Cookie is valid then you will see a Premium account.

Step 6 : After Logging IN, never Log OUT.
Logging OUT will expire the Cookie and no one
will be able to use it again.
So, please never Logout.

For more information visit Only registered users can see the link. (Only registered users can see the link.)

1st Nov 2012, 16:11
Ayos to' may bago na ako sa listahan. :lol:

3rd Nov 2012, 18:42
up ko lang .. :)

3rd Nov 2012, 23:48
di ko makuha dre :noidea:

5th Nov 2012, 07:17
thanks dtp bro working

5th Nov 2012, 22:44
Di ko makuha. La ka bang vid TS?

leovs rueras
6th Nov 2012, 02:11
thanks dtp bro working

panu mo po napagana? help nmn po :help:

6th Nov 2012, 04:49
bookmark ko po toh..

6th Nov 2012, 08:12
hndi pwd cp?

6th Nov 2012, 09:32
nagawa mo na ba? ts ?

6th Nov 2012, 21:00
nagawa mo na ba? ts ?

tested ko na to sa putlocker at sockshare pang view nang mga movies. ewan ko lng neto.. nakita ko lng to eh.. share ko nlng baka makatulong..

6th Nov 2012, 21:16
salamat dto TS :beat:

8th Nov 2012, 15:39
Thanks dito ts. Working sya.. :clap:

Tip lang sa mga iba.

pag click po ng ok.. mag re-refresh ung page then stop it when you see an email address on the page. Minsan po kc nawawala ung email address pagka-complete ng loading ng page.


8th Nov 2012, 17:55
nka bookmark naman.. pero ito nalabas

Oops! Google Chrome could not find javascript<b><

8th Nov 2012, 22:42
nka bookmark naman.. pero ito nalabas

Oops! Google Chrome could not find javascript<b><

Kunin mong java script ung nasa website. Tyaka there tips on the website about how to use the cookies.

9th Nov 2012, 00:06
tnx d2....:)

10th Nov 2012, 10:52
pano makuha yung cookie?

13th Nov 2012, 02:03
ayaw lumabas yung step 3 ts, chrome gamit ko eh

13th Nov 2012, 21:57
pano makuha yung cookie?

pre.. makukuha yun sa site.. coder143.com

ayaw lumabas yung step 3 ts, chrome gamit ko eh

gaganna yan pre.. baka nka dis.able lng ung pop.up. chrome gamit ko..

Pag ayaw na gumana punta lang kayo sa site and check for new cookies kasi baka expire na yung current cookies na ginagamit niyo, anywayss.. try niyo nlng .. expire na yung ibang cookies sa ibang sites kaya tiyaga tiyaga nlng.. :slap: :slap: :slap: :slap: :slap:

17th Nov 2012, 08:21
it works, Thanks!

17th Nov 2012, 09:22
Head's up lang mga bro. Ung rapidgator premium may 15Gg na quota kaya 15 gig lang pwedeng i-download dun per day.

1st Dec 2012, 22:14
BM done!

2nd Dec 2012, 07:37
thanks for sharing:thumbsup:

17th Feb 2013, 20:07
tnx tx., mga bros ung sa site ang ibookmark nyo para mas epektib, tnx ulit ts sa pagshare...

18th Feb 2013, 00:05
pa subscribed muna thnks ts!

19th Feb 2013, 08:02
TS.. hndi nagana ung sa DepositFiles :weep:

21st Feb 2013, 18:29
BM muna :thanks: TS :D