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    3rd UTALK and PALRINGO Instant Messenger (SMART and GLOBE ONLY) Update Thread

    Paki delete po if repost

    Hindi po working ang .jar application ng Palringo

    Ito po yong gamit kong application ngayon na pang chat sa Facebook at Yahoo Messenger. Dati hindi ako makaconnect kasi wala akong account. Laging registration to server failed. Pero nahanapan ko din ng solusyon.

    Ito mga ginawa ko

    1. Goto www.palringo.com
    2. Register new account
    3. Download nyo yong palringo application sa site mismo. .sisx yong akin since im using 6120
    4. Syempre install mo yong app.
    5. Create new access point

    For Smart:


    or create new access point

    IP: None
    Port: None

    For Globe:

    Finally, gumagana na ang Palringo at Utalk sa Globe
    thanks to crosswind of symbianize Palringo member.

    What's the trick?

    just use "GLOBE INET" access point.

    APN: http.globe.com.ph
    IP: None
    Port: None


    6. Open Palringo application. Enter nyo po yong ginawa nyong account sa website. Sign in then Select the newly created Access Point when prompt.
    Keep connecting, cguro po mga 3 times sya magpaprompt.

    Yan lang po. Sorry walang screenshot. Cp lang po gamit ko ngayon. Working po yan for smart subscribers only.

    Guys kong nakapag sign in na kayo at working na xa sa cp nyo. Dont forget to join in our Group...

    Group Name: symbianize

    Thank you po

    Thanks to intelehente19

    Room List:

    symbianize <-- Main Group

    I suggest, use the Palringo (Palringo v1.2.0) application attached in this thread because the latest version (Palringo v1.3.0) has many bug.

    '================================================= ========================

    Here the new IM application for you... An application which is very similar to Palringo. This application called "UTalk". Its free and faster than Palringo
    Download it and install to your mobile phone.

    Registration Page: http://unio-talk.ru/registration/
    You may also register through the application
    Download Page: http://unio-talk.ru/download/

    I attached the application for S60 v3 only.

    Java version is not yet available.

    NOTE: This is absolutely working on S60 9.2 3rd and 5th edition. Di ko lang po alam kung sa ibang specification ng phone kung nagana ito.

    Sa mga hindi makapag chat sa facebook, ito po ang solusyon:

    1. goto main menu then add new service
    2. select XMPP
    3. enter your username id (this can be found in your facebook profile. example: http://www.facebook.com/shan.dye2. sha.dye2 is my username)
    4. Domain/Server: chat.facebook.com
    5. Password: password nyo sa facebook
    6. Port: 5222
    7. Resource: Palringo/or leave it blank
    8. Encryption: None (ignore it if not visible)

    Alternative way:

    Step 1:
    - Laptop/Desktop:
    - Download palringo for windows from www.palringo.com
    - Install the apps
    - Login using your palringo account
    - Add Service > Facebook
    - Login using facebook account
    - Signout

    Step 2:
    - Open palringo
    - Sign in using your palringo account


    1. Bakit hindi ako makaconnect sa Facebook?
    - Verify nyo po ang account nyo sa facebook.com para maenable ang chat sa palringo. Log on to www.facebook.com with your email and password through PC or Desktop view in your phone.
    - Username: yourid@emailprovider.com
    - password: password nyo sa facebook

    2. Bakit hindi ako makaconnect sa Yahoo?
    -Minsan po namamali tayo sa pag enter ng username at password. wag po tayo malito.
    - Username: yahooid
    - Password: password mo sa yahoo

    3. Bakit po hindi working sa cp ko?
    - Please check if it is Symbian Series 60 OS 9.2 or higher. at make sure na compatible po iyan sa phone nyo.

    4. Bakit hindi working ang .jar?
    - Hindi ko rin po alam. as posted above, hindi po sya working.

    5. Hindi po ba ito working sa S40?
    - As posted above. hindi po sya working sa s40 kasi .jar ung installer for S40.

    Attached are the old version of Palringo and Utalk (Less bug)
    Attached Files Attached Files
    Last edited by shandye2; 28th May 2011 at 22:12. Reason: Updates

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    Default Re: PALRINGO Instant Messenger (SMART)

    7210 supernova phone pwede ba sakin yan?
    gamitin ko lang pang chat tru YM..
    Last edited by j A y; 3rd Jan 2010 at 00:22.

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    Default Re: PALRINGO Instant Messenger (SMART)

    pwd po siguro yan sir. try mo nalang browse sa website ng palringo yong application. yong website na pipili ng application nila na tugma sa phone mo.

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    Default Re: PALRINGO Instant Messenger (SMART)

    Anu po numeric ip ng global? Thanks

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    Default Re: PALRINGO Instant Messenger (SMART)

    nasa taas na po yong numeric ip. thank you po

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    Default Re: PALRINGO Instant Messenger (SMART)

    Otor ayaw gumana aayw niya magconect. Laging reestablish connection. Pang java platform nga pla dinownload ko. Pahelp nman

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    Default Re: PALRINGO Instant Messenger (SMART)

    Testing ko nga itong application na ito

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    Default Re: PALRINGO Instant Messenger (SMART)

    capable po ba s s60v2?..

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    Default Re: PALRINGO Instant Messenger (SMART)

    capable po cguro basta gamit lang po kayo ng mga working proxy. Pero mas ok gamitin ang opera mini server. Mabilis po magconnect.

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    Default Re: PALRINGO Instant Messenger (SMART)

    Supported ata facebook. Hehe
    Last edited by roughrider; 3rd Jan 2010 at 10:16.

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