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    Default [TUT] How to convert songs to minus one

    How to remove vocals in a song using Audacity. (All programs used are Freeware)

    Are fond of singing? Like me? (lol) Well you don't have to search all over the internet to find an instrumental version of the song you need, all you need is Audacity

    I am not saying that this is the only way to do it. Mejo mababawasan ung quality ng kanta.
    Kayo na ang bahalang humusga kung okay ba tong method na to. And please respect my thread

    Step 1: Download all the necessary program and plug in.


    Plug in is in the attachements.

    Step 2: Extract Audacity anywhere and then paste it at C:\Program Files(x86)\.
    Run the Lame Audacity Installer and install it at C:\Program Files (x86)\audacity-win-1.3.13\Audacity 1.3 Beta\Plug-Ins.

    Step 3: Once Audacity and Lame Audacity Plug in is installed, Run audacity.exe.

    Step 4: Import your audio by clicking File>Import>Audio or Dragging the audio to the gray part of Audacity.

    Step 5: Click Effect Menu and apply "Vocal Remover (for center-panned vocals...)" effect.

    Use the default settings and click "Ok".

    Now test the Audio by clicking the Play button.

    Step 6: Export as MP3 by clicking File>Export>Save>Ok. It is advisable to save it at your desktop for easy access.

    If you had troubles doing this part, it means you installed the Lame Audacity in the wrong directory.
    It has to be in C:\Program Files (x86)\audacity-win-1.3.13\Audacity 1.3 Beta\Plug-Ins

    Step 7: Dance in the tune of Teach me how to dougie Hahahaha

    Now you can use the song without the vocals
    Attached Files Attached Files
    Last edited by fernievidal; 30th Aug 2013 at 10:24. Reason: Updated links for Audacity and uploaded LAME plug in

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    Default Re: Making Minus Ones

    paps, salamat

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    Default Re: Making Minus Ones

    Quote Originally Posted by naruto251437 View Post
    paps, salamat
    Your welcome sir! Any time!

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    Default Re: [TUT] How to convert songs to minus one

    Quote Originally Posted by fernievidal View Post
    I found it hard to make a minus one using Adobe Soundbooth CS5 so I searched for alternative solution to my problem. And I found this website, it is the simplest way of making minus one for your songs. Try it! Just read the instructions. Hit thanks if this helped.
    Pa subscribe po muna sir

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    Help Re: [TUT] How to convert songs to minus one

    what's that website again??

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    Default Re: [TUT] How to convert songs to minus one

    dead link ana boss...d na mabuksan

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    Default Re: [TUT] How to convert songs to minus one

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    Default Re: [TUT] How to convert songs to minus one

    Dead Link poh sir, pa up ulit

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    Default Re: [TUT] How to convert songs to minus one

    pa up po sir, need ko po yan.. Dami papagawa sa akin kaso di me marun0ng if paano.

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