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    Default 10 ways on “How to be a Good Forum Member”

    1. Don't get mad when a thread you made goes unanswered. Did you just post a statement? People like to answer questions. Give them something to work with. Start a conversation and people will respond.

    2. Remember that it's not always about you. If someone's extremely excited, for example, about their new computer, don't come in and say, "Well, mine beats yours." Give that person time to shine, to be excited. Give up the spotlight once in a while.

    3. When you are angry, cranky, sad, etc., you may come across differently than you think. I've posted when I've been cranky, and each time it bites me on the butt. If you do feel the need to post when your emotions are high, read, and re-read your post to make sure it can't be taken in a way you didn't intend.

    4. Ignore spam. When you reply to it, it just brings it back to the top of the page. Let it crawl down the page into oblivion. You don't have to bump it up for the Mods to see.

    5. Don't create spam. The only person who thinks spam is cool is the person who created it. The rest of us look at it and think, "How pathetic is he/she?"

    6. Understand that others will have viewpoints completely different, and perhaps foreign, than your own. This is one of the things I love about the Internet and forum interaction. Here, you get to see opinions from those of different religions, backgrounds, and experiences. Learn from it. Respect their opinion. It's okay to debate but remember, there is another person on the other side.

    7. Want to move up the ranks of well-liked members? Reply to the posts of others with a reply that took some thought. If all you have to say is "that's cool", try to ask a question of the person as well. There are instances where the post is so awe-inspiring that all you can say is "that's cool," but don't make
    2-word replies your trademark.

    8. Experience life outside of the virtual world and you will find you have much more to talk about when you return. If you're sitting there, staring at the monitor, wondering "what kind of thread should I make today," then you're thinking too hard.

    9. Understand that others will make mistakes. We're all human. Remember when you first started out, what a scary moment it was when you first hit that "send" button? Have compassion for your fellow members and don't be so quick to point a finger. Offer to help them and you may just find a new friend.

    10. Have fun, read the Rules, and participate. If you feel you are getting upset about a thread, or you are sitting there bored out of your mind, go find something else to do. We'll still be here when you come back, and hopefully you'll have something really great to share with us when you return.

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    Default Re: 10 ways on “How to be a Good Forum Member”


    10 Ways on how to be a Good Forumer Member [Tagalog Version]

    1. Huwag kang magagalit kung walang sumasagot sa Thread mo. Nagpost ka ba ng opinion/statement mo bago mo hingin ang opinion ng iba? Ang mga tao ay gustong sumasagot sa mga tanong. Bigyan mo sila ng pagkakaabalahan nila na paglalagyan ng ideya. Magsimula ka ng conversation at hayaan mo na ang mga tao na magrespond sa siNasabi mo.

    2. Laging tandaan na hindi ito laging patungkol sa iyo. Kung merong isang tao na super excited na magkukwento tungkol sa kanyang bagong computer, wag kang biglang eentra at magsasabi ng 'Well, mine beats yours.' Bigyan mo ng pagkakataon yung tao na yun na sumikat. Give up the spotlight once in a while.

    3. Kung galit ka or malungkot..etc., you may come across differently than you think. Nagpopost ako pag galit ako, and each time it bites me on the butt. Kung kiNakailangan mong ilabas ang nararamdaman mo, basahin at basahin mo ang post mo ng paulit-ulit at siguraduhin na hindi magbabago ang pagtingin ng tao sayo. Ang laki-laki mo na hindi mo pa rin alam ang 'Edit'.

    4. Balewalain ang Spam. Kapag nagreply ka sa isang SPAM Thread, it just brings back to the top of the page. Hayaan mong gumapang siya hanggang sa piNakadulong page hanggang sa ma-lock, hanggang sa magdisappeared. You don't have to bump it up for the Mods to see.

    5. Wag kang gumawa ng SPAM Thread. Ang tanging tao na mag-iisip na ang SPAM ay cool ay yung tao na gumawa non. The rest of us look at it and think, 'RAWR!'

    6. Intindihin na ang ibang tao ay posibleng magkaroon ng iba't-ibang pananaw at talagang kakaiba. Eto yung gusto ko sa Internet at Forum Interaction. Dito, makiKita mo ang opinyon mula sa iba't-ibang Region, piNagmulan, karanasan. Matuto ka sa kanila. Respetuhin ang kanilang opinyon. Ok lang na makipagdebate pero tandaan, there is another person on the other side.

    7. Gusto mong tumaas ang Rank mo tulad ng mga Forumers dito? Magreply ka sa mga post ng iba at siguraduhin na ang post mo ay kapaki-pakinabang. Kung ang gusto mo lang sabihin eh, 'Wow, Ayus yan ah' .. try mong dagdagan pa ng mga tanong, komento, lagyan mo ng Disadvantage/Advantages... o kahit ano basta yung mejo may dating naman. May mga bagAy din kung minsan na ang tanging masasabi mo lang ay 'ah ok' .. 'that's cool'... 'aztig' .... 'yeah' ... 'laslas ka na' ... pero subukan nating gawin na hindi natin maging trademark yung pagreply lang ng around 5 words only... especially smilies lang.

    8. Experience life outside of the virtual world at makiKita mo na marami ang mapag-uusapan pagbalik mo sa Forums. Kung nakaupo ka lang, nakatapat sa pc at nag-iisip, 'Ano kaya ang magandang Thread?' .. naku, piNapahirapan mo lang ang sarili mo.

    9. Intindihin na ang iba ay makakagawa ng pagkakamali. Tao lang tayo. Natandaan mo yung unang beses na sumali ka dito at yung takot nung nag-click ka ng 'Send' Button dahil iniisip mo ang sasabihin ng makakabasa ng post mo? Have a compassion for your fellow members and don't be so quick to point a finger. Mag-offer ka ng tulong at maaring makakita ka pa ng isang kaibigan.

    10. Have fun, magbasa ng Rules, at participate. Kung feeling mo eh mejo upset ka sa isang thread o kaya nakaupo ka lang at mejo boring na, go and find something else to do. Andito lang naman kami sa Forums and hopefully, meron ka ng mai-se-share sa amin sa pagbalik mo.


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