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    Coffee [TUT] Share MID 2330 7in China Tablet Disassembly - Firmware available

    Hello mga ka SB

    Share ko lang experience ko about Share MID 2330 7in china tablet dis-assembly (at least kahit yun cover lang.

    The Table is slim and has no screw. naka clip lock lang lahat. so be very careful.

    Here's my tablet. I bought it a week ago at a local Chinese android dealer . I used it for seven days to make sure na ok lahat

    The 2 plastic sticks beside the tablet were plastic forks. Punta lang kayo sa mga fast food .

    Prepare the tool - cut the fork prongs and sharpen.

    As seen here, the warranty seal is still intact.

    Use the plastic tool and insert it between the LCD Panel and the back cover

    Use the other plastic tool to pry open the case

    Back Cover separated from the tablet

    the tablet has a 3.7v 2600mha battery
    You can replace this with a 4400mha

    It uses an Allwinner A13 chip - not sure if its A13a or A13b it was erased by the maker. I wonder why?

    This chip heats up when the table is being used.
    What I did is to cut the bottom of a soda can and used it as a heat sink to keep the A13 cool

    Firmware Link
    Last edited by Biannie; 23rd Oct 2012 at 07:35. Reason: Update - firware link now available

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    Default Re: [TUT] Share MID 2330 7in China Tablet Disassembly

    balak kong bilhin to para sa nanay ko, pang facebook nya at pang type ng word at excell, ok ba to kahit di na imodify kagaya ng ginawa mo?

    512mb lang ram nito db? may nakita kaso ako na 1gbram daw mas ok ba un?

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    Default Re: [TUT] Share MID 2330 7in China Tablet Disassembly

    Not sure if 1gig nga yun. puro 512MB yun ram na nakita ko.

    yes ok na ok ito. kahit hindi i-modify

    Iam using its as an ebook reader, some light office work, internet browsing and video streaming.

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    Default Re: [TUT] Share MID 2330 7in China Tablet Disassembly

    ung nakita kong ganyan 2700 w/ keyboard na, tapos ung may 1 gig 3400 with keyboard, pero sabi ni ateng maganda best seller daw nila yang mid 2330

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    Default Re: [TUT] Share MID 2330 7in China Tablet Disassembly

    check nyo siggy ko

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    Default Re: [TUT] Share MID 2330 7in China Tablet Disassembly

    sana may video tuts paps! atska san ka po nabili ng battery pamalit?

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    Default Re: [TUT] Share MID 2330 7in China Tablet Disassembly

    Thnx ts sa pag share pede tanong kung meron kang C++ para d2? Nid ko lang thnx in advance cp mode kc d makapag search maayos kung meron pa attach hahahh Ty

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    Default Re: [TUT] Share MID 2330 7in China Tablet Disassembly

    bumili ako ng chinese tablet dati.. the bad thing about them is the battery.. they made them so cheap that they remove battery management chip in the battery pack... that you find in laptaps cellphones and branded tablets like samsung and ipad.. kung mapapansin nyo dalawa lang yung wire na papunta sa battery black & red.. + and - power terminals lang...

    kaya madali masira yung battery... at mahirap maghanap ng replacement.. kasi wala namang nagbebenta locally..

    wag nyo iwanan naka plug sa charger kapag fully charge na.. iwasan din gamitin habang nagcharge.. dahil walang tempsensor yung battery at baka magoverheat... nagcharge habang umiinit yung tablet gawa ng proc.... infact ganyan ang ginagawa ko noon.. kaya nung binuksan ko yuung loob ng tablet butas na dahil sa naluto na yung blue na plastic covering ng battery dahil sa init...

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    Default Re: [TUT] Share MID 2330 7in China Tablet Disassembly

    sino meron pang flash nito? or stock firmware na pwede gamitin pang replace incase na nagka prob yung tab? I also have this kind of unit.

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    Default Re: [TUT] Share MID 2330 7in China Tablet Disassembly

    saan po b pde mg pa repair ng tablet? ayw n po kz mg open ng tablet q eh pero ng chacharge p nmn eh kso ayaw lng mg open tnxz in advance

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