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1st Dec 2008, 22:36
:hat: Good day everyone! December, and Christmas time, is just around the corner. So as with good ol' Symbianize tradition, we're going to bring up contests for you to enjoy your Christmas stay in our site.

One of our contests this year is the Referral Contest. I'm sure most of our members now are familiar with this contest, since it was held last year as well. (Only registered users can see the link.) But for everyone's, and formality's sake, I will explain what this contest is about.

The whole of the contest will be held for the month of December. (December 1-31) And being part of the contest is a simple process. In fact, we encourage everyone, newcomer or veteran, to join our referral competition. All you have to do is invite your friends to join Symbianize with your unique referral link. That's right, that's all you have to do: refer people you know to be a part of the biggest exclusive Filipino community.

What are the rules for joining the contest?

Only members who have joined before December 1 are eligible to join.
You are free to refer any minimum and maximum number of users you can.
Any form of referring is allowed as long as it does not entail spamming or cheating.
Please be courteous when promoting our site. So please do not spam message boards, chat rooms and such.

But how will my referrals be counted? You have to present them your unique Symbianize referral link. For the referrals to be counted, you have to use that specific link to lead them to register here. If not, the referrals will not be counted at all! Pay attention to that so that when you show others the site, don't forget to give them your own referral link.

*TIP: If you have no idea on getting methods to bring in users, have a look at our Promote Symbianize subforum (Only registered users can see the link.). Just make use of the methods posted and append your referral link. :D

Where is my referral link? I can't find it! It can be found in the referral standings page (see below).

What's the basis for counting referrals?

Referrals must register anywhere from December 1-31

Referrals must have made at least five (5) non-spam posts in the Forum to be counted
Referrals must have different IP addresses. No exceptions. No matter if they registered in an internet café, or within one household computer. They won't be counted regardless.
Referrals must be geniune and real referred people. No automated bots here folks.
Of course, referrals must be truly Filipino. :D

Referrals will be verified to see if they qualify. Those deliberately using fraudulent methods of referring (bots, same computer, proxies) will be given sanctions like suspension and demotion. (from usergroups, if any) Strict implementation of this rule will be applied throughout the contest.

The cut-off date wherein incoming referrals are considered counted are on December 31, 2008, 12:00MN, GMT +08:00. Any incoming referral after that would not be counted anymore.

What are the prizes? The most exciting part of any contest would be the prizes. Here are the prizes we have set out for this year's Referral Contest:

First prize:

Any one (1) of these packages...

Memory Card Package:
Memory Card Reader/Writer +
4GB Memory Card (MMC, SD, Micro SD, or Sony Pro Duo) +
2GB Memory Card (MMC, SD, Mini SD, Micro SD, or Sony Pro Duo)

Flash Disk Package:
4GB Kingston USB Flash Disk +
2GB Kingston USB Flash Disk

Cyber Chat Package:
Logitech Quickcam Messenger +
Logitech Premium Stereo Headset

DVD Burner Package:
LITE-ON DVDRW Dual Layer Lightscribe 20X +
Imation DVD-R 10 pcs. +
Imation CD-R 10 pcs.

Second Prize:

P300 worth of cellphone prepaid load (any network)

The winner(s) need to have ten (10) valid referrals to be eligible to claim the prizes. If the winner(s) do not meet this qualification then the prizes will be forfeited by Symbianize.

Now I believe that covers everything. :D If you are interested in joining this year's Referral Contest, don't hesitate to post in this thread and let us know that you are interested, so that we can sign you up. We will tally a list of all participants to this contest so we may easily identify, check and validate their referral activity throughout the contest (i.e., their referrals, referral count, etc.)

If you have any more questions, please let me know. (Only registered users can see the link.) :)

(Please note: Requests to join through PM will not be entertained. Just make a post here. That's it.)

As of today, here are the users who are currently participating in the Referral Contest. Meanwhile, to see the current referral standings, click here (Only registered users can see the link.) , or use the coded URL below.

Only registered users can see the link. to everyone who is participating and supporting this contest!

MacGyver (Only registered users can see the link.)
prixxx (Only registered users can see the link.)
iampaces (Only registered users can see the link.)
Tobi (Only registered users can see the link.)
brawler07 (Only registered users can see the link.)
balahuba (Only registered users can see the link.)
jowdie (Only registered users can see the link.)
Black22Knight (Only registered users can see the link.)
Bente20 (Only registered users can see the link.)
kyle_noa (Only registered users can see the link.)
aren (Only registered users can see the link.)
jonathancmejia (Only registered users can see the link.)
Challenger16 (Only registered users can see the link.)
deythedevil (Only registered users can see the link.)
axe_boy (Only registered users can see the link.)

WingTip (Only registered users can see the link.)

*Shipping via LBC will be shouldered by Symbianize. Users outside the Philippines will have their prizes be sent to their relatives or friends in the country. Winners will be notified thru PM.

2nd Dec 2008, 16:03
maghahanap na pala ako ng mga ire refer hehe/// :yipee:

2nd Dec 2008, 18:44
Sir Bee,

I'm interested! Count me in on the SYMBIANIZE REFERRAL CONTEST 2008!!!:yipee:



2nd Dec 2008, 19:30
How to identify your referral link

Every Symbianize user has a referral link unique to themselves. This is because that link is based on their User ID, which is unique as well.

If you do not know what your referral link is, follow these steps:

Click the attached images to enlarge.

1. On the Navigation Bar, click the User CP menu and click My Profile.

Only registered users can see the link.

2. You will now be sent to your Profile Page. Observe this page's URL. You will notice a number in the end. This is your User ID, which is unique for every user in Symbianize.

Only registered users can see the link.

3. Copy that number and affix it to the following URL. Make sure to replace my_userid with your actual User ID. (I.e., 1, 1812, etc.)

Only registered users can see the link.

Only registered users can see the link.

The URL you end up with is your unique referral link.

4. If you did it right, anyone who accesses the Forum through that link will be led to the homepage. But don't worry, as long as they go to Register, your name will automatically be appended as the referrer, and you will be identified and credited accordingly.

Only registered users can see the link.

So go now and start referring! Good luck! :alright:

2nd Dec 2008, 21:19
oh oh oh oh oh
I wanna join bee!
I want that 4gb flash disk!!

2nd Dec 2008, 22:30
i want that flash drive too
Count Me on the game Bee

2nd Dec 2008, 23:11
count me in!!!

3rd Dec 2008, 02:40
Sali ako dyan

3rd Dec 2008, 07:18
nice one... good luck sa mga sasali....30 days is already long so dapat marami ang mapasali nyo..

*bee: nkakatakam prices nyo ah, di na ba uso ang premiums? hehe, more power... :D

3rd Dec 2008, 09:38
pasali po.... :dance:

5th Dec 2008, 12:02
Count me in.. =)

5th Dec 2008, 21:16
Kahit sino po ba pwedeng magjoin automatic na bang kasali kapag may referral ka na or kailangan pang magregister sa pacontest..

5th Dec 2008, 21:20
^Just post in this thread stating you are joining, and your name will be listed on the front page. :)

5th Dec 2008, 21:42
^Just post in this thread stating you are joining, and your name will be listed on the front page. :)

Thanks! Sali po ako dito..

8th Dec 2008, 16:00
Pasali din po ako...

8th Dec 2008, 17:28
sali din ako ! :excited:

8th Dec 2008, 23:39
aku rin po pasali!

9th Dec 2008, 13:20
Pasali po ako dito.

9th Dec 2008, 16:16
Pls count me in! Thanks and more power.

12th Dec 2008, 15:10
at syempre pa,
sali din po ako d2!

14th Dec 2008, 06:34
uy, pede ba ako sumali dito?

14th Dec 2008, 15:35
uy, pede ba ako sumali dito?

Pwedeng-pwede po Sir! :D

14th Dec 2008, 21:05
ok to ah. sayang medyo late ko na nalaman. puwede paba sumali?

14th Dec 2008, 21:38
ok to ah. sayang medyo late ko na nalaman. puwede paba sumali?

uy, pede ba ako sumali dito?

P'wedeng p'wede pa po! :hat:

So shall I count the both of you in? :D

14th Dec 2008, 22:37
count me in sir!:salute:

15th Dec 2008, 08:56
sige... count me in :D

30th Dec 2008, 23:17
:weep: last week na ko nagadvertise ng links ko .. pero ala man lang nagregister under my name :weep: sayang hehehe... lahat sana sasalihan ko.. dito lang ako pumalya hehehe... :thumbsup:

goodluck to all!!!

4th Jan 2009, 01:56
This thread would be closed temporarily as I am about to check the standings for this contest. Please wait and thank you for those who supported our Referral Contest. :)

7th Jan 2009, 18:54
:whew: Sorry for the delay, but I've finally tallied the results. :D This time, I've decided not to count post count, which if I did then no one would actually win in this contest. :lol:

So, after tallying referrals from this page (Only registered users can see the link.) (Tally date was on 01-04-2009), here are our Top 5 participants. Still, take note that only the top two participants are considered the first and second winners, respectively.

MacGyver - 58 Referrals
deythedevil - 21 Referrals
jowdie - 18 Referrals
brawler07 - 11 Referrals
iampaces - 9 Referrals

Congratulations MacGyver and deythedevil! :dance: :yipee:

And also, a big thank you to everyone who participated and supported this year's Referral Contest, for everyone has helped promote the site through his or her own way. We do hope that the referring and the promoting does not stop here. Symbianize is starting to get close to 100,000 members. Let's all set to reach that mark, and perhaps beyond that mark. :superman:

Reputation points have been given out as consolation prizes for everyone, who have given their effort to refer and promote new members into our Forum. :D

I hope everyone enjoyed this contest. Have a prosperous new year! :hat:


EDIT: Winners, please do take note of the PM I sent you.