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    Thumbsup Symbianize -SOTW # 01

    Signature Of The Week
    SOTW #01

    Open To All Symbianize Members

    Theme: Freestyle
    Size: Max 400 x 150 px
    Filesize: Limit to 65 kb
    Name Tag/ Username Required
    Put Symbianize/ Symbianize.com/
    www.symbianize.com in your entry
    Number of Entries: 1
    Number of Edits: 2
    Premade Sig Not Allowed

    No Animation

    PSD File Required
    (for inspection)

    Deadline: 1 week (February 24, 2008)

    Render To Use:

    Post your comments and feedbacks here:


    Last edited by crazy-fox-06; 20th Feb 2008 at 00:40.

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    Default Re: Symbianize -SOTW # 01

    ako mauuna.. baka busy na ko sa skul..

    gud luck sa lahat..


    2nd edit..
    Last edited by kenjix; 22nd Feb 2008 at 16:33.

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    Default Re: Symbianize -SOTW # 01

    eto sa akin simple lang (ulit)

    1st Edit: Added Symbianize.com and a few extra stuff
    1 Edit to go

    Click Here to Download The PSD
    Last edited by iBee; 19th Feb 2008 at 22:16.

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    Default Re: Symbianize -SOTW # 01

    eto po ang entry ko

    Last edited by empoy; 19th Feb 2008 at 12:04.

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    Default Re: Symbianize -SOTW # 01

    eto po entry, cenxa na ha. ndi na tlga ako umasenso sa ganto...

    PSD File:

  6. #6

    Default Re: Symbianize -SOTW # 01

    My First Week Entry..

    sotw week1 entry.psd
    Last edited by tzie_nueve; 23rd Feb 2008 at 02:32. Reason: last edit...added border...

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    Default Re: Symbianize -SOTW # 01

    hay naku hindi ko nabasa ito
    No Animation
    PSD File Required
    i dont save my PSD file

    i dont know if my entry still qualified..here mine

    hay naku naman

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    Default Re: Symbianize -SOTW # 01

    heres my 1st draft..

    heres my PSD..


  9. 2 Users Say Thank You to arkhan_lyle For This Useful Post.

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    Default Re: Symbianize -SOTW # 01

    nice ng mga entry..
    Last edited by Nadec23-7; 19th Feb 2008 at 21:20.

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    Arrow Re: Symbianize -SOTW # 01

    SOTW 1 Entry:


    Last edited by boyTi899; 21st Feb 2008 at 21:05. Reason: Edit # 1

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