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    Default Re: Cabal Montage (private server)

    Free to play ba to, TS? Thanks!

  2. #42

    Default Re: Cabal Montage (private server)

    Yup, Free to play, lahat ng item na kailangan mo napupulot lang at nakukuha sa event tyaga lang kailangan..

  3. 1 User Says Thank You to nightkizzer05 For This Useful Post.

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    Default Re: Cabal Montage (private server)

    Active paba to guys, TS? Puro failed to connect eh.

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    Default Re: Cabal Montage (private server)

    bakit di maka register?...ano ba dapat ilagay sa keyword?

    okay na pero di maka log in
    Last edited by ifyouseemike; 29th Mar 2018 at 16:43.

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    Default Re: Cabal Montage (private server)

    ts pano makakapag shout don kung bago palng player mo diba nd pa pwedi yun dowload kuna pa info addick ako dati dito kaso 79 bracket lang never pakong nag pa high rank hirap kasi mag pa skill sayang oras kapag pa piso net

    - - - Updated - - -

    sira nabato error files na pag ka extrack

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    Default Re: Cabal Montage (private server)

    boss .. pano makuha ung item kung member ka ng symb ?PM po ka symb

  8. #47

    Default Re: Cabal Montage (private server)

    Quote Originally Posted by Cursemaster21 View Post
    Test you skill and be the one of our top players

    Come and Join Us..

    Register Here: http://www.cabal-montage.com/

    Download Link : http://www.mediafire.com/file/qfva0g...bal+Montage.7z

    Official FB Group: https://web.facebook.com/groups/330431260770239/

    Official FB Page: https://web.facebook.com/CBMontage

    Attachment 1248697Attachment 1248697

    Abandon City Dungeon

    Epaulet Of Dead b3f

    Epaulet Of Dead B3f part 2

    Bad Santa event:
    Formula Cards bikes (medium and High)
    Epic Dragon Weapons (outrageous or Fatal)
    Epic Palladium parts (10% Amplify)

    Epic Golden set (Drei Frame)
    Earn 500 dp's For each part includes Golden Epaulet

    For Every Symbianize member will recieved:

    a Full set of Archadium set (Epic 3 Slots Duration) that includes a Weapon ^_^
    Blessing Bead + (1) day

    Just Look For the Following GM's:


    See ya'll.. for Further Informations please join our FB page, FB group and Website..

    perma b ung freebies n archset??

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    Default Re: Cabal Montage (private server)

    up pb server

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    Default Re: Cabal Montage (private server)

    medjo mahirap lang magregister boss pero tyaga lang. May discord channel ka ba? mAs maganda tumambay dun.

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    Question Re: Cabal Montage (private server)

    sir... ask lang po bakit hindi ako makapasok sa server?

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