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    What Robinson's galleria horror


    According to this old urban legend, certain ladies' fitting rooms in the Robinson's Galleria shopping mall are supposedly equipped with trap doors in the floor, which swallow up women without warning.

    These trap doors lead to the basement of the mall, where there lurks a mutant beast, half-snake, half-man, who kills and eats the women who fall through.

    One version of the rumor claimed that the snake-man was actually a mutant offspring of the Gokongwei family, and the trap doors had been installed as a way of caring for it. That's why the R of the Robinson's logo is in the shape of a snake.

    Another version had it that the Robinson's Galleria fitting room mirrors were actually one-way windows, from which the snake-man could view its prey before activating the trap door. Milder variants claimed the one-way windows were merely for the lewd enjoyment of people watching from behind.

    This is one of the vintage urban legends of Metro Manila, with all the classic elements of outlandish horror and even some scandal. Such strangeness was passed on for years, and is still joked about today.

    Needless to say, there were never any headlines about people mysteriously disappearing from the ladies' fitting rooms in any Robinson's mall, and no one has ever seen or heard from the mutant snake-man.

    As for the one-way window rumor, the best way to confirm this is with the "fingernail test" for mirrors. If, when a finger is pressed to the glass, there is some space between the finger and its reflection, it is a mirror. If the reflection touches the finger, it might be a one-way window. So far, no one has reported a one-way window in any of the fitting rooms.

    UPDATE, JUNE 2000:

    I emailed Robinson's Land's PR Department for an official statement debunking the rumors of trapdoors and snake-men in their malls. It was hoped that an authoritative press release would reinforce the safety and good-standing of the mall to the public.

    Here is the exact text of their email response, word for word:

    "We would rather not say anything about an issue. Have a good day."

    Roseann Coscolluela
    Robinson's Land Public Relations,

    isa sa muntik nang mabiktima ng taong ahas na ito ay ang artistang si Alice Dixon

    ayon sa kwento,si robina anak ng pinoy na bilyonaryo na si john gokongwei na may ari ng robinsons mall ay may kambal daw na taong ahas,na kumakain ng mga shoppers(kadalasan mga bata at magagandang babae) sa robinsons,meron daw mga dressing room sa robinsons na may trapdoor na mahuhulog ang mga biktima sa lungga ng taong ahas pra kainin,ayon pa sa kwento nabiktima na daw si alice dixon d2 dati kaso nakakapit daw sya sa kurtina kaya nakaligtas sya,binayaran daw sya ng malaking halaga ng robinsons pra tumahimik at wag sabihin ang sikreto nila,at saka nagbibigay swerte daw ang ahas sa business nila kaya patuloy nilang pinapakain ito

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    Default Re: Robinson's galleria horror

    Hawig na hawig yan na kuwento sa Gen. Santos City sa lugar
    ni Milay at Pacquiao kung saan may mall doon ang pangalan KIMBALL pero
    siguradong tupok na iyong ahas na iyon nong pagkasunog ng KIMBALL.
    Wala nman daw ganon sabi ng mga taga don "kwentong bayan" lang daw
    iyon meaning gawagawa lang tao o iyong kalabang mall. Maliit lang iyong
    KIMBALL kaso maganda yung location kaya dinadagsa ng mga tao.
    Siguro gawagawa lang din iyan.
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    Default Re: Robinson's galleria horror

    nabalita kasi sa tv patrol yan dati.. may totoong nabiktima..

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    Default Re: Robinson's galleria horror

    Hala! gunon po bah? nakaka takot pala yan. meron din dito sa amin mall din ganun din ang rumor.... ^_^

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    Default Re: Robinson's galleria horror

    naibalita na to sa tv dati pero mga kwento lang daw hehe wala parin nakakasigurado.

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    Default Re: Robinson's galleria horror

    sana nga totoo..

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    Default Re: Robinson's galleria horror

    ngeks hirap naman mag shoping pag ganun, ^_^

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    Default Re: Robinson's galleria horror

    totoo daw..

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    Default Re: Robinson's galleria horror

    Siguro kung Ahas alone... maniwala pa ako... pero siguro mayaman naman ang may ari ng rob.. kaya merun siguro sila pambili ng isang buhay na baka para pakain sa ahas na yan kung anaconda pa yan...

    > AFAIK :
    ang mga intsik pag nagpapagawa ng kahit bahay lang at may nakitang ahas sa site na pagtatayuan... eh aalagaan nila ang ahas na ito dahil swerte daw yun sa site na yun...

    marami kasi pamahiin ang mga intsik...

    at yung kay alice dixon... I think nakakita lang sya ng ahas na pinaglalaruan ng anak ni gokongwei kaya napagkamalang taong ahas...

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    Default Re: Robinson's galleria horror

    Ung kambal na iyon ay sina Robin at Sonia kaya ang name ng mall ay Robinson

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