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    Default CM Flare ROM-JB Flight,cmx,crimson,jellystarr,rms100


     TWRP 2.5.X.X
     Basic Flashing Knowledge
     Common Sense

    Before flashing make a backup of your contacts and apps.

    Steps in flashing *PLEASE READ*
    1. Using TWRP wipe /system, /data /dalvikcache and /cache for a clean install.
    2. Install the zip file.
    3. Wipe Cache and Dalvik Cache.
    4. Reboot and Enjoy!


    Pre-Installed Apps:
     Terminal Emulator
     Root Explorer

     Based on Stock v45
     Rooted (unrootable)
     Debloated
     Init.d Support
     Busybox with complete symlinks
     Zipaligned
     Themed Icons (based on Key Lime Pie Concept Icons)
     Odexed for Performance
     No more CherryMobile Ringtones


    Adrenaline Engine 4.4 (tweaked and optimized for our flare)

     system and data apps zipaligned after 5 reboots
     databases optimized after 5 reboots
     kernel, vm, I/O and fs tweaks

    Project X Ram Booster
    1. Open Terminal emulator
    2. Type su press enter
    3. Type boost then press enter

    ImbaWind for Adrenaline Engine (http://goo.gl/L6f36)

    This ROM is already tweaked so do not flash or install tweaks on top of mine. Doing so may cause conflicts or unwanted results.

    You can find logs in /data/adrenaline/engine make sure to check this before reporting a bug.

    Do not use other boot.img. (period)

    More theming to come in future releases. I am a noob in apk modding.

    Android is OPEN SOURCE but I don't tolerate kanging. A generous amount of time was spent in optimizing this ROM so please don't steal any of the mods in this ROM and pass it as your own. Have some self respect.


    Noozy lockscreen music player controls not working.

    Data toggle bug.
    (just enable mobile data in settings and disable it in the toggle)

    Bug Reports:

    If you encounter bugs please report in a nice way.


    Download Link:

    Gallery Fix: this fixes the force close of gallery app when editing pictures

    LINK: http://www.mediafire.com/download/h0...galleryfix.zip

    1. Put in sdcard

    2. Flash thru twrp

    ================================================== =============
    Gallery Fix: this fixes the force close of gallery app when editing

    The return of CMX, now in Jelly Bean 4.1.2 Flare

    Feel CyanogenMod once again in Jelly Bean with the release of CMX JB
    (Note: Not an unofficial/official build of CyanogenMod)


    However, there will be 4 versions of this ROM, each with a different theme and various apps may vary within the confines of each version (e.g. CMX Single = Single Sim MMS and Contacts)
     CMX Original = AOSP/CyanogenMod theme
     CMX Single = Single Sim Contacts/MMS/Status Bar
     CMX Skyfall = AOSP Transparent BG/Status Bar
     CMX Galaxy = S4 Google Play Edition theme
     4.2 SystemUI [Semi-Transparent Notification bar, AOSP blue (SIM 1) & Samsung green (SIM 2) signal icons + 4.2 Toggles (Quick Panel)] - Proper credits to Kevin Jan Goc-ong
     4.2 DeskClock (Analog widget, Digital widget, World Clock, Stopwatch)
     4.3* Camera & Gallery (New features)
     4.2 Keyboard (AOSP: Gestures, Auto correct, Predictions)
     CyanogenMod-like Settings (Launcher, Themes, Status bar added)
     Ported 4.2 Gapps (Calendar, Google Now, Gmail, Play Store, Google Play Music, Google Ears)
     Ported 4.2 CM10.1 Trebuchet Launcher (Trebuchet Setings: Transition effects, App drawer orientation, Search bar, Hide apps, Edit app name in homescreen)
     Holo-fied Framwork-res.apk (No more orange buttons etc.)
     ROM Wallpapers (CyanogenMod, Paranoid Android, AOSP)
     Modded Dark Holo Contacts.apk (Dialer, Call logs, Contacts)
     Modded Dark Holo Mms.apk (Messaging, Dual Send buttons)
     CM10.1 Boot Animation
     CM10.1 Media sounds & ringtones
     CM10.1 Calculator (Matrices, Graph, Bases)
     CM10 File Manager (Holo Light & Holo Dark themes)
     CM10 Stock Music Player
     CM10 Apollo Music Player
     Latest SuperSU binaries
     Latest Root Explorer
     EDT Tweaks (Status bar mods: Battery (1% Increments) Clock (AM/PM, hide clock)
     OGBatteryMod (Battery icon style chooser)
     Winterboard (Theme Chooser; Download Cydia Substrate from Play Store to make it work)
     Center-aligned lockscreen texts
     CONTACTS/PHONE FC - Solution: Download and push Contacts.apk, clear data of Trebuchet in apps, reboot. http://www.mediafire.com/download/qp...b/Contacts.apk
     CONTACTS FC when in Customize view - Solution: NONE, don't tell me to fix it. Not an important feature anyway.
     GMAIL FC - Solution: Clear data of Gmail in apps.
     CAMERA CANNOT CONNECT - Solution: Reflash boot.img or ROM

    Wipe cache, data and Flash via TWRP. Factory Reset afterwards to be sure.
     LINK of CMX ORIGINAL: http://d-h.st/J0b (flash via TWRP)
     LINK of CMX SINGLE: http://www.mediafire.com/download/5j...SimVersion.zip (Extract files from zip and push through Root Explorer)
     LINK of CMX SKYFALL: pending version
     LINK of CMX GALAXY: pending version

    Credits: xda-developers, Google Translate, Android Open Source Project (AOSP), CyanogenMod, Paranoid Android Open Source Project (AOSPA), CM Flare Developers, 592zn, etc


     Base on stock v45
     Modded boot.img (ninja included :P)
     Project X TWRP recovery v2.2 included (Credits to Engr Rayn Herrera)
     added BryEngine v1.5 (Credits to Brian James Jabson, Ryan Davis Domingo, Regie Soriano)
     added Pure Graphic HD Tweaks
     added Modded RTmix Manager from Lenarox of XDA (For Smooth Gaming)
     added Awesome Beats V5 (for Sound Enhancement)
     added Integrated Apps on Settings
    - OG Battery Mod
    - EDT Tweaks
    - Trebuchet Launcher Settings
    - Sms Fix
    - Root Explorer
    - No Frills CPU Control (Performance)
     added Root terminal Emulator (For Running Tweaks)
     added Lag Test
     added Latest Google Music Player
     added Ninjamorph pro (for editing quick.png for 4.2 toggles)
     added Cyanogenmod Calculator
     added Cyanogenmod File Manageradded AOKP, Paranoid Android, Cyanogenmod Wallpapers
     added Crimson Cobalt Battery Icons (inside OG Battery Mod)
     added Google edition 4.3 Cam w/ Editing Features
     Modded Google 4.3 Keyboard (Crimson Themed)
     Modded Crimson MMS
     Modded Crimson Contacts/Dialer
     Modded Trebuchet Launcher (with Cobalt Wallpapers)
     True Crimson Cobalt Theme Icons
     Dual Toggles
    - 4.2 Toggles Quicksettings (Credits to Kevin Jan Goc-ong)
    - modded Tyquicksettings
     4-way Boot Settings (Credits to Kevin Jan Goc-ong)
     Quad Lockscreen (Credits to Kevin Jan Goc-ong)
     Wake-up Volume to Unlock
     Wp7 Style Recent apps
     Aosp Red Signal Icons
     Cyanogenmod Style Bootanimation/Shutdownanimation
     Odexed (Free More Ram)

    Explore.. Many More..

    Known Bugs:

     4.2 Toggles Data Icon activate on 1st Installation - To Fix deactivate on Settings/More/Mobile network. or Tap the second toggles on data..
     Recent Clear Button when pressing HOME not working - To Fix Manual Clear recent apps.
     Some Trebuchet Launcher Settings FC - Will Fix on Update
     "x" sign disappear on cm calculator - To Fix Change Font if u like but Will Fix on Update

    Medyo pahirapan muna natin yung gusto mag LEECH d2, ayaw mag paalam o mag credits o cge lng.. tsk.. -_-

    1 time Download Link:



    a "MUST DO" before installing this rom:



    1. Backup your Contacts,Data/Files Before Flashing this rom.
    2. Now, Turn Off your phone and go to recovery mode by holding volume-up + power wait till red then release.
    3. Once you are on recovery mode, you need to wipe data/cache/dalvik cache first..
    4. Then you can now install this rom using twrp recovery wait till finish..
    5. Reboot Your Phone.. And its DONE..
    UPDATE: Sa mga napapagod mag Backup at gustong mapanatili ang Data at Apps, pwede rin gawin to Reboot on Recovery mode using TWRP ng Project X, Wipe>Advance Wipe gawing white color lahat then e click ulit ang SYSTEM at CACHE then Swipe. Ibig sabihin ang OS at cache lang e-Wipe niyo, Then flash This Awesome ROM.

    Friendly TIP:

    If you want to maximize the ui speed on this rom, set animation scale to .5x then reboot.. ^_^

    To Activate Tweaks:

    Use Terminal Emulator and Type This Commands:

    For Project X Boost V2:



    For RTmix Manager Tweaks:



    For Awesome Beats V5:



    wait till tweaks been activated.. ok.. goodluck.. gays.. :P

    ************************************************** **********


    "MUST PATCH" This Update Via TWRP to fix some bugs.. no need to wipe data ok..

    Crimson Cobalt Rom V1 mini update link: (remove "*" to download)


    ************************************************** **********

    Note: this is a copy from the previous group, if this is already in the docs, i will request for deleting this doc if so, thx for understanding

    Jellystarr ROM 4.O "Panda Aura"

    " Feel, Experience, and Love the Panda's Aura! "
    -now on Android 4.1.2 (Jellybean)

     Fresh v45 Jellybean System
     Modded APK by the Creator
     Remap SystemUI
     Remap Messaging
     ROM Logo on Settings.
     Unique Style
     Modded v41 Kernel by: Ryan Rudolf Oba
     Explore more ..


    Download Link:
    http://www.4shared.com/zip/BpKHItkb/...v4.htmlEDT.apk to Customize JellyStarr Statusbar : http://www.mediafire.com/?z91qk7ea4s3g25qPush EDT.apk to system/app .. wala nang perimsyon rekta push lng!

     Can be install in TWRP or Stock Recovery. Make sure you have a jellybean flare to use the ROM

     Bare ROM no Tweaks..
     I preserve Some of the Default APK's of flare ..ayoko Gumanda ung ROM dahil sa APK ng ibang unit/roms. MOD ko nlng lahat pag my time
     WHY BARE ? Kase Gusto ko kayo mamile ng sarili nyon Tweaks ..marami kaseng nag rereklamo pag my tweaks my bug dw .. kea Choose ur own.

    Jellystarr ROM v4.O "PANDA AURA"

    rms100lite August 12, 2013 (Unreleased build)
    hindi ko na narelease kasi madaming leechers sa lumang group =))

    (sorry, assorted yung screenshots ko. LOL)

    ================================================== =============
     tandaan: hindi ito fix sa G-Sensor, Camera, etc. kung walang bug Flare mo, ok din to sayo
     tandaan: ginagawa ko to based sa kailangan ng utol ko. kung ano lang kailangan nya, yun lang ilalagay ko. shineshare ko lamang :3
     huwag maghanap ng wala
     i-download ang rms100lite mula sa link sa ibaba
     ilagay sa internal memory / microSD ang ZIP na iyong na-download
     i-flash gamit ang Project X TWRP recovery
     mag-FACTORY RESET / WIPE Data & Cache
    ================================================== ============= FEATURES:
     based on Android 4.1.2 v45 from Cherry Mobile (Jelly Bean)
     purest AOSP Look & Feel on CM Flare (the Nexus Experience)
     Android 4.3 | 4.2 goodness on 4.1.2
     various system tweaks
     rooted (SuperSU)
     seriously debloated
    ================================================== ============= PERFORMANCE:
     Project X's BRy Engine + rs tweaks under the hood
     Performance tweaks
     Hardware Acceleration enabled
     Memory Management tweaks
     Kernel & Virtual Memory tweaks
     I/O tweaks
     SD Read speed tweaks
     Database optimization tweaks
     Mobile Data & Wireless Network tweaks
     Lag Reduction by Entropy Generator
     APK and JAR optimizations
     File System optimizations
     Battery Saving tweaks
     misc performance tweaks
    ================================================== ============= APPS:

    Android 4.3:
     Camera & Gallery
    Android 4.2:
     Clock
    CyanogenMod 10 (Nexus S stable):
     Messaging with Quick Reply, Emoji, & Avatar (single-SIM only)
     Contacts (People) & Dialer with AOSP look (single-SIM only)
     DSPManager with Equalizer, Bass Boost, and misc audio effects
     Calculator with Scientific & Graphing function
     Sound Recorder with AOSP look
     Trebuchet Launcher
     Calendar
     Torch
     GMail
     Play Store (ChelpuS)
     Play Music
     Search
     Root Explorer (file manager)
     Terminal Emulator (jackpal)
    ================================================== ============= USER EXPERIENCE:
     Android 4.2 QuickPanel
     Android 4.2-ish Lockscreen clock
     5-way Screen unlock
     4-way Reboot
     Android 4.3 Google Play Edition boot animation
     Android 4.3 Google Play Edition shutdown animation
     Android 4.3 Google Play Edition SunBeam live wallpaper
     Android 4.3 Fonts
     Jelly Bean icons! no more Tianyu/Cherry Mobile icons
     AOSP statusbar icons
     signal icons with H, 3G, E, & G indicators
     battery icon with percentage (1% step)
     SystemUI mods for AOSP look & Feel
     no carrier name on lockscreen & expanded notifications
     misc Android 4.3 & Nexus 4 stuff (wallpapers. ringtones, notifications, alarms)
    ================================================== ============= MISC:
     Galaxy Nexus fingerprint (device identification on Play Store and misc apps)
     init.d support
     adb root access (modified kernel RAMdisk)
    ================================================== ============= FAQs:
     kailangan ba mag-Factory Reset o Wipe ng Data/Cache? (OO)
     kusa ba ang Factory Reset o Wipe ng Data/Cache dito? (HINDI, ikaw ang gagawa)
     ICS lang ang gamit ko. Pwede ba to sakin? (HINDI. Magpa-update ka muna ng Jelly Bean)
     hindi Rooted yung Jelly Bean Flare ko. pwede ba sakin to? (PWEDE)
     nagkakaproblema ako. Ano gagawin ko? (#1 Wipe ulit ng Data/Cache tapos ulit sa umpisa. #2 gamitin lagi ang latest version ng Apps mo. #3 Kapag ganun pa rin, magtanong sa ibang user at wag sa developer. #4 Kapag wala pa rin, ipagbigay-alam sa maayos na paraan.)
     anong Apps/Games ang pwede dito? (Lahat ng gumana sa stock ROM ay dapat gumana rin dito, baka pati yung mga di pwede sa stock ROM pumwede rin. Ikaw na lang umalam.)
    ================================================== ============= NOTES:
     kaunting lag sa startup. nagpapainit kasi ang BRy Engine, maghintay ng mga 30secs bago gamitin
     kaunting lag sa startup kada ikalimang reboot. ino-optimize kasi ang mga sqlite DBs para sa ikabibilis ng mga apps mo
     sa single-SIM Contacts ang *#36# ay ito: *#*#36#*#*
     sa single-SIM Contacts, pwedeng mag-edit/delete ng contacts. open mo lang yung contact tapos settings capacitive button
     sa single-SIM Messaging lang merong Quick Reply function
     sa single-SIM Messaging, pwede mag-Group Message. itype mo lang yung mga name ng contacts
     sa single-SIM Messaging, may settings para mag-WAKE kung may dumating naSMS
     nawala yung partition ng power-on Splash kaya may CM logo pa rin. hinahanapan pa po ng paraan
     kung magpapalit mula sa sing-SIM papuntang dual-SIM Messaging, baka kailangan i-set ulit ang Notification tone
     huwag magreport ng bug kung di ka naman nag-factory reset :3
    ================================================== ============= TIPS:
     i-GREENIFY lahat ng user apps, maliban sa mga kailangan mo kaagad pagka-boot ng phone
     maari din i-Greenify ang system apps na di mo kailangan, gamitin lang ang Donate Version at Xposed Framework
     huwag gumamit ng Task Killer / Task Manager, conflict yan sa Memory Management ng Android
    ================================================== ============= CHANGELOG:

    rms100lite 08-12-13:
     disabled EXT4 Journaling on /system /data & /cache partitions
     /data & /cache partitions mounted with trim support
     Android 4.2 lockscreen clock for all screen unlock methods (Slide, Pin, Pattern unlock)
     new Android 4.3 wallpapers from Nexus 7 (2013) build JSS15J factory image
     various tweak refinements for very little to no performance decline over time :3
     Trebuchet v1.0 no-FC edition with preferences menu :trollface:
     fix for Google Play Store FC
     hindi ko na matandaan pa -_-

    rms100lite initial release:
     Android 4.2 toggles | Project X
     5-way screen unlock | Project X
     4-way reboot | Project X
     BRy Engine | Project X
     Android 4.2-ish lockscreen clock
     xflush RAM boost
     Google Play Edition (Android 4.3) Camera|Gallery app
     Google Play Edition (Android 4.3) Boot|Shutdown animations
     Google Play Edition (Android 4.3) Wallpapers
     Android 4.3 Ring|Notification|UI tones
     Android 4.3 Fonts
     Galaxy Nexus JWR66V identity & fingerprint (for gaming purposes)
     misc performance improvements & tweaks
     Pure v45 (no v24|v31 files)
     Cleaner than ever
     No unnecessary timestamps on APKs and JARs
     dropped support for SIM contacts (obsolete)
     many other things that are usually left unappreciated by most users xD
    ================================================== ============= WARNING:
     wag mong palitan ang BOOT.IMG kundi magdurusa ka. binalaan na kita :3
    ================================================== ============ BUG REPORTS?
     magpakita ng mga patunay upang makatulong sa Developer
     huwag maging bastos sa pag-report
     No Factory Reset = Invalid Claim
     No Screenshot = Invalid Claim
     No proper problem description = Invalid Claim
    ================================================== ============= ISSUES:
     Usual bugs found on Project X's Quick toggles
     Lockscreen clock is limited to 12-hour format only
    ================================================== ============= SOON:
     K-Touch u86 AOSP as base ROM :3
     stock u86 AOSP toggles modded to 4.2 QuickPanel style
     -OR-
     4.2 QuickPanel with lidroid toggles
     (kung alin ang kayanin ng powers. hue hue hue)
    ================================================== ============= DOWNLOAD:
     Ang ROM na ito ay kargado na ng Performance Tweaks (build.prop & some hidden scripts). wala sa init.d yung majority ng tweak scripts ko, nakalagay sa kung saan para mejo magisip naman ng konti yung mangangahoy. wag na haluan ng kung ano ano para walang conflict at walang reklamo pag nagloko. expect performance impact kung maglalagay ka ng battery life tweaks
     Huwag gumamit ng ibang kernel (boot.img). kapag ginawa mo yan mababalewala lahat ng tweaks.

    ROM download: http://goo.gl/6C723l
    file name: rms100lite_081213.zip
    file size: 141 MB only
    note: modded v45 boot.img included. DO NOT REPLACE

    #optional: DUAL-SIM PATCH#
    download: http://goo.gl/JjMg2t
    file name: rms100lite_dual_SIM_Messaging_Contacts.zip
    i-flash gamit ang TWRP
    note: i-clear ang data ng Contacts/Messaging app pag nagka-problema

    #optional: SYNC SUPPORT#
    download: http://goo.gl/LmhYDP
    file name: rms100lite_sync_support.zip
    i-flash gamit ang TWRP

    #optional: TEXT-TO-SPEECH SUPPORT#
    download: http://goo.gl/IJSvtu
    file name: rms100lite_tts_support.zip
    i-flash gamit ang TWRP

    ================================================== ============

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    Default Re: CM Flare ROM-JB Flight,cmx,crimson,jellystarr,rms100

    sir salamat po sa rom very nice share sir... buti me mga ganto na roms para sa flare salamat po ulit sir

    boss pa add na din para updated pa ko sa roms mo po salamat po
    Last edited by marvin378; 31st Aug 2013 at 09:10. Reason: Merged posts - Forum Guidelines (DONT's) # 4 ("gamitin ang edit button kung may nais idagdag o baguhin sa post")

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    Default Re: CM Flare ROM-JB Flight,cmx,crimson,jellystarr,rms100

    Where is the Flight ROM dl link? ?

  4. #4

    Default Re: CM Flare ROM-JB Flight,cmx,crimson,jellystarr,rms100

    nice ts, wala po bang mga credits para sa mga gumawa nito?

  5. #5

    Default Re: CM Flare ROM-JB Flight,cmx,crimson,jellystarr,rms100

    hirap namang mamimili lahat maganda

  6. #6

    Default Re: CM Flare ROM-JB Flight,cmx,crimson,jellystarr,rms100

    Pa-test naman po ng Flight ROM.

  7. #7

    Default Re: CM Flare ROM-JB Flight,cmx,crimson,jellystarr,rms100

    dami rom try q nga to kung mabilis at clean at maganda ^_^ tnx ts

  8. #8

    Default Re: CM Flare ROM-JB Flight,cmx,crimson,jellystarr,rms100

    pa subok naman,fb later.thanks.

  9. #9

    Default Re: CM Flare ROM-JB Flight,cmx,crimson,jellystarr,rms100

    Patry ako IDOL !

    btw Thanks for Sharing

  10. #10

    Default Re: CM Flare ROM-JB Flight,cmx,crimson,jellystarr,rms100

    unfortunately contacts has stopped.. pano po solution jan? nag download ako ng push contacts.apk pero ayaw ma install

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