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    Default [help]ano ang kaibahan? Itik, pato, bibe?

    anu po ba pinagkaiba ng itik, pato at bibe?

    Ang alam ko kasi,
    pato = white
    itik = brown

    but i'm not sure


    Help naman mga ka symbianize

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    Default Re: [help]ano ang kaibahan? Itik, pato, bibe?

    anu ba nakain mu at kung anu ano nittanung mou ha? shut up!

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    Default Re: [help]ano ang kaibahan? Itik, pato, bibe?


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    Default Re: [help]ano ang kaibahan? Itik, pato, bibe?

    Goose are larger than ducks, and the honk instead of quack. Goose have very long necks while ducks have relatively shorter ones.

    Plus duck nostrils are very high up their bills whereas the nostril holes for goose are very low down their bills.

    Both sexes are colored the same in goose, but different in ducks.

    Goose eat mostly on grass and grazing across meadowlands. Ducks eat near on on water, bugs, weeds, waterplants.

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