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Thread: chao fan recipe

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    Default chao fan recipe

    hey guys i love eating chowking chao fan.gusto kong magtry gumawa.anyone got chao fan recipe from chowking?

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    Default Re: chao fan recipe

    watch mode..

    one of my fave also

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    Default Re: chao fan recipe

    sana meron may alam paano gumawa nito.yung mga ingredients

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    Default Re: chao fan recipe

    eto meron akong nakita


    Apparently, fried rice lang pala ang chao fan and you can cook it any way you like.

    (kinopya ko yung recipe)

    Fried Rice (Chao Fan) Recipes

    Ingredients :

    3-4 eggs, lightly beaten

    salt, to taste

    4 spring onions (scallions), sliced

    1 tbsp chopped ginger

    3 tbsp vegetable oil

    125g cooked lamb, chicken, pork or ham, cut into 1/2 cm cubes

    50g green peas, blanched

    125g cooked prawns (shrimp), peeled

    50g carrot, julienned

    1-2 tbsp soy sauce

    3 cups cold cooked rice

    Method :

    Beat the eggs with a pinch of salt, half the spring onions and 1/2 tbsp of the ginger. Heat 1 tablespoon of the oil in a hot wok. Add the eggs and stir fry to a scramble. Remove the eggs from the wok and set aside. Heat the rest of the oil and add the diced cooked meats, peas, prawns and carrot. Stir fry for 1 minute. Stir in the soy sauce and remaining ginger. Add the rice. Stir fry for 2-3 minutes while adding the remaining spring onions and eggs. Heat through and serve hot.

    Probably the most famous and popular of rice dishes from Southeast Asia. Though Chinese in origin, it is cooked all over the East in some form or other. The ingredients change, but not the method. Here is a simple and fast version.

    Serves 4 - 6

    Bon apetit?

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    Default Re: chao fan recipe

    yang chow lang mejo ok dun

    yung iba ang sama ng lasa sobrang alat kasi

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    Default Re: chao fan recipe

    :cook::cook::cook:....tama...just cook the way u want...

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    Default Re: chao fan recipe

    Quote Originally Posted by aero03 View Post
    hey guys i love eating chowking chao fan.gusto kong magtry gumawa.anyone got chao fan recipe from chowking?

    shijin chao fan recipe (8 servings)

    8tbsp vegetable oil
    8 eggs
    8 cups cooked rice
    200g char siu kong wala pwede na yong bbq sa kanto
    4tsp sake
    4tsp soy sauce
    spring onions
    chicken sotck
    sesame oil

    heat a pan thoroughly,add vegetable oil
    add egg,stir
    when egg is half-cooked,add rice,stir fry in high heat
    add char siu,stir
    season woth salt and pepper
    add sake sake and soy sauce and stir
    add spring onions,stir
    add chicken stock,stir
    add sesame oil.stir,turn off heat then place to serving plate

    hope naka help ako....

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    Default Re: chao fan recipe

    pork chao fan w/ pork siomai toppings ex-addict..

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    Default Re: chao fan recipe

    hmmm sarap.. kainan na naman to..

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    Default Re: chao fan recipe

    nagutom ako ng binasa thanks po masubukan to pag nagkaoras

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