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    Default DCCRAP (Cracked DC Unlocker) *Unlimited Credits*

    *Delete if repost*

    English Version

    Ok here guys, want to unlock your modems without reflashing your Modems?

    Here's the Answer:


    Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?gna1mmwdgym


    * Extract the content of the .zip file
    * Once you extracted all the required files, run "dccrap.exe"
    * Disconnect to the internet and plug your USB Modem with a different provider SIM. (for Huawei users, you dont need to swap any SIM). And insert your modem to the USB port.
    * Choose what "manufacturer" that your modem is. (Huawei Datacards or ZTE Datacards... choose that matches on your Modem.)
    * Click the magnifying glass, and it will search for plugged USB modems.
    * Once the modem is detected, go to login page, type whatever you want. It's just a lame login system.
    * Click Unlocking menu, then choose "unlock".
    * Wait till the unlocker program says that, unlock is successfully done.
    * Voila, enjoy your unlocked Modem.

    Works on ZTE USB modems. Dunno on some Huawei modems (specially the redbox)

    Credits for the person who cracked the software... We owe you for this one, who ever you are.

    Tried and tested by me. Even yung friend ko na bagung bileng USB Modem na ZTE is na unlock.

    The unlocking process, was done only in less than 2 minutes, compare to the flashing that will take around 20minutes to unlock and higher risk of bricking it.

    - try running the program with administrator's privilege
    - make sure that youre disconnected to the internet, and your dashboard is not running.

    **Last resort of unlocking ZTE modems go here. It's all up to you if youre gona use this method to unlock youur mode, taking the risk that you might permanently damage your modem. Use at your own risk.
    Tagalog Version:

    Gusto niyo bang ma-unlock ang inyong modem na walang "flashing" na gagawin?

    Eto na ang sagot:


    Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?gna1mmwdgym

    Gabay sa pag-gamit nang software:

    * Maaring i-extract ang laman nang .zip file.
    * Oras na natapos niyo nang ma-extract ang mga kailangan files, paandrin na ang "dccrap.exe"
    * Maari lamang pong, i-putol muna ang koneksyon niyo sa internet pansamantala at isara ang dashboard. Pagkatapos nuon ay, mag-lagay lamang nang SIM sa modem nang ibang networks. (sa mga gumagamitang Huawei modems, di niyo na ito kailangan gawin pa) At i-lagay na ang Modem sa bakanteng USB port.
    * Piliin lamang kung ano ang "Manufacturer" nang iyong modem sa mga nakalista. (Kung ZTE Datacards man yan o Huawei Datacards... pumili lamang sa mga naka-lista na tugma sa brand nang modem niyo)
    * Pindutin ang "Magnifying Glass" na logo upang masimulan na ang pag-detect sa modem mo.
    * Oras na ma-detect na ang itong modem, Sa "Login menu", maaring ilapat lamang ang Username at Password sa mga blankong susulatan. Eto po ay kunwaring login system lang, kahit ano po ang ilagay niyo OK lang.
    * pumunta na sa "Unlocking Menu" at pisilin ang "Unlock" na button.
    * Maghintay lamang nang ilang saglit hanggang sa makita mo na ang mensaheng, na nagpapatunay na na-unlock mo na ang iyong modem.
    * Ayan, na unlock mo na ang iyong modem.

    Gumagana sa mga ZTE modems. Di sigurado sa mga Huawei Modems (lalo na ang redbox)

    Maraming salamat sa naka-basag nang software na ito, kung di dahil sakanya, hindi ito nanfito ngayun. Kung sino ka man, malaki ang utang na loob namin sa iyo.

    Subok ko na po ito. Pati yung modem nang aking kaibigan na bagung bileng modem ay na-unlock din.

    Ang processo nang pag-uunlock ay aabutin lamang nang 2 minuto. Kumapara sa "flash updating" na aabutin nang mahigit 20 minuto bago ito ma-unlock, at mataas na chansa na masira ito.

    * Maari lamang na paandarin ang program na merong "Administrator Privelage"
    * Siguraduhing na naka disconnect kayo sa internet at isara ang dashboard habang ginagamit ang program.

    **Sa mga hindi talaga makapag unlock nang modem, pumunta lamang dito. Na sasainyo na po kung gusto niyo gamitin ang software na iyon, na alam nating merong chansang masira ang modem sa processong iyon. Ingat lang po sa pag-gamit.

    Courtesy of aroxpangit's reply.

    Courtesy of jailbreak's reply.

    Quote Originally Posted by jailbreak View Post
    many many THANKS TS. it works in zte mf627 that ends in "4" firmware.


    Credits to: kOeLo for the TIP.

    1st part

    1. Download MF626_v1.2 Upgrader Tool by Globe Philippines
    2. Run the MF625 Downgrader Tool then minimize the program.
    3. Click Start Menu... then choose RUN. Type this on the text space(see below). After that press OK.
    %programfiles%\Windows Service\MF626newversion
    4. Backup all the files you see there anywhere on your computer.. (Place it on the desktop if you want.)
    5. Exit/close MF626 Downgrader Tool.

    2nd part

    1. Download MF627 Upgrader Tool by Smart (Philippines).
    2. Run the MF627 Upgrader Tool then minimize the program.
    3. Click Start Menu... then choose RUN. Type this on the text space(see below). After that press OK.
    %programfiles%\Windows Service\MF100newversion
    4. Now Delete ALL files you see here. And after that, place the MF626 Downgrader Files (the files that you backup earlier) on the same folder.
    5. Done... Were Ready to Unlock your ZTE MF627/628 Modem. (Do NOT close the ZTE MF627 Upgrader tool)

    3rd Part.

    1. Insert your ZTE MF627/628 Modem to any available USB ports
    2. Once the computer recognize the modem. Close the AutoRun and the Dashboard.
    3. Go to ZTE MF627 upgrader tool and Click to "Download" button. (Make sure you replaced the MF626 downgrader files OK.)
    4. Wait for 20-30minutes thean.. whoala... Unlocked MODEM.

    Note: This procedure is Proven to work on non-upgraded sandbox modems. Any Modems that is upgraded to MF627 upgrader tool with sandbox wont work.
    Note2: Since this procedure will took longer than expected. Please do this while your UPS is activated or maybe use your Laptop instead and make sure to fullcharge it. Since once the process has been interrupted by some reason; youre modem is fucked up as you do and you cant re-do the process anymore.. (But you can fix it by JTAG-ing the NAND flash inside the modem "Requires soldering skills and you must know what you were doing.")

    Have FUN>>!!!

    Modems that's been unlocked by this software (thanks to all SB's there who post their feeds about their unlocked modems):

    - Longcheer WM66 Modem (WM66A wont work)
    - ZTE MF626 (All FW Versions)
    - ZTE MF627 (v2 and v4 modems can be unlocked, except to those v4 FW with SandBox Dashboards... see above how to unlock it)
    - HUAWEI Modems E1552, E1553 ..... (we have a feed with our one SB that he/she managed to unlocked the redbox modem, --Still Unknown)

    **More to Come**

    Legitimate APN for Network Providers here in Philippines:

    This is the list of APN that you can use to connect to the network of your choice. Fail to fill the necessary APN configuration will result to Connection error.

    Smart Buddy/Prepaid
    APN: internet
    Dial#: *99#

    Globe Prepaid
    APN: http.globe.com.ph
    Dial#: *99***1#

    Sun Prepaid / Sun Broadband Wireless
    APN: minternet
    Dial#: *99#

    APN: smartbro
    Dial#: *99#
    Unlock RED Box Modems (Globe):

    1. Download the latest version of DC Unlocker. (Not cracked.)
    2. Choose Auto Detect and Click the Diagnostic Tool.
    3. Exit DC Unlocker.
    4. Run DCCRAP.
    5. Choose auto detect and click the magnyfying glass.
    6. Click Unlock and you done.

    Working on selected models only. Make sure your disconnected to the internet first.
    Last edited by dnniwa485; 9th Feb 2011 at 11:11. Reason: added tagalog instructions for our fellow filipinos.

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    Default Re: DCCRAP (Cracked DC Unlocker) *Unlimited Credits*

    ayos to ah, tested mo naba ito otor?

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    Default Re: DCCRAP (Cracked DC Unlocker) *Unlimited Credits*

    oo nga otor tested mo na ba ito...

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    Default Re: DCCRAP (Cracked DC Unlocker) *Unlimited Credits*

    Pano yan eh pag naglagay ako ng ibang sim, lumalabas insert smart sim.., tpos auto exit agad sya.., huawei e1553,

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    Default Re: DCCRAP (Cracked DC Unlocker) *Unlimited Credits*

    thank d2 ts.

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    Default Re: DCCRAP (Cracked DC Unlocker) *Unlimited Credits*

    di naman nadetect ang modem ko

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    Default Re: DCCRAP (Cracked DC Unlocker) *Unlimited Credits*

    tested na po yan mga sir/ma'am.

    naka ilan na akong unlock na modems dyan (mga modems nang mga kasamahan ko).. masaya pa dyan, kahit wala ka net makakapag unlock ka nang modems.. huhuhuhu

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    Default Re: DCCRAP (Cracked DC Unlocker) *Unlimited Credits*

    Di madetect ang mf622 zte modem ko

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    Default Re: DCCRAP (Cracked DC Unlocker) *Unlimited Credits*

    many many THANKS TS. it works in zte mf627 that ends in "4" firmware.

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    Default Re: DCCRAP (Cracked DC Unlocker) *Unlimited Credits*

    Quote Originally Posted by jailbreak View Post
    many many THANKS TS. it works in zte mf627 that ends in "4" firmware.
    gumana ba talaga nasubukan mo na bang maglagay ng globe/sun sim? kasi ung sakin successfull nga kaso naghahanap pa din ng unlock code pag nag lagay ako ng ibang sim (globe)

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