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    Default [TUT]Modding/editing apk

    Modding and signing apk files

    Apk Manager 4.9 - Modifying Ur Apk

    - Extract, Zip apk's.
    - Optimize pngs (ignores .9.pngs)
    - Zipalign apks
    - Sign apks
    - Push to specific location on phone
    - Incorporates brut.all's apktool
    - Pull apk from phone into modding environment.
    - Batch optimize apk (Zipalign,optipng,or both)
    - Quick sign an apk (Batch mode supported)
    - Batch Ogg optimization
    - Compression level selector (monitor status above menu)
    - Batch install apk from script (option 16)
    - Logging on/off has been removed. Instead a log.txt is created which logs the activities of the script organized using time/date headers
    - User can change the max java heap size (only use if certain large apks get stuck when decompiling/compiling apks) (Option 19)
    - Improved syntax of questions/answers
    - Error detection. Checks if error occured anytime u perform a task, and reports it
    - Read log (Option 20)
    - U can now set this script as ur default application for apks. When u do, if u double click any apk it will install it for u.
    - Supports batch installation, so if u drag multiple apks into the script (not while its running) it will install them all for u. U can ofcourse drag a single apk as well
    - Added framework dependent decompiling (For non propietary rom apks). (Option 10). Checks whether the dependee apk u selected is correct.
    - Allows multiple projects to be modified, switch to and from.

    Instructions (Windows):
    - Place apk in appropriate folder (Any filename will work, if running for first time folders will not be there, you must run and then the folders will be created)
    - Run script
    - Minimize the script
    - Edit files inside the project folder
    - Maximize the script
    - Allows to modify system apk's using apktool but ensures maximum compatibility in terms of signature / manifest.xml


    to EDIT apk files
    step 1:extract the file you download
    step 2: put your apk you like to MOD in place-apk-here-for-modding
    step 3: after that open Script.bat
    step 4: enter number 22 then piliin mo yung apk files mo
    step 5: press 9 decompile apk to edit
    step 6:you need to download notepad++
    step 7:go go apk manager folder and open projects folder
    step 8:then you can edit picture in res folder and content for smali folder
    step 9: after you edited some command or change png files you need to go again in script.bat open
    step 10: press 11 to compile apk files
    step 11: press 4 for signing apk
    step 12: you can install it to your phone


    for more cool stuff you can also visit at my black market HERE
    Last edited by boimkun; 7th Dec 2010 at 18:43.

  2. 10 Users Say Thank You to boimkun For This Useful Post.

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    Default Re: [TUT]Modding/editing apk

    nice one TS!

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    Default Re: [TUT]Modding/editing apk

    aus to ah!! ok next question, how can i add and editable server to official OM5.1 (apk)? ano kelangan ko aralin pre?

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    Default Re: [TUT]Modding/editing apk

    follow step lang cnbi ko na poh ung content nasa smali pag na decompile na

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    Default Re: [TUT]Modding/editing apk

    ive succesfully decompile operamini.apk from the android market, extracted the root java files, edited the classfiles where the server is located just like what i did sa mini for winmo and succesfully compiled it again.but it cant be installed. unsigned daw eh. ill try to look for the file i uploaded sa xda dev and uploaded it here.

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    Default Re: [TUT]Modding/editing apk

    follow step 11-12 for signing apps... server of opera mini located at f.smali

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    Default Re: [TUT]Modding/editing apk

    ginagamit ba ito para san? ano ba apk? kasi nakikita ganyan files sa mga ol games

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    Default Re: [TUT]Modding/editing apk

    Quote Originally Posted by thughiraf13 View Post
    ginagamit ba ito para san? ano ba apk? kasi nakikita ganyan files sa mga ol games
    for android phones

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    Default Re: [TUT]Modding/editing apk

    Quote Originally Posted by thughiraf13 View Post
    ginagamit ba ito para san? ano ba apk? kasi nakikita ganyan files sa mga ol games
    dito po sagot

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    Default Re: [TUT]Modding/editing apk

    wala po bang para sa mga winmo??? hirap kasi sa esmertec eh... laging memory error.... sana may mag mod ng native na om para sa winmo.... T_T

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