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    Hats Off Collection of Manny Pacquiao Jokes

    CHAVIT: MANNY, paki acknowledge naman c 1st Gentleman,late dumating,aun kadadaan lang tabi ng ringside.,

    PACMAN: i wud like to acknowledge da ARRIVAL OF DA LATE 1st GENTLEMAN WHO JUST PASSED AWAY.

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    Default Re: Collection of Manny Pacquiao Jokes

    Jinky: Manny, kung magkakaanak ulet tau anu magandang name?

    Manny: Hmm. Eh di combine na lang name natin…

    “MANKY” Harhar.

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    Default Re: Collection of Manny Pacquiao Jokes

    Pacquiao: honey, buksan mo na yung sweets.
    Jinky : lambing mo talaga. mwah !! nasan ang sweets honey?
    Pacquiao: yung sweets ng ilaw. di ako makakita… ang dilim!!

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    Default Re: Collection of Manny Pacquiao Jokes

    INRITS YUR BOCABOLARY: by Manny Pacquiao

    TACTICS - tunog ng orasan
    PAYT - laban para sa Pinoy
    TAYTOL - pamagat ng laban
    JENGKEH - name ng dyowa nya?!
    NO PEER - sponsor nya
    MOTOR KID - pag-ikot nya sa Manila
    CHECK IN - manok sa McDo
    CORRUPT - pagsara ng mata
    MURA LESS - nakalaban nya
    WIT - timbang
    WAWAWEH - noontime show
    DUET - gawin mo
    L.A. - Leto Attyinsah!
    QUOTES - tawag nya kay Freddie Roach!
    Last edited by antibacteria; 18th May 2009 at 12:59.

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    Default Re: Collection of Manny Pacquiao Jokes

    Very entertaining post. Thanks for posting!

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    Default Re: Collection of Manny Pacquiao Jokes

    Did you know that Manny Pacquiao and Erik Morales
    are childhood friends. Well the picture will speak
    for itself how close they are.

    Manny's dream is to become the King of Pop,
    but he never succeeded.

    He tried becoming a sexy star, and for a while
    he thought this is it, because he got some offers.

    He was the first choice to play the role of Dyesebel,
    but there's a problem, he doesn't know how to swim.

    He then shifted to comedy and even cut his hair to
    look more funny.

    Because of this haircut he was noticed, and was offered
    to play the role of Gollum in the Lord of the Rings Trilogy.

    His fame was short lived, because after that movie
    no more offers came.

    Manny became very depressed, soooooo deppressed.

    Until Freddie Roach came to the rescue...

    And the rest was history.....

    WOW! what a Cinderella story......
    hahahaha it was so touching!

    Definitely we are not laughing at Manny Pacquiao.
    We are laughing at the pictures depicting Manny.

    Who will laugh at Manny Pacquiao....

    Our world stops everytime he's on the ring,
    the crime rate goes down and you can feel the
    unity among Filipinos. He's an inspiration to
    all of us.

    He's the best pound for pound boxer in world
    right now and nobody can dispute that.

    Who can beat Manny Pacquiao!, In his last fight
    he downed King-Kong in the first round
    and Mr. Bean can attest to that....


    I hope, I made you smile...

    Share this to your friends...

    Credits: http://roceloabrea.multiply.com/

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    Default Re: Collection of Manny Pacquiao Jokes

    "Dare what it takes to be, then we shall so because it is. To do or not, now or what else to be without" You know!
    ----Words of wisdom from Manny Pacquiao.

    kayo na bahala umintindi nyan.

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    Default Re: Collection of Manny Pacquiao Jokes

    C Manny Pacquiao tumakbo sa pagka-Congressman sa GenSan...

    Reporter: Manny, anong masasabi mo sa peace and order sa inyong lugar...GenSan?
    Manny: ah, yun ba? uhmm...eh...ang masasabii ku lang diyan ay...
    Reporter: ano..?
    Manny: ahh, kwan,...maraming Fish sa GenSan pero wala maxado umo-Order.

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    Default Re: Collection of Manny Pacquiao Jokes

    Manny: dear te,

    dear te,

    dear te,

    dear te yan Junior!!!

    ---Manny, pinagagalitan ang anak nya kasi naglalaro sa kanal.

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    Default Re: Collection of Manny Pacquiao Jokes

    Si Manny habang inimbita ni PGMA sa isang Hapunan...

    GMA:"I`ll have Swiss Steak and French Fries", nag order si GMA sa waiter.
    Waiter: And you, Sir?
    Manny: The same, Give me sweepstake and first prize, too

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