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    Thumbsup How to Flash/Unbrick your Nokia C7

    How to Flash/Unbrick your Nokia C7

    This update builds heavily upon the N8 flashing guide of neilrossgoco with a few tweaks to work specifically for the C7.

    What you need:

    1. Your C7, of course.
    3. A Nokia USB cable
    2. A PC (I used Windows 7. There should be no problems with XP or Vista.)
    3. Phoenix Flashing Software (http://www.leoting.com/)
    4. Navifirm (http://www.mediafire.com/file/2clkcw...ifirm_V0.4.rar)

    First, determine the current version of your firmware. This can be done by entering *#0000#. Most C7's should show either 12.003 or 12.004. Note your version down.

    Second, install Navifirm and Phoenix.

    Close all instances of Nokia PC Suite, Ovi Suite, or Nokia Software Updater.

    Run Navifirm. Search for the C7 on the first column. On the second column, select the version that you currently have OR higher. It doesn't matter if the Philippine version is lower; it is not necessary to select it. I bricked my C7 by insisting to install the lower Philippine version, i.e. 12.003 when my phone already came with 12.004. I use the 12.004 Finland version to resurrect my phone. Note: Download all the files onto: C:\ProgramData\Nokia\Packages\RM-675.

    Run Phoenix.

    Connect your fully-charged phone to a desktop computer or a fully-charged laptop. Make use of the computer's own USB ports, i.e. do not use USB hubs.

    Run Phoenix. If your phone is working, i.e. not bricked, click on File then Scan Product. Once your phone is detected, click on Flashing then Firmware Update. Make sure the firmware shown by Phoenix the same as your current firmware or higher. Click on the refurbish. This process took less than 5 minutes for me.

    If your phone is bricked, the process is generally the same but differs in a few points. After your open Phoenix, instead of clicking Scan Product (which won't work because your phone is, well, bricked), click on File then Open Product. Search for RM-675 which is the device code for the C7. After selecting RM-675. Click on Flashing then Firmware Update. Click on the box with 3 dots to open the screen where you choose the firmware to load onto your device. Same thing, always choose a current or higher firmware version. Tick on the box that says Dead USB Flashing. Yes, it sounds ominous but it worked like a charm for me. Now click on Refurbish. Follow the instructions on when to press the power button, etc.

    Assuming that your phone has no hardware defects and that you followed the essence of my instructions, your flashing or unbricking should proceed with no issues.
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    Default Re: How to Flash/Unbrick your Nokia C7

    can flashing will reset my codes and solve some software issues?

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    Default Re: How to Flash/Unbrick your Nokia C7

    Quote Originally Posted by alliancesanti View Post
    can flashing will reset my codes and solve some software issues?
    Yes. I have tried TS' procedures a lot of times (not on a C7 but on a 5800XM. but the same steps above are applicable to all BB5 Nokia phones) and whatever lock code I put in my phone, after flashing it resets to default which is 12345. And yes if you are reinstalling firmware, it will probably fix some issues with regards to software. But if your phone has a hardware problem, then most likely you will have a recurring issue.

    Thanks for this TS

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