Team SPECTRA presents...

GFX Deathmatch # 4

Hello! Once again, Symbianize's official graphic group, SPECTRA, brings to you a new concept of Graphics Contest.

What is GFX Deathmatch Contest?

GFX Deathmatch Contest is a showdown between two Graphics Artists which will showcase their graphics techniques against their opponent. This contest's objective is to showcase camaraderie between Graphics Artists here in Symbianize community.This will also serve as a stepping stone to enhance our graphics techniques and to continue a friendly competition here in symbianize.

This month's Contest will start on April 25,2012 and will end on April 30,2012. Only during this duration, may the contestants submit their entries by either sending a PM or email to the contest host.

This week's contest will be between GFXer 1 and GFXer 2

The Contestants must follow the conditions we have set:

Entries not in compliance with the required resources and guidelines will have their entries disqualified.

If you, in any case, need to edit your entry, please notify the contest host first before doing so. You are allowed three (3) number of edits only, after which you will not be allowed to edit your entry even if you notify the host.

Once the submission of entry closes, no more edits are allowed.


Ang Magwawagi ay magkakamit ng isang Symbianizers' Choice in Graphics award.

Additional Prize:

+50 reputation points to the winner

if the any of the two contestants forfeits the Contest, he/she will be deducted 20 reputation points.

Start - April 25,2012
End - April 30,2012

So you need to submit your entry and complete all the requirements on or before April 30,2012 (18:00 +8 GMT).
Any change of schedule will be accordingly stated.

Discussion thread
Para sa mga katanungan at iba pang impormasyon, ito po ang discussion thread para sa GFX Deathmatch Contest -->


Fine print:
Spectra and the contest host reserve the right to remove and/or disqualify any contest entry at their discretion. The deadlines of the events, the rules, and the prizes may be changed accordingly, so please be updated as the contest host will not be responsible in notifying you. The host and Spectra reserve the right to withhold the contest winner of his/her prize as they see fit.