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Thread: Nokia C3 users

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    Thumbsup Nokia C3 users

    Nokia C3 FAQs:

    Give me an Overview of this Phone:
    -This phone is specially designed for Messaging(that is Chatting, Email and SMS), Social Networking(it has a built in Facebook and Tweeter client). Its main features is the QWERTY Keypad, WiFi and 2.4 inch LCD. It can even watch internet videos such as Youtube, Facebook vids, etc.
    Is it worth it?
    -Basically if you need a simple phone with good messaging capabilities, wifi connection, good Java Apps handling, good sound quality and you dont require multitasking, a good camera and 3g. For 6K php, this worth every penny.

    Here in Philippines, we rarely use 3G because of its expensive bandwidth rates. Good thing wifi is everywhere, you can have a free wifi at a mall, school, etc. With WiFi, you can fully enjoy this phone.
    Sounds awesome, i need more info, user review perhaps?


    Aesthetics = I got the Slate Grey version, looks really awesome! Feels like an executive phone. The front is very glossy, it feels really awesome! You wont believe its a cheap phone.

    Build Quality = This phone has awesome built quality, no squeaking or crackling when you press the edges, all the components are fitted perfectly. I also dropped my phone lot of times already but its still working like brandnew.

    Internet Videos = ive tried viewing videos posted on facebook, its working like a dream. Plays fast on a wifi(2mbps connection), on Facebook vids, it downloads the video first, but the quality is superb. I also tried youtube vids, using Youtube v1.4.7 application, its awesome! It loads the video quickly(ISP Dependent)

    Threaded SMS(Conversation) = I love this one. Its very similiar to iPhone. And very easy to use, with this. Texting is more user friendly and enjoyable. Once you delete a conversation of the paritcular, all the inbox(except those saved on archive) and sent items on that particular contact will be deleted, saves you a lot of time deleting it one by one.

    Seperate Photo Viewer = Very sleek
    interface. It indexes your pictures automatically, even when they are on seperate folders. Zooming and Panning is quick and smooth. I also love the transition effects when you view the next/prev photo. The Album feature is very usefull for organizing and the timeline feature for viewing photos of the same date.

    Battery Life = i got mine factory charged, 3 bars..
    been using it with wifi a lot, texting a lot with vibration enabled and tones, sound trip and games. Seems to last 1 day for heavy usage. Other reports it can top up to 2 days on a single charge. Awesome!

    QWERTY = it may seem small but it feels great and easy to type, very responsive.

    Screen: = yep this is 256K, there are 16m out there which is a lot better. buts that just wrong. lol. at this screen size(2.4 inches), you really cant tell the difference kung 256k or 16m, unless you view a gradient images. But i find the screen vivid and crisp. Very visible even under direct sunlight.

    Good Sound Quality = The quality is awesome, on par with Music Edition phones, also it comes with 3.5mm jack, you can plug your favorite headphone right away.

    Gaming = playing games with this device is an awesome experience, you get to play your games at a wide screen format, better viewing angles, good for adventure, strategy and racing games.

    SNS Feature(Communities) = It has a slow and booring interface. Good thing there is Snaptu, a better replacement for communities plus it has more usefull features. And SHMessenger for Chat needs, it also support YM, Facebook chat and others..

    It is not hackable yet, tools like PPMEditor Lite, OxyCube of MobiMb is not compatible with this device.

    Slow Charging time = its takes upto 5 hours to fully charge this phone. It needs a better charger.
    Full Review?

    I heard others say this phone sucks, slow, buggy and booring, is this true?

    Not at all. Out of the box, the phone is very fun to use, never experience frequent slow downs, there are bugs with the stock firmware, but with the current fw update, v4.45 it basically speeds up everything and eliminating the bugs.

    Im currenty using, 4.60 firmware, and the phone is more responsive and the bugs on the stock firmware is now gone.
    Yipee! I go the Nokia C3 now, the stock firmware sucks, how can I updgrade the firmware?
    Download this files:
    -V4.45 Firmware: http://uploaded.to/file/vmqklh/rm614...T_04.45_C3.exe

    -Phoenix 2010: http://rapidshare.com/files/35989476...nix_2010.8.exe

    -Nokia USB Cable

    1. Install v4.45 Firmware on your PC
    2. Install Phoenix 2010
    3. Connect your Phone to PC on PCSuite mode.
    4. Open Phoenix applicaiton, click File on the toolbar then Click Scan Product.
    5. Your current phone firmware version should show on the Status Bar of Phoenix.
    6. After that, click Flashing on Phoenix Toolbar, then Click Firmware Update.
    7. Click Browse or the button with icon "..."
    8. Chose the product code of your CP(you can find your product code below your battery compartment) or you can choose any product code, but it is recommended to choose Philippine product code.
    9. Click refurbish. Wait until the flashing process is done. It takes only about 3 minutes.
    10. Remove your CP from the USB Connection, remove battery then insert it again, then turn on your Phone. Enjoy, you are now in v4.45.
    Whats new in v4.45 Firmware?
    Official Changelog:
    -MTBF Improvement
    -Reset Improvement

    User comments from(http://www.tipidcp.com/viewtopic.php?tid=14724):
    -improve Wifi Signal
    -faster UI respone
    -faster Communities, better Error handling
    -faster Java Apps startup and loading
    My C3's default themes are booring, where can I find custom themes?
    No site yet provide themes for C3, but I have created some themes. Maybe more in the future. You can get it here:
    Globe Free Browsing on C3
    1. Download this Prov File: http://www.mediafire.com/?7maa73d2kiqfses
    2. Send the prov file using PC or other Cellphone via Bluetooth to your C3, save the configuration.
    4. Download the shiangtao opera mod here: http://symbianize.com/showthread.php?t=215784
    5. Install it on your phone, set the as your default configuration(Connection Settings)
    6. Open Shiangtao Operamini, set the server to http://t.globe.com.ph
    7. Connect using settings.
    8. Enjoy!
    What are the recommended apps for C3?
    You can get this apps from the Ovi Store for Free:
    OperaMini 5.1 - good mobile browser
    Snaptu - better facebook and tweeter client than the built in Communities App
    SHMessenger(get it here: http://www.shmessenger.ro) - the best mobile client for YM, Facebook Chat, Gtalk. Better than Ebbudy in my opinion.
    Youtube v1.4.7 = The best and only official youtube application for mobile phone, You can get it here: http://www.symbianize.com/showthread.php?p=2845069
    TTPod mo by me
    = Best music player for mobile phones, it has built in auto search for Album Art and Lyrics. It also has skin features and Lyric Show feautres, sleep mode, etc.
    get it here: http://symbianize.com/showthread.php?p=4169263
    Im boored with my current games, where can I get games for my C3?
    There are lots of 320x240 games here:
    Can you recommend me some games?
    Action Adventure:
    Crash Titans
    Devil Hunter X
    God of War
    Mafia Wars NY
    Contra 4
    Devil May Cry
    Metal Gear
    Metal Slug 4

    Field Runner
    Art of War 2
    C&C: Red Alert Mobile
    Dictator Defense(Plants vs Zombies like game)
    Farm Frenzy(Farmtown/Farmville like game)

    Phoenix Wright
    The Sims 3
    The Sims Castaway

    Tekken Mobile
    Super KO Boxing 2
    Fight Night Round 4

    Off Road Dirt Motocross
    Race Driver Grid
    HighSpeed 3D

    NBA 2010
    Playman Extreme Running
    Playman Beach Volleyball
    Playman World Soccer 3D
    Steve Davis Pool

    MGolf 99
    Rainbow Invaders
    Loco Roco HiDef
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    Default Re: Nokia C3 users

    S40 lang kasi ang c3 paps, limited lang yung mods na pwede gawin jan. Unlike sa s60 na napakadami.

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    Default Re: Nokia C3 users

    actually marai rami na ring mods for S40..

    ppm modding pa lang madami na,

    pwede na ring ang simpleng multi task gamit ang miminize java trick..

    pero sa ngayun, yung mga modding tools for S40 is working for older version lang..

    kaya naghihintay ako ng new version.. ^_^

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    Default Re: Nokia C3 users

    apps for C3 please..

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    Default Re: Nokia C3 users

    Apps currently installed on my Phone:

    OperaMini 5.1
    SHmessenger v3.01 RC1 (used for Facebook Chat, YM, ang lupit, thread like ang messages parang iphone)
    Snaptu (facebook,twitter,etc.. the best to.. ^_^)
    Youtube v1.4.7 (ang sarap manunood ng youtube vids dito, ganda pa ng GUI)
    AutoMsg (you can schedule sms sending, pwede ka ring mangflood, lol)
    TTPod v1 (the best music player, autodownload siya ng Lyrics, Album art, merong karaoke mode pwede mung sabayan yung song, meron ding sleep mod, although wala siyang 320x240 skins, im currentlty making one, ill share dito kung nagtagumpay ako.. lol)

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    Default Re: Nokia C3 users

    kakaupdate ko lang sa v4.45 firmware via phoenix 2010 version.. mas bumilis na siya, nung dati kung magbbrowse ka ng themes, naglalag, ngayun hindi na.. ill update this thread kung meron pa kung nakitang difference..

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    Default Re: Nokia C3 users

    I need help!! Nawala ung MAIL ko sa Nokia C3 ko. ung may "@" na symbol. Nirestore ko na sya factory settings, wala pa rin. Nakakainis. Help nyo naman ako please?

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    Default Re: Nokia C3 users

    Quote Originally Posted by bxxtchinlxve View Post
    I need help!! Nawala ung MAIL ko sa Nokia C3 ko. ung may "@" na symbol. Nirestore ko na sya factory settings, wala pa rin. Nakakainis. Help nyo naman ako please?
    ayun! uhmm.. anung firmware version mo po? at anu ang ginawa mo bago mawala yung mail icon?

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    Default Re: Nokia C3 users

    V 03.35

    wala naman akong ginagawang kakaiba.. text and wifi lang lagi.. tapos, napansin ko parang nagkulang ung menu ko.. yun. wala ung MAIL. pati dun sa shortcut and homescreen.. haaayy ;(

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    Default Re: Nokia C3 users

    seems weird to me.. natry mo na full factory settings reset? if so, kung wala pa din.. i think firmware upgrade na kelangan jan..

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