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    Default [TIPS]Symbianize Dictionary

    This thread is primarily for newbie. Andito yung ibang basic steps on how to use some buttons and kung ano ang meaning ng mga term/ abbreviation na ginagamit natin. So let's start with:

    Forum Rules:

    Sa mga newbie, please read forum guidelines first which was sent through pm, please paki basa po at unawain. Then wait mu na ng 35 seconds or more then sa bottom ng message ay mga button na mag-a-appear, click mu lang yun.


    1. New Thread Button, self explanatory di ba?

    2. Edit button:

    3. Quote button:

    4. Report button:

    5. Multi-quote button:

    6. Search button: I learned na para mas specific ang result ay dapat "CAPITAL LETTERS ANG KEY WORDS" at "SHADE THE SHOW POSTS"

    Last edited by chizcarl; 30th Jun 2011 at 08:51. Reason: title renamed, it should be TIPS, not TIP ..

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    Default Part 2: [TIPS] Symbianize Dictionary

    Now move naman tayu sa mga Terms/ Abbreviations na ginagamit natin.
    * credits goes to the original posters, at sa thread na pinagkunan ko.I just compiled everything here.

    POV = point of view

    IMO = In my opinion

    CP = cellphone

    PC = personal computer

    REQ = request

    FYI = for your information

    OT - off topic

    NP = no problem

    TS = Thread Starter

    BTW-by the way.

    NVM -nevermind.

    IDK-i dont know.

    LMAO- laugh my a** off

    IMHO - In My Humble Opinion

    BTW - By The Way

    AFK - Away From Keyboard/Keypad

    BRB - Be Right Back

    NSU = Nokia Software Updater

    NPS = Nokia PC Suite

    NSS = Nemesis Service Suite

    AZ - Adult Zone

    DL - Download

    OK - oo, yes

    Siggy = short term for Signature Image

    2d = Two Dimension

    3d = Three Dimension

    Reso = short term for Cellphone Resolution

    YM = Yahoo Mail/messenger

    Mod = short term for Application that have Modified

    Modder = the one who have the ability to Mod mobile applications like the group of XscriptZ

    RS : RapidShare

    MF : Mediafire



    FSN: File Sonic

    JB - Jailbreak

    IPA - iPhone/iPod Application

    BL - Bootloader

    BB - Baseband

    IPSW - iPhone/iPod Software

    AV = abbreviation for Anti Virus

    IDM = for Internet Download Manager

    PSP - PlayStation Portable

    PSX - PlayStation One

    PS2 - PlayStation 2

    PS3 - PlayStation 3

    NDS - Nintendo Dual-Screen

    GBA - GameBoy Advance

    GBC - GameBoy Color

    GB - GameBoy



    mobo = motherboard

    Noob= other term Newbie, New person or a member in a certain forum or in a particular group

    ito yung link para sa video copy terms, such as DVD RIP, CAM, TS, TC, SCR. just click this
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    Default Re: [TIP] Symbianize Dictionary

    Wow Sir galing mo!!!

    HELPfull ito sa mga sa SYMBIAZER.....

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    Default Re: [TIP] Symbianize Dictionary

    thanks .. sana pumatok.. hehe .. ang dami haba nga lang .. kaya nilagay ko na "use control + F" para mas madali ag pagsesearch.

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    Default Re: [TIP] Symbianize Dictionary

    Ang dami ah, ang tiyaga.

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    Default Re: [TIP] Symbianize Dictionary

    Quote Originally Posted by jagidatkom View Post
    Ang dami ah, ang tiyaga.
    hehe .. syempre, mahal ko kayu .. ehehe .. mahal natin ang bawat members ng symbianize. Lalu na ang mga newbie.

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    Default Re: [TIP] Internet Dictionary

    thread moved from user feedback.

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    Default Re: [TIP] Internet Dictionary

    TL;DR = Too long ; didn't read
    Last edited by chizcarl; 9th Jan 2012 at 12:05.

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    Default Re: [TIP] Internet Dictionary

    Quote Originally Posted by DareToTouchMe View Post
    TL;DR = Too long ; didn't read

    kaw lang ata gumagamit nyan. di ba sabi ko naman sa first page use control + f para mas madali makita yung hinahanap ng term.

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    Default Re: [TIP] Internet Dictionary

    sir napaka usefull nito tnx sa effort mo hehehe more power s TS !

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