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    Read A New Method to Hack Your S40 Phone Java Security

    Guys share ko lang 'tong useful method galing sa ibang site dito sa 'tin para makatulong.. ginawa ko din this method sa nokia 6126 ko just now, and guess what successful.. nilagayan ko ng opera mini 5.2 beta ang cp ko and now, capable na makadownload ng files except JAR. Wala na kayo ma-iencounter na application access security. By doing this method, hindi ma-ierase o mafoformat mga files nyo sa cp. tried and tested ko na kaya nothing to worry. tnx SOBRA sa nag-SHARE nito....Umpisahan na natin

    Hey guys, Today I like to introduce to you a totally new method to hack your phone security. Your Nokia phone won't ask your permissions anymore for all applications. Unlike the previous method you must sign your applications to pass Nokia security wall, however, some applications can not be signed by beHappy (eg: Auto-message (if not cracked yet)) or get problems with certificate (eg: MobiMB mobile browser). This new method will help you solve all the problems. The KEY of this method is the ability to disable Nokia security wall so that all your applications will pass this wall ---> you no longer need .JAD file.


    JAFSetup_1.98.62 Application

    JAFSetup_1.98.62 Clickhere


    JAF 1.98.62.exe CLICKHERE

    JAF PKey Emulator v5

    OGM_JAF_PKEY_Emulator_v5 Clickhere


    JAF PKEY Emulator v5.0 CLICKHERE

    And Lastly, DATA USB Cable

    Then follow everything seen in the images below:

    1. Run JAF PKEY Emulator

    2. Click OK

    3. Follow all the steps like their orders in the image

    4. After that a *.PP file will be created , choose your destination to put it.

    5. Open the *.PP file with Notepad, and replace the row from 28 1 to 28 2 ( Note: for Nokia 3500 it is 28, however 'yong sa akin ay Nokia 6126 is 22 kaya un ang sinet ko sa 2. See the list below kung what unit ang sa inyo with respected number)

    6. SAVE your editted *.PP file, then Upload it to your phone

    7. Then, in "phone model" box choose "Normal Mode", after that your phone will automatically restart.

    Note: Although the "Always allowed" option is hidden, just forget about it since you've already disabled Nokia security wall.

    A Sample Guide on how to-edit, PP file CLICKHERE

    Credits to deathscythe05

    Quote Originally Posted by ayhen16 View Post
    thx succesful may idagdag sana ako para sa newbie ok lang ipost mo ito sa 1st page para di na sila mag tanong.

    Para sa "FAILED IMEI" at "ABORTING"

    EVERYTYM NA MAGPIPINDOT KAYO NUNG "READ PP" and "UPLOAD PP" idisconnect nyo muna(tangaling ang phone sa pagkakabit thru usb cable) tpos pindotin nyu ang read and upload.

    hope it helps. working fine
    Credits to ayhen16

    -if we encounter this after we click SERVICE (JAF version 1.98.62)
    Detected PKEY: 90009699
    Card life counter: 99.99%
    P-key nokia module version 01.02
    USB Cable Driver version:
    Changing mode...Done!
    Detected P-KEY: 90009699
    P-key nokia module version 01.02
    Init usb communication...
    that means it is not detected by jaf application...
    - if that so...using our phone, go to menu>settings>connectivity>USB data cable>
    choose data storage(a display for memory card will appear, just press DONE then.) and then back again to USB data cable then unlike the former choose now PC SUITE.
    -finally, go back to Jaf application and TRY AGAIN....that it!! it works for me!!!!
    -pls. post your feedback if that also will do..
    Credits to Joe Eow

    Here is the list of phones that support this method.

    2626 (27), 2630 (48), 2660 (48), 2760 (48), 3109c (28), 3110c (28), 3120c (48), 3500c (28)5200 (28), 5300 (28), 5310 (48), 6021 (25), 6070 (25), 6080 (25), 6101 (25), 6103 (25), 6111 (68), 6126 (22) - phone ko, 6103 (22), 6230i (69), 6233 (67), 6270 (36), 6280 (67 ), 6300 (28 ), 6300i (48 ), 6301 (48 ), 7500p (48 ), 8600luna (22 ). 6280 (67), 6300i (48), 6301 (48), 7500p (48), 8600luna (22).
    Note: IF your phone is not listed here, try this method
    +For S40v3 featured pack 2 (3110c, 3500,6300,5200,..) : the row you should change is 28
    +For S40v5 (2630, 5310,..): the row you should change is 48

    Check the Version of your s40 units (Credits to chocowilliam)

    Nokia-1680 Classic-5th edition
    Nokia-2220 Slide-5th edition FP1
    Nokia-2320 Classic-5th edition
    Nokia-2323 Classic-5th edition FP1
    Nokia-2330 Classic-5th edition FP1
    Nokia-2355-1st edition
    Nokia-2600 classic-5th edition
    Nokia-2610-2nd edition
    Nokia-2626-2nd edition
    Nokia-2630-5th edition
    Nokia-2650-6th edition
    Nokia-2660-5th edition
    Nokia-2680 slide-5th edition FP1
    Nokia-2690-5th edition FP1
    Nokia-2700 Classic-5th edition FP1
    Nokia-2710 Navigation Edition-6th edition
    Nokia-2720 Fold-5th edition FP1
    Nokia-2730 Classic-5th edition FP1
    Nokia-2760-5th edition
    Nokia-2855-2nd edition
    Nokia-2865-3rd edition
    Nokia-2865i-3rd edition
    Nokia-3109 Classic-3rd edition FP2
    Nokia-3110 Classic-3rd edition FP2
    Nokia-3110 evolve-3rd edition
    Nokia-3120 classic-5th edition FP1
    Nokia-3280 Classic-5th edition
    Nokia-3300 Americas
    Nokia-3500 Classic-3rd edition
    Nokia-3555-5th edition
    Nokia-3600 slide-5th edition
    Nokia-3610 fold-5th edition
    Nokia-3710 Fold-6th edition
    Nokia-3720 Classic-6th edition
    Nokia-5000-5th edition
    Nokia-5070-2nd edition
    Nokia-5130 Xpress Music-5th edition
    Nokia-5140i-2nd edition
    Nokia-5200-3rd edition
    Nokia-5220 Xpress Music-5th edition
    Nokia-5300 Xpress Music-3rd edition
    Nokia-5310 Xpress Music-5th edition
    Nokia-5330-6th edition
    Nokia-5610 Xpress Music-5th edition
    Nokia-6030-2nd edition
    Nokia-6070-2nd edition
    Nokia-6080-2nd edition
    Nokia-6085-3rd edition
    Nokia-6086-3rd edition
    Nokia-6101-2nd edition
    Nokia-6102-2nd edition
    Nokia-6102i-3rd edition
    Nokia-6103-2nd edition
    Nokia-6111-3rd edition
    Nokia-6125-3rd edition
    Nokia-6126-3rd edition
    Nokia-6131 NFC-3rd edition
    Nokia-6131-3rd edition
    Nokia-6133-3rd edition
    Nokia-6136-3rd edition
    Nokia-6151-3rd edition
    Nokia-6165-3rd edition
    Nokia-6208 Classic-5th edition
    Nokia-6212 Classic-5th edition
    Nokia-6216 Classic-5th edition
    Nokia-6230-2nd edition
    Nokia-6233-3rd edition
    Nokia-6234-3rd edition
    Nokia-6260 slide-6th edition
    Nokia-6263-5th edition
    Nokia-6265-3rd edition
    Nokia-6265i-3rd edition
    Nokia-6267-5th edition
    Nokia-6270-3rd edition
    Nokia-6275-3rd edition
    Nokia-6275i-3rd edition
    Nokia-6280-3rd edition
    Nokia-6282-3rd edition
    Nokia-6288-3rd edition
    Nokia-6300-3rd edition
    Nokia-6300i-5th edition
    Nokia-6301-5th edition
    Nokia-6303 Classic-6th edition
    Nokia 6260 Slide
    Nokia-6500 Classic-5th edition
    Nokia-6500 Slide-5th edition
    Nokia-6555-5th edition
    Nokia-6600 fold-5th edition
    Nokia-6600 slide-5th edition
    Nokia-6600i Slide-5th edition
    Nokia-6700 Classic-6th edition
    Nokia-6750 Mural-6th edition
    Nokia-7020-6th edition
    Nokia-7070 prism-5th edition
    Nokia-7100 supernova-5th edition
    Nokia-7210 supernova-5th edition
    Nokia-7230 6th editionItalic text
    Nokia-7310 supernova-5th edition
    Nokia-7360-2nd edition
    Nokia-7370-3rd edition
    Nokia-7373-3rd edition
    Nokia-7390-3rd edition FP 2
    Nokia-7500 Prism-5th edition
    Nokia-7510 supernova-6th edition
    Nokia-7610 supernova-5th edition
    Nokia-7900 Prism-5th edition
    Nokia-8600 Luna-3rd edition
    Nokia-8800 Arte-5th edition
    Nokia-8800 Crabon arte-5th edition
    Nokia-8800 Glod arte-5th edition
    Nokia-8800 Sirocco-3rd edition
    Nokia-8801-2nd edition
    Nokia-X2-6th edition
    Nokia-X3-6th edition
    Nokia C3
    Nokia-X3-02 - 6th edition FP1


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    Default Re: A New Method to Hack Your S40 Phone Security

    kaylangan din dito ang sarasoft boxes like twister,tornado plus a dku-2 cable.. It's an emulator so you don't need anymore a genuine jaf bow w/ a p-key dongle.. The risk is in your hand!!! Pwedeng mamatay ang phone when doing this method.. I'm out

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    Default Re: A New Method to Hack Your S40 Phone Security

    shets madpayne naunahan mko haha nakita ko to sa DS

    kakatry ko lang kanina neto. 100% working

    although eto ang side effects sa s40v5

    pag on mo ng phone mo you'll get this prompt "test NBIS USB MODE". pag nag yes ka. di kamakakaconnect sa PC suite. so choose NO para makaconnect ka

    and yo'ull get this warning sometimes "warning FLAGSET TCK"

    pero wala DAW tong ginagawa sa phone, sabi sa DS di naman damaging and personally di ko pa naeexperience yung side-effects niya

    ang maganda dito wala ng security prompts sa lahat ng APPS so wala ng tanung tanung Si opera mini and ibang apps

    try this at your own risk na lang. pero 100% working to for me

    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ____________-
    anyway para mapadali ang buhay tulungan na kita

    1. Download JAF 1.98.62.exe

    2. Download JAF PKEY Emulator v5.0

    3. Install JAF 1.98.62

    4. Extract JAF PKEY Emulator v5.0 to desktop (will emulate jaf tool box)

    connect your phone in PC SUITE MODE

    6. Now run JAF PKEY emulator v5.0 (yung color blue and icon and click on the GO button). kung mag error, close and try again till you see this "error: box driver not installed" --> so click ok and now JAF v1.98 will run.

    7. select BB5 tab

    then follow the screenshots posted by madpayne
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    Default Re: A New Method to Hack Your S40 Phone Security

    working po ito, as in sobrang lufet.. .hehe
    s40v3, n5300 po ang cp ko..

    galing ng naka-discover nito. .

    salamat sa pag-share dito sir.. .

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    Default Re: A New Method to Hack Your S40 Phone Security

    sir ung s40 v6 like 5130 xm pede po ba thank you po?

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    Default Re: A New Method to Hack Your S40 Phone Security

    pwede yan hehe

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    Default Re: A New Method to Hack Your S40 Phone Security

    Quote Originally Posted by Cha-Cha View Post
    pwede yan hehe
    Pede po? Anu po ung pang no. Lalagay ko? Kasi wala naman ung phone model ku dun sa list. 48 ba? Kasi pang s40v5 po yan. Anu po ung sa s40v6? Thnks sr. Cha cha.

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    Default Re: A New Method to Hack Your S40 Phone Security

    ay onga no. di ko alam sa s40v6 i'll research on that

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    Default Re: A New Method to Hack Your S40 Phone Security

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nokia_5130 ayon dito s40v5 daw ang 5130

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    Default Re: A New Method to Hack Your S40 Phone Security

    Uu nga dun po kasi media player na thread ung .nfl format sabi niya s40v6 eh.hehe. Thanks kailangan ba talaga ng p.c. Suite? Kinakabahan ako sr. Bka ma brick ko ang c.p. Ko haha..

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