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    Censored gay language vocabolary

    Gay A : “Hoy, Bakla, me That’s Entertainment ka ba?”
    Gay B : “Naku, Washington Sycip. Purita Kalaw ang lolah mo ngayon”
    Gay A : “Rampa sana aketch. Go Bingo ka, ate?”
    Gay B : “ Ayyyy, Wishing, Pagoda Cold Wave Lotion ako.”

    Everyone who got what they were saying, raise your hands!

    It is true. The propagation of this form of communication is unstoppable. Once the not-so-secret language of homosexuals; gay lingo is no longer exclusive to gays much to our divas dismay. From its grassroots beginnings in obscure parlors around the city it has infiltrated the tri-media and is now being spoken or understood or both by every Juan, Juana, Nene and Boy in the Philippines.

    Almost everyone can now speak this once hard to break “gay code of communication”. Well, at least those who will shamelessly and unabashedly admit to it. No one it seems is excluded from the allure of this lingo that is funny and irreverent at the same time. It has become some kind of a secret guilty pleasure.

    The first time I heard a gay lingo infused conversation back in 1996, I was confused. I couldn’t get the drift. I was clueless. I was then working in a gay dominated business - entertainment what else - but everyone else seemed to be speaking in this queer tongue; straight men included. To be “in”, one with the family, with the group, you have to speak like one of them. So, I did my part and learned the lessons. In that world, you have to be sharp, witty and fast-thinking. Gay words and terms are being born every minute and thrown from every corner of the room that you have to catch up quickly or forever be lost in the labyrinth. With the right attitude and perseverance, I was gay speaking my way to work in just a few months.

    “Pakia-abot ng chuva.”
    “Ay, redo the lay-out, Chaka Khan!”
    “Josko, ang CR hindi na-flush ha ma-Panjee Gonzales.”
    “Hoy, i-ready na ang pang-Janno Gibbs sa press ha”
    “Anong oras na ba, Tom Jones na ako e”

    If you think about it, gay lingo is nothing but a hilarious play of words. They just add something to the Filipino root word like “Gu”-Tom Jones to mean hungry. Others are just twisted to fit a new meaning like Chaka Khan to mean ugly. Most are just spur of the moment word inventions they decided could be good enough to fill a gap in conversation like chuva and chenes or maybe to define an indescribable event or happening such as ek-ek.

    But if you REALLY think about it, it takes intelligence, wit, creativity and a vast knowledge of important and trivial things alike to be able to come up with such terms. Do you know who Menchu Menchaca is? Or Carmen Patena? Do you know where Dakota Harrison is? It takes talent I may say to coin new words that will not only make you laugh but think very hard. Words that are fresh and original. Thought of not in days but in a heartbeat.

    To the divas of the lingo, I am but a beginner too, like you. I have much to learn. But my priceless association and friendships with the queer folks and with the help of the internet, I have a vocabulary every newbie would want to have.

    Anik / Anetch — ano (what) / which
    Balaj — balahura (shameless)
    Bitter Ocampo — malungkot (sad) / nagngingitngit (fuming mad) / bitter
    Baklah / Baklush — used instead of one’s name, may refer to any gender
    Givency / Janno Gibbs / Debbie Gibson — bigay (to give)
    That’s Entertainment / Anda / Andalucia / Anju / Anjo Yllaña — datung (money)
    Fatale — sobra (excessive) / to the max
    Feel / Fillet o’ Fish — type / gusto / natipuhan (like)
    Fly — alis (leave)
    Forever — palagi (always) / matagal / mabagal (slow)
    Pagoda Cold Wave Lotion — pagod (tired)
    Washington / Wishing / Wish — wala (nothing or none)
    Chanda Romero — tiyan (tummy)
    Mahalia Jackson — mahal (expensive)
    Kuya Germs — madumi (dirty) / bearer of germs
    Lucresia Kasilag — lukaret / baliw (crazy)
    Lucita Soriano — loser na sorry pa
    Luz Valdez — matalo (to lose)
    Winnie Santos — manalo (to win)
    Award — pinagalitan / pinagsabihan (reprimanded)
    Freestyle — slow makagets (to understand) / slow
    Imbey / Im — imbyerna (irritation)
    Jowa / Jowabelles / Jowabella — karelasyon / BF or GF
    Kape / Capuccino / Coffeemate — magising ka sa katotohanan (be realistic)
    Lupita Kashiwahara — malupit (cruel)
    Rita Gomez — nakaka-irita (irritating personality)
    Enter the Dragon / Entourage — pasok (to enter) / come in
    Julie Andrew / Jolina Magdangal — mahuli (caught in the act)
    Antibiotic — antipatika (bitch)
    48 Years / 50 Golden Years / 10,000 — matagal (after a long time)
    Crayola — iyak (to cry)
    Thundercats / Chandeliers / Masyonda — matanda (old people)
    Wrangler — gurang (also means old)
    Jubis / Juba — taba (fatso)
    Jutay / Jutes — maliit (small)
    Kangkang — sex
    Reyna Elena — ulan (to rain)
    X-Men — dating lalaki (formerly a man) now gay
    Morayta / Murriah Carrey — mura (cheap)
    Pamintang Durog / Pamenthols — closet gays / acting as men
    Backstreet Boys — cute boys at the back
    Chiminey Cricket — chimay (maid)
    Goodbye Suklay — goodbye
    Fayatollah Kumenis — payat (skinny)
    Anaconda — ahas (a snake) / traitor
    Anong petsa na? — asked when someone is taking too long to dress up, etc.
    Charing/Tienes — jest / a joke / not serious
    Kaplang — mali (error) / mistake
    Barbra Streisand / Barbara Perez — bara / binara (bluntly rejected)
    Regal Drama Hour / Maalala Mo Kaya — when someone tells a sob story
    _______, ikaw ba yan? — when someone acts like another
    person, maybe a showbiz personality or not. (example: Vilma Santos, Ikaw Ba yan?)
    Purita Kalaw — walang pera (broke) / mahirap (poor)
    Rica Peralejo — mayaman (rich, from the Spanish word rica)
    Chova / Chovaline Kyle — chika lang (small talk)
    Cookie Chua / Cookie Monster — magluto (to cook)
    Clasmarurut / Klasmarurut — classmate
    Cynthia Luster — hindi kilalang babae o lalake (unknown she or he)
    Daot — insulto (insult)
    Eksena / Eksenadora — mahilig pumapel / mahilig sumabat (someone who always likes to figure in a scene)
    Emote — mag-inarte pa rin (one who is over-acting)
    Karir/Career — sineryoso ang isang bagay like BF or work (to be seriously involved)
    Lafang — kain (eat)
    Lapel — malakas ang boses (someone with a loud voice)
    Carry / Keri / Cash & Carry — sige (OK or alright)
    Cathy Dennis — “makati” (frisky) or promiscuous
    Char / Charot / Charing / Charbroiled — not ok
    Liberty / Statue of Liberty — libre (free)
    Okray — paninirang puri (criticize)
    Lucky Home Partner — live-in partner
    In Fairness — pampalubag loob (to console)
    Compared to Lugaw — kesa wala (better than nothing)

    Blame it on the ‘Parlor-ista gays”. Blame it on those showbiz writers. Blame it on those rampant showbiz talk shows. Blame it on the bar girls of Manila even. But truth be told, gay lingo/swardspeak/gayspeak is now in the mainstream of Filipino consciousness and communication and shows no sign of fading. As every day, a new term is coined, the vocabulary expands and may one day grow into a language on its own.

    On that note, I suggest you print this article and keep it in your pocket. The next time you’re in the Philippines, bring it out with your English-Filipino Translation booklet. Believe me, you will thank me later.

  2. 4 Users Say Thank You to wasak For This Useful Post.

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    Default Re: gay lingo/sward-speak 101

    Mga sisteraka, mga badingkiwinki at badingerzi, mga eksenadora, bongadera, echosera, rampadora, pagirlalou at pinkalou ang dugo, mga ka-federasyon at mga kafatid sa fananamfalataya... sugod! Itigil nyo muna kung anek-anek man ang inyong mga tienes-tienes at sagutan ang crossword na ititch. Huwag shoshonga-shonga para di ka ma luz valdez. Winnie santos ang beauty mo pag na-getlak mo lahat ng korak answers, dahil may premyong chuvaness! (See below for details.) Zsa zsa padilla, anong pang hinihintay mo dyan, gora na!


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    Default Re: gay lingo/sward-speak 101

    "GORA tayo">> LAKWATSA TAYO... GO NA (GO RA)

    "Krong-Krong" >> tililing (Krong -Krong si Altwegg)

    "Propeta-teicious si Vakeling-vaklush"
    >> As in Prophet-pretentious, barbero, sinungaling
    >>Vakeling Vaklush is BAding na Bading (pronounced as VAKLOOSH)

    "napaka-Vroomklitch nitetch"
    >> DOn't know pa eh basta "nitech" is "nito"
    "Chennelyn Apokalypse-- Warla ever"
    >> Malaking AWAY (apokalypse...)

    "Bleep-bleep galore ni Fafa Jack"
    >> Sexy paraphernalias Eg: Abs, D*ck, Legs, CHest ni FAFA (PAPA) Jack...

    "Sawawakus Adonis-licious (sabay "eeeekkk!")"
    >> Malaking SAWA na sing sarap ng sa ADONIS... Ewan nagpa-explain lang ako...

    "Poodra nitetch Hitler to death"
    >>POODRA is Father (Poother), "Hitler to death" is parang sobrang higpit...ginagamit daw ito ng mga closet queen kapag ayaw mabuko sa dad niya...

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    Default Re: gay lingo/sward-speak 101

    The Philippine Collegian Lampoon Issue writes:

    Okay, you wanna be badings, there's a new book entitled "Balajbolaryo" out in your favorite bookstores, collaborated on by the two of my favorite gay writers. No, It's not Neil Garcia or Charie Samuya Veric. They are Mapapelle Lapel and Je Mapelle Lapel. Presented here is a partial list of GaySpeak from their best-selling book that is making the rounds in the beauty parlor around the archipelago.

    1. 10,000 - sobrang tagal, sobrang bagal
    2. anda/andalucia/anju/Anjo Yllaña - pera,datung
    3. anik - ano
    4. balaj - balahura, dautero, bakla
    5. Bitter Ocampo - bitter, malungkot
    6. borlog - tulog
    7. carry, keri, cash & carry - sige, okay, alright, pang-final draft
    8. Cathy Santillan/Kate Gomez/Cathy Mora - makati,ma-L
    9. chaka (from Chaka Khan) - pangit, kasi parang concert nya rito
    10. char/charot/charing/charbroiled - kabaligtaran ng keri
    11. chova/chovaline kyle - chika lang
    12. Cookie Chua/Cookie Monster - magluto
    13. clasmarurut/klasmarurut - classmate
    14. cornball/cornstarch - korni
    15. Crayola Khomeni - iyak
    16. Cynthia - hindi kilalang babe, pwede ring lalaki (as in "sino sha?)
    17. Dakota Harrison/Dakila - malaki (maybe from the visayan language "dako"?)
    18. daot - isang metapisikal na insekto, insulto
    19. dugyot - yagit,madumi
    20. eksena/eksenadora - mahilig pumapel, mahilig sumabat
    21. emote - mag-inarte pa rin
    22. entourage/enter - pasok
    23. epal - pumapel kahit hindi welcome
    24. fatale - sobra, to the max
    25. feel/fillet o' fish - type, gusto, naitipuhan
    26. feelingero,feelingera - mahilig magmaganda
    27. fly - alis
    28. forever - palagi, matagal, mabagal
    29. freesryle - slow makagets
    30. ganitriz/ganitrik - ganito
    31. girlash - babe
    32. hums - hundred
    33. imbey/im - imbyerna, irita, inis, banas, asar
    34. itriz/itrik - ito
    35. jologs/dyologs - basura, iskwaking, iskwakwa, squatter
    36. jowa/jowabelles/jowabella - karelasyon, boyprend o gerlpren
    37. jubis,juba - taba
    38. jutay - maliit
    39. kangkang - niig, talik, sex
    40. kape/capuccino/Coffeemate - magising ka sa katotohanan, excuse me
    41. karir/career - lumandi, kumiri
    42. kiao - thousand
    43. lafung/lafang/lafesh/lafs/lafez - kain, lamon
    44. lapel - masyadong malakas ang boses, parang naka-lapel mic
    45. Liberty/Statue of Liberty/Liberty Condensada - libre, free
    46. Luz Valdez/Lucila Lalu/Luz Clarita - talo, loser
    47. Moody Diaz (RIP) - moody
    48. nenok - nakawin
    49. okray - paninirang puri
    50. pantot/pantotero - mahilig umeksena
    51. Payatolo Khomeinie/Payatas - payat
    52. performance art - sining ng inarte
    53. performance artist - mahilig mag-inarte
    54. Pocahontas - nang-indyan ng usapan
    55. pukengkeng - kikay
    56. queber/keber/kebs - walang pakialam, paki ko
    57. rampage - rampa
    58. Rita Avila/Rita Magdalena - banas, irita, imbey
    59. sense/sight - tingnan
    60. Sheryl Cruz/Sharmaine Arnaiz - hwag dupang, mag-share
    61. Simeon - hindi kilalang lalaki, pwede ring babae (as in "sino 'yon?")
    62. tikbalang - tibak, aktibista
    63. utaw/jutaw - tao
    64. vekhla/lola/mother/sister/ate - terms of endearment
    65. wafung - tigilan mo ako, manahimik ka
    66. waswit - sweetheart, syota
    67. Winnie the Pooh/Winnie Monsod/wagi - winner, panalo, okey, alright
    68. wit/wiz - dehins, no
    69. xyz - three last letters ng alphabet
    70. ohm/boylet - lalaki
    71. bongzy - bongga, galing, pwede ring gwapo

    *Note: Maaaring pagsamahin ang dalawa omahigit panf salita upang makabuo ng isang makabuluhang pahayag.


    daot fatale - sobrang mang-insulto

    lapel fatale -sobra at palaging ma-epal

    10,000 years ko nang hinihintay si klasmarurut pero wiz pa rin sha
    Translation: Ang tagal ko nang hinihintay si classmate pero wala pa rin siya.

    Mother, sight mo yung mag-jowa, chaka ng girlash, bongzy ng ohm.
    Translation: Uy, tingnan mo yung mag-boyfriend, ang pangit ng babae, ang gwapo ng lalake.

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    Default Re: gay lingo/sward-speak 101

    ndi nyo ito kakayanin..hahaha

    Cairo Egypt -- lets go, tara na

    Malaysia India Japan -- malay ko sa yo..

    China Cojuangco -- mamahalin ; imported

    Cathy Mora / Cathy Dennis -- ma kati;itchy

    pyukersya -- slut

    ninyonyobe -- sinasabi

    Elsa Klensch -- Ma EL-ya

    Boyband -- boyfriend na majoba

    Strungga -- nenokin;nakawin

    Purita Malaviga -- mahirap

    *** iba post ko na lang ulet..saka *** use in a sentence baka memyang onti ko ilagay..hehehe

    eto pa cont..

    Biyondila -- kandila;candle

    PaCindy Kurletor -- sindihan ang biyondila

    Kumpipi -- confess

    Jimba-ers -- Simbahan

    Iglesia Iklaters -- Bisita Iglesia

    Walkathon Everly -- prusisyon
    Last edited by wasak; 8th Feb 2008 at 22:14.

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    Default Re: gay lingo/sward-speak 101

    pag usapan naman nating ang pabotitong lafang ni lolo altweggielyn gurgles..
    ang mahal nyang
    jitlog -- egg

    kukuruku -- balot

    PinoyExchange (PEx) -- penoy lolz

    nyolagang jitlog -- hardboiled egg

    majolat na jitlog -- salted egg

    sunshine Valdez -- sunny side up..


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    Default Re: gay lingo/sward-speak 101

    Quote Originally Posted by wasak View Post
    Mga sisteraka, mga badingkiwinki at badingerzi, mga eksenadora, bongadera, echosera, rampadora, pagirlalou at pinkalou ang dugo, mga ka-federasyon at mga kafatid sa fananamfalataya... sugod! Itigil nyo muna kung anek-anek man ang inyong mga tienes-tienes at sagutan ang crossword na ititch. Huwag shoshonga-shonga para di ka ma luz valdez. Winnie santos ang beauty mo pag na-getlak mo lahat ng korak answers, dahil may premyong chuvaness! (See below for details.) Zsa zsa padilla, anong pang hinihintay mo dyan, gora na!

    omg i completely understood it. hahahah shucks

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    Default Re: gay lingo/sward-speak 101

    warla - means war bet 2 pipol

    chenalar varga - means whatever

    veklavoo - parang charing

    mudang - mother

    pudang - father

    vallage - bading (read as valaj)

    beklaruch - taray

    bufra or bufracles - boyfriend

    starlaloo - sikat

    enturage - enter (read as enturaj)

    paminta - lalaking feeling nya hindi *** bading

    charantia - bitterness

    1. MUDRA - MOMMY
    3. Pakikuha ang emyas ko sa vag.
    Ang mga bakling na-eeklipanya na..
    Ang chaks ni mother superior!

    makiojo- mabaho (read as makioho)

    ngarag ang fez- pangit ang mukha

    e.g. Ngarag na nga ang fez mo, makiojo ka pa!!!

    borda- katawan

    effect- maganda

    e.g. Effect ang borda ni Greg Martin!!! Yummy!!!

    utaw/tawowo- people/tao/madla

    chugi- patay

    e.g. Maraming utaw na ang nachuchugi dahil sa SARS.

    judang/badessa/judessa/judikla- bading

    pokershells- pokpok

    bubang- boobs

    e.g. Maraming pokershels na judang ang gus2ng magpalagay ng bubang.

    lets talk about the Rain

    jombom -- ambon.. mini ulan

    wet and wild akik -- so wet from the rain

    joyong -- payong


    Ekkkk.. lumalakas na yata ang jombom, kelangan ko na ng joyong at wis ko type ang ma wet and wild akik..
    Last edited by wasak; 8th Feb 2008 at 21:45.

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    Default Re: gay lingo/sward-speak 101

    bayawak:meaning bisexual
    for example
    girl: ay ang cute naman ng guy na yun!!!
    bading: ano ka ba??? bayawak yan noh...

    Ana (n) Definition: Ahas (snake). Root word: Anaconda. Usage: Mashado kang ana! Mang aagaw ng jowa! Syn.: serpentina, Ana Bayla, ahasera, Ana Roces, medusa, Annabelle Rama, galema, Valentina, anakonida

    Bionic (v) Definition: to masturbate. Root word: Bayo. Usage: Guash ‘yung nai-take home ko kagabi pero takot ako sa Aida (AIDS) kaya Bionic Woman na lang ang drama ko. Syn.: Biogesic, bayas, sarciado, Bayambang (Pangasinan), Bayombong (Nueva Vizcaya), bayam, batibot

    Cheese (n) Definition: Usap-usapan (rumors). Root word: Chismis. Usage: Spread na ang cheese. Vading daw ang Ate Kuliling mo. Syn.: chese whiz, cheese curls, chismak, chismis

    [b]Dramamin[b] (v) Definition: Umaastang lalaki (to act like a man). Root word: Mag dramang mhin. Usage: Vakla, mhin na mhin ang porma mo. Siguro, banig-banig na dramamin ang baon mo. Syn.: Bonamin, pamintang durog, pamenchu, pa-hom, PMA (pa-mhin na ate), pamintuan

    Entourage (v) Definition: Pumasok (to enter). Root word: Entraka. Usage: Ambongga ng balasyung (house) mo, Madir. Pwedeng um-entourage? Syn.: josok, enter the dragon, shuloy, illegal entry, entrance fee, entrabella. Ant.: escape, escaflage, escravu, escape form the Bronx, fire exit

    Fillet (v) Definition: Gusto (to like). Root word: Feel. Usage: Mama, nagugutom ka na ba? Saan mo fish fillet kumain? Syn.: feelanga, feeling, feeling ng saging, Jose Feliciano, fill in the blanks, Urbana at Felisa

    Guash (adj.) Definition: Magandang Lalaki (handsome). Root word: Gwapo. Usage: Syet! And guash naman naman ng bagets na yan! Syn.: B.Y., biyaw, magandech, bonga ang fez, byutella, bianca Ant.: chapluk, ngarag ang fez

    Havana (adj.) Definition: Mahabang mukha (elongated face). Root word: Haba. Usage: Juskoday, Havana abf fez ng utaw (person) na un. Syn.: majova, Bambi Arambulo, La Bamba, Ali Baba, half-moon. Junction, siesta (ng jai alai), special llave

    Indianna Jones (adj.) Definition: Hindi sumipot (didn’t show up). Root word: Nang Indian. Usage: [i] Wait to death ako kahapon. Pero Indiana Jones ka naman![i] Syn.: Indira Gandhi, Indios Bravos, wa appearance, sibuyas bumbay, Miss India, Sushmita Sen

    Joanna Paras (n) Definition: Asawa (spouse). Root word: Jowa. Usage: Acheng, susunduin ako mamaya ng Joanna Paras ko. Syn.: jowawa, jowawing, Joanna Raunio, jowawiz, jowa-ers, jowawits

    [b]Kabog[b] (n) Definition: Talo (beaten, loser). Root word: Talbog. Usage: Kabog silang lahat sa acting ni Ate Guy Syn.: bog, sholbog, Luz Valdez, Lucila Lalu, Lucita Soriano Ant.: win, Winnie Monsod, Winnie Santos

    Manilyn Reynes (adj.) Definition: Ma-L (maniac). Root word: Manyakis. Usage: Ditse, hitsura sa ‘yo ng Manilyn Reynes. Wala kang kabusugan sa mhin. Syn.: Manny de Leon, Makati City, laing-Bicol, Cathy Santillian, Cathy Mora, Cathy Dennis, Catherine the Great, Makati Avenue, katipunera

    Nora Daza (v) Definition: Magluto (to cook). Root word: Culinary expert. Usage: Tanghali na, wiz pa ako Nora Daza ng lafuz (food) Syn.: cookery, LM (lutong Macao), Cookie Chua, juto, Cookie Monster

    Opra (n) Definition: Utang (debt). Root word: O, promise me. Usage: Mag-ingat ka sa balasubas na yan, maraming opra yan, pero wiz sa pagka-pay Syn.:[i] OPM, jutang, Oprah Winfrey, wa pay, balazu[/]

    Pocahontas (adj.) Definiton: Pakawala (slut). Root word: Pokpok. Usage: Im ako sa jowa ko dahil nakipaglandian sa Pocahontas Syn.: shukakak, shokpok, pakangkang, pakaratsung, paurangga

    Quality Control (adj.) Definition: May kalidad (those which have caliber). Root word: Quality. Usage: Quality control ang mga invited sa party niya. Syn.: [b] bongga, bonggacious, bengga[/b

    Ruffa (n) Definition: Laklak (prohibited drugs). Root word: Cough Syrup. Usage: Ache, sight mo ‘yung additctus, lumalaklakeyshen (drinking) ng Ruffa. Syn.: Rufina Patis, ruffles, raffle ticket, rooftop.

    Siete Pecados (n) Definition: Tsismosa (rumor-monger). Root word: Siete. Usage: Bakit lagi kang maraming dalang chismak, member ka ba ng Siete Pecados, Inang? Syn.: minosa, chismakera, Mimi Baylon, brigada siyete, chism queen

    Thunder cats (adj.) Definition: Gurang (old) Root word: Matanda. Usage: Lola, sinabi ko na ngang huwag ka nang lumabas e. Ulyanin ka na dahil thunder cats ka na. Ayan, nasagasaan ka tuloy ng kariton. Syn.: gurangis, Wrangler, majonda, mashunda, Jo Mari Chan, ma-onda, gurami.

    Uranus (n) Definition: Puwet (ass) Root word: Oros. Usage: Bakit ka kamot ng kamot sa Uranus mo, Cathy Santillan ba? Syn.: juwet, orasan, backdoor, orange juice, Orani (Bataan)

    Ate Vangie (n) Definition: Gamot pampatulog (Diazepam, tranquilizer). Root word: Ativan. Usage: Hard to get naman yung mhin na yun. Parang kailangan ko ng tulong ni Ate Vangie Syn.: Vangie Labalan, Bubbles (Ativan Queen)

    Washington D.C. (n) Definition: Wala (none). Root word: Waz. Usage: Washington D.C akong Duchess of York (pera) kaya wiz ako makaka join sa pag sho-shopping spree nyo mga Inay. Syn.: Washing machine, wa, wasiwas, waing, wash and wear.

    X-men (adj.) Definition: Mga dating lalaki (ex-men). Root word: Popular cartoon characters on TV. Usage: O, di va dumarami ang mga bading kahit hindi nangannganak dahil parami ng parami ang mga X-men! Syn.: vakla, bayot, vinavae

    Yayo Aguila (a) Definition: Dyahi (bashful). Root word: Hiya. Usage: Ay, andaming tao, Yayo Aguila akong mag-entourage. Syn.: Jiya, timidity queen, shy type

    Zsa Zsa Padilla (adj.) Definition: Sige (okay). Root word: O, siya! Usage: Zsa Zsa Padilla, Joey Albert (uwi) ka na nga! Syn.: siya nawa, Camilo Osias, siya na nga, Zsa Zsa Gabor

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    Default Re: gay lingo/sward-speak 101

    ayy..ang taray..naintindihan ko yung iba...
    so bongzy naman itech thread na itech...di pala ako luz valdez dito sa mga ka chuck-chack cheness niyo...marunong na ako...;D

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