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    Default Re: [my28/s] Openline

    paano ifix yung white background wala siyang option pra palitan yung background

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    Default Re: [my28/s] Openline

    pa upload naman po ng link (PAC File Via PC: MyPhone_MY28_Unified_V4_By_Team28Devs_Revised3
    270.7MB).. deadlink na kasi... thankz po

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    Smile Re: [my28/s] Openline

    Thanks! My28s is now openline dahil nagawa ko! Sinundan ko lang po ang instruction.juns pc repair and services new.jpg

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    Default Re: [my28/s] Openline

    Ang hirap kay mega wala na bang iba like mediafire?

  5. #145

    Default Re: [my28/s] Openline

    Nag try na ako lahat ng pac files na may white screen fix.. still gnun pdn ung result "White Screen". Myphone My28s ung sakin. any idea on how to fix this issue? coz i pretty much did all of the instructions.

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    Default Re: [my28/s] Openline

    Mga paps .. anu yung the best firmware sa tatlo ? or yung most recommended nyo nalang po ..

  9. #149

    Default Re: [my28/s] Openline

    Quote Originally Posted by reelmen04 View Post

    Let's start.
    Download this Unified FW v4 Revised 3 (no pass)

    Data fix for Unified v4

    Unified V4-R3 Performance Patch (by vasily ivan)

    This patch includes:
    -build.prop tweaks
    -added enableswap.sh on boot.img
    -preactivated/premounted zram

    Download the UD tool:

    Download the driver:

    After you download the three of them, extract them on the desktop using winrar.

    Before installing the driver, if your OS is 64-bit, you need to disable driver signature enforcement.
    Here's how to disable it.

    For Windows 7:
    Go to Start Menu and type "cmd.exe" in the Search Bar and press . (Remember you must be logged on as Administrator)
    OR you can go to "All Programs", then "Accessories", right-click on "Command Prompt" and choose "Run as administrator".

    For Windows 8-10:
    Hit the "Windows Key" + X then press A.

    1. Now type the following and press after each line:
      bcdedit.exe -set loadoptions DDISABLE_INTEGRITY_CHECKS
      bcdedit.exe -set TESTSIGNING ON
    2. Restart your computer
    3. This will disable driver signing.

    How to install Driver:
    1. Open the extracted driver.
    2. Go to production_line_version then pick x86 if your OS is 32-bit, amd64 if your OS is 64-bit.
    3. Run dpinst.exe to install driver.

    How to flash Openline Firmware.
    1. Open UD tool (UPGRADEDOWNLOAD_R2.9.9015\Bin\UpgradeDownload.exe )
    2. Click "Load Packet" (Gear icon)
    3. Find the extracted firmware (.pac) then select it.
    4. Wait for the firmware to load.
    5. After the firmware is loaded, click "Start downloading" (right arrow)
    6. Turn off your phone.
      Hold both Volume keys then plug the device to your PC while holding them.
    7. If you see "In progress" under "status" of the UD tool, Release both volume keys.
    8. After the tool finished the job, you should see "PASSED" in the status section.
    9. Wait your device to boot. Take note that it will boot longer in the first one, but not anymore on further boots.
    10. After your device has booted, you will see that the internal storage is low. Just factory reset it (Settings > Backup and Reset > Factory Reset)
    11. (If you are using v4 firmware) Boot to recovery (hold power in one second then hold the volume up) then flash the data fix.

    If you're seeing white screen after flashing, instructions here
    You can also try the pre-applied patch by flashing .zip or .pac by mashuser3004 (also mirror) here:

    Credits to Team28Devs and the my28/my28s group!
    ayaw po..MADOWNLOAD

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    Default Re: [my28/s] Openline

    thank you po ng marami

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