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    Wave AKO ANG SIMULA!! Panahon na para sa PAGBABAGO!!!

    One year before the 2010 elections, stand up and say ENOUGH.

    Its time to stop complaining, and time to start doing.
    Its time to stop blaming everyone else, and time to accept responsibility for building our future.
    Its time to stop accepting the world as it is corrupt, inefficient, unfair and unjust and start visualizing the world as it can and should be.

    Reality today gives little cause for optimism: our political system is largely bereft of real meaning because our politicians have changed alliances so often, they seem to have lost track of what they stand for. When symbols lose their meanings and when government after government fails to deliver, we become cynical and apathetic. But we cant stop here!

    BOTO MO, I-PATROL MO 2010 is about YOU. Join us and major partners Globe, Bayan, STI, the Philippine Star, Comelec as well as other commercial, trade and academic institutions one year before the critical May 10, 2010 elections as we launch BOTO MO, I-PATROL MO: AKO ANG SIMULA nationwide in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. Register to vote and join the movement in Boto Mo, I-Patrol Mo sites in Manila, Pampanga, Cebu and Davao. Join all our news programs across all our different platforms in radio, TV, cable, Internet and on your cellphones! Lets envision a better world. 365 Days to Change Todo Na To.

    Don t let this chance for change pass you by. Use your power to vote wisely. We have one year to create the world we want. If youve had enough but dont want to be defeated, stand up and say AKO ANG SIMULA.


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    Default Re: AKO ANG SIMULA!! Panahon na para sa PAGBABAGO!!!

    To me, Ako ang Simula is more synonymous to social change than political. While your vision is political change through elections it could work better for the country if we also advocate changing ourselves for the better in areas of disiplina, kasipagan at katapatan sa tungkulin. Sa election kasi we hope to change the leadership but a leader is nothing kung wala ang followers. In terms of numbers mas marami rin ang followers kaya kung tayo ang magbabago then mas malaki ang chance ng bansa natin na umunlad.

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    Default Re: AKO ANG SIMULA!! Panahon na para sa PAGBABAGO!!!

    Bakit ang kabataan ang kelangan magbago?
    Hindi ba ang mga tumatakbo ang dapat magbago?
    Kung walang bibili, walang magbebenta.
    Aanhin mo ang tamang pagboto kung mali naman ang iyong iboboto?
    Pov lang po. Mga ideya na gumugulo sa mura kong isipan bilang 1st tym voter sa 2010.

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    Default Re: AKO ANG SIMULA!! Panahon na para sa PAGBABAGO!!!

    I agree...[COLOR="Red"][B]Di lang naman KABATAAN ang dapat magbago, kundi tayong mga pinoy[/B][/COLOR]. Sa Pagkakaintindi ko sa ako Mismo and Ako ang Simula Campain, it encourage people to stand and be aware na sa mga pangyayari sa Pilipinas lalo na ngayung darating na Halalan, these campain will try to advocate people specially mga kabataan sa panguguna sa mga kilos laban sa katiwalian hindi lang Politikal kundi sa lahat ng aspeto na alam nating isa sa nagiging cause sa problema ng ating bansa. [B][COLOR="Red"][I]Kaya nga Ako ang simula.... Its about LEADERSHIP... its about us as a Leader and hindi yung nasa mga upuan at mga nasa pamunuan.[/I][/COLOR][/B] Tayo ang Simula ng Pagbabago, nasa sa atin nakasalalay kung ano ang mangyayari sa ating bansa, it not about changing the pinoy, its about guiding the pinoy to be a PILIPINO, na may Adhikaing magsilbi sa inang bayan... Kulang lang naman sa atin ang Nationalism, ang Pagmamahal sa Ating Inang Bayan.

    I have my personalized wallpaper... I hope you like it:
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