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    Default How to Unlock Iphones.

    Hello, gusto ko pong mag business sa pag uunlock nang mga iphone. Meron bang makakatulong sakin dito? aware po ako na may mga kailangan investment.

    1. How do I start?
    2. How much investment do I need to put in?

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    Default Re: How to Unlock Iphones.

    for the investment starts at $1600 to $2100 up to $2400USD it depends on what add ons you want to add but if you want a starting point you can invest $550USD for basic that includes the following

    What's included:

    Dhru license (Onetime payment)

    What is Dhru Fusion ?

    The Dhru Fusion is a world 1st class Unlocking portal. Its fully automation server. The all in one solution specially for GSM industries The one place you can manage your orders,clients,billing and api automation with advance level.

    Dhru Fusion is an all-in-one client & supplier management, Billing, Shopping cart, Blog, GSM code selling via IMEI, File process, Server logs and support solution for online businesses. It is an ultimate solution for Your Supplier's API Connection, so you are in control with a very powerful business automation tool. Easy to Use - Simple & Intuitive Interface, Fast Loading, Quick Setup & Efficient Support .
    Downloadable Script
    Total customization
    Perpetual license
    Secured in your own network
    Easily edit live template
    Available Features:

    IMEI Service
    File service
    Service Log Service
    Client Management CMS (Content management system)
    Billing System
    Mobile Admin
    Mobile App
    Support Ticket System
    Affiliates System
    Unique features (Client Groups)
    Remote Client APi
    Suppliers APi
    Lots of Utilities
    Installation Service
    Mobile Applications
    & More...
    Six months of free product updates and support included

    Your Download license includes a perpetual Dhru Fusion license, six months of access to product updates and support, which is optionally renewable.Because your license is perpetual, you can continue using your Fusion license without an active product updates and support subscription. Your subscription is optionally renewable at 300$ for 12 months.

    Why buy Dhru Fusion from IMEI Source?

    Is there available Dhru License under my Dhru account?

    Yes, your license will be under your Dhru account.

    Does Dhru Fusion addons is included in your package?

    No, Dhru Fusion addons not included in this package.

    First you need to buy a domain/webhost which is cpanel included
    You need to buy the unlocking server which is commonly and most unlockers/coders buy is dhru fusion which is different from the unlocking server that i owned but i can recommend you to use dhru fusion after you paid for dhru fusion you have to download the script file from dhru but before you install that you need to configure your domain first create mysql database from your cpanel name the database you want.
    you can use filezilla to upload the downloaded file from dhru and proceed the installation or you can directly upload and extract the file directly using cpanel after installation is done make sure that you have a supplier for the carrier to get the api so that you can unlock mobile phone
    and also make sure that you set up client

    note: you are the admin of your unlocking site server so you can sell credits also and you can set up the unlocking credits amount for your client

    creating unlocking server is same like creating a forum like what you said before you don't have a problem in terms of web developing. web developing,phpmysql,mysql,Apache knowledge are required for this kind of business so just in case that you encountered a problem you know how to fix it
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    Default Re: How to Unlock Iphones.

    Quote Originally Posted by NathanDeGuia View Post
    Hello, gusto ko pong mag business sa pag uunlock nang mga iphone. Meron bang makakatulong sakin dito? aware po ako na may mga kailangan investment.

    1. How do I start?
    2. How much investment do I need to put in?
    I feel you bro......kaya nga I wanna try it on one Iphone muna pero up until now wala.....walang wala...hays

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    Default Re: How to Unlock Iphones.

    tyaga lang kailangan boss..@nathandeguia kung gusto mo magunder reseller ka nalang muna

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