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    Wave Mods, tricks, etc. & ask all your problems here

    Discuss and show all your mods here. You can even post all your queries, problems, suggestions etc.

    Extend menu grid [the easy way] updated: 5,6,7,8,9 grid added Dec 10, 2010
    Full Theme effects on s60v3
    ThemeEffectsFP1 for s60v3 FullFX
    [tut]change your handshake(Default) startup screen
    [tut] make your own touch menu style icon
    [TUT] PERSONALIZE/Make your own fonts using FontCreator 5.6
    [TUT] Modify the TEXT COLOR of your phone in just 5minutes! Paastigin ang phone nyo!
    [TUTORIAL] Renaming your N73's Inbox and other Pre-FP1 phones
    [tut] renaming your incoming message and missed call
    [TUT]SYMBOL PATCH working on E63
    Change Menu Folders In s60v3 + TOUCH MENU STYLE via menu editor
    3d menu trick

    [TUT] "Change Your OM6/Sis Splash +MobiHex"
    Om6.1 inde clone maker tutorial, making mif and Solution for langguage
    [TUT s60v3]" Making Patch for OM6/Sis + Tools You Needed"
    Editing Loading Bar On OM6 Start-Up.
    [TUT]How to make OperaMini 6.1 Multi Patch
    [TUT]OM6 Skin Modding S60V3 and DataStore.ini Editing
    OM 6.5 X Images (Menu Bar Icons) Skinning[+Simple Tutorial]
    [TUT] OM6.5 Simple Skinning Para sa gutong matutu.!!
    OM6.1 SymbHandler + Tutorial on Embedding OperaLauncher
    [Little HELP THREAD] How To Modify OperaMini Skins?
    Frequently asked questions on symbian phone w/ a simple solution.

    SPLASH for OM6,6.1
    CLICK HERE or here same lang din po yan

    image designer, image converter, all editor, mbmtool,mobile hexopmin tool,sisboom,
    smart co exist
    super python

    golden python

    for pc: sisware, paintnet,mbmconverter


    credit to:
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    Default Re: common problems on symbian phone w/ a simple solution

    Thank's po

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    Default Re: common problems on symbian phone w/ a simple solution

    Padelete mo na po yung nasa Noikia section, kasi doble-doble na sya. Di po pwede yung ganun

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    Default Re: common problems on symbian phone w/ a simple solution

    We are hacking the "security of our phone's OS (Operating system), same as using a proxy server to browse for free.

    Hindi po tama sabihin na "hacking of phone", "pa-hack ng phone ko".

    In saying such, we are asking/ saying to hack our phone itself. Like getting some private info/ files without the users consent.

    Q: Help nag-install ako ng application pero “CERTIFICATE ERROR, CONTACT THE APPLICATION SUPPLIER” ang lumabas sa screen ko.
    >A: I-sign mo ang apps gamit ng iyong sariling cert at key.

    Q:Paano malalaman imei ko?
    >A: Dial *#06#

    Q: Paano mag hard reset/format sa phone?
    >A: Type *#7780#
    >for fp1 spider trick- off phone at press mo yung greenkey,3,* ng sabay sabay.
    for fp2 press multimedia key, 3, *(mulimedia key=eto yung key na kulay silver na pang launch ng gallery, music, photo, vid etc.)

    Q: Kung may hard reset? eh di meron din soft reset?
    >A: oo, itype mo lang to *#7370#

    NOTE: Mag back up ka muna ng files mo before mo gawin to kasi madedelete laha ng important files and contacts mo.
    Q: Saan ako kukuha ng certificate at key ko?
    >A: Pwede ka magrequest dito at siya na ang bahalang magenerate ng key at certificate mo.
    >A: Pwede din kaw mismo ang kumuha ng sarili mong cert at key sa cer.opda.cn/en/.

    Q:Para saan ba ang certificate at key?
    >A: Ito ang yong gagamitin sa pag sign ng application at para mahack mo ang phone mo.

    Q:Ano advantage kapag hacked ang phone mo?
    >A: Hindi ka na mahihirapan mag- install ng application sa phone mo, lahat ng apps maiinstall mo sa phone mo, basta supported ito ng unit mo.
    > Mapepersonalize at gawin astig ang simpleng phone mo.

    Q: Paano kapag ayaw ko ihack ang phone ko? May ibang paraan ba para makapaginstall ko ng application na gusto ko?
    >A: Meron, gamit ka ng freesigner. Ito ang alternative way para sa mga ayaw ihack ang phone nila. Pero hindi lahat ng application na gusto mo i-sign eh maiinstall.. May mga application na kelangan talaga hacked ang phone para mainstall mo yun.

    Q: Hindi ko alam kung paano gamitin ang freesigner.
    >A: Punta ka dito may tutorial jan sa pag gamit ng freesigner.

    Q: Triny kong mag install pero “EXPIRED CERTIFICATE” daw, ano gagawin ko?
    >A: I-move mo yung date back by 7-8months, after mo mainstall young application set mo ulet yung date.. Yung recent date ah.

    >A: Bago ka mag install ng latest version siguraduhin mong nadelete mo na ang old version ng application na gusto mong iinstall.

    >A: Naka set dapat software application into ALL.. Paano gawin yun? Pumunta ka sa app manager ng phone mo>click option>click settings>sa software installation>choose ALL.

    Q: Nasigned ko na ang application gamit freesigner pero pag ininstall ko heto sinasabi”APPLICATION ACCESS NOT GRANTED.
    >A: Naka set dapat software application into ALL.. Paano gawin yun? Pumunta ka sa app manager ng phone mo>click option>click settings>sa software installation>choose ALL.
    > A: Kung ayaw pa rin mainstall isign mo nalang yung apps directly sa site pinagkuhaan mo ng certificate at key


    Q: San ko makikita yung APN, PROXTSERVER ADDRESS at PROXY PORT NUMBER dito sa phone ko?
    >A: Punta ka ng tools>settings>connection>access point>option>choose new access point>options>advance settings.

    Q: Nagdownload ako ng OM 6.jar.zip Paano ko irerename to? Hindi katulad sa pc na i-extract nalang.>A: I-remove mo lang yung .zip gumamit ka ng BLUFTP or MOBYEXPLORE para marename mo yun.

    Q: May tricks ba para maka download ako gamit ng OM 4.2 handler?>A: Depende sa settings mo yan.
    > for s60 phone:
    a1).kapag nagpromt na ang save at cancell button press menu at press and hold mo yung red key para madisconnect ang active connection mo
    a2).then punta ka sa om & click mo yung save button, dun mag-aask ng accesspoint na gagamitin.
    a3).piliin mo yung ginamit mong accesspoint before and wait till magstart magdownload.

    Q: Papaano mag full site sa fb gamit ang OM?
    >A: I-type ang touch.facebook.com tapos i-click mo yung fullsite sa baba.. o
    >A: Mag log-on ka sa fb tapos edit mo yung url at gawin mong www.facebook.com/?m2w
    > A: Para shorcut edit mo speed dial i-type mo www.facebook.com/?m2w

    Q: Hacked na ang phone ko, pero gusto kong i-update/upgrade firmware ko. Mawawala ba ang mga files ko at pag kaka hacked nito?
    A: Oo, madedelete lahat pati mga nasa contacts mo, kaya kelangan mo ulet ihack ang cp mo.

    Q: Dati nang hacked ang phone ko pero nung nagreformat ako at i-hack ulet phone ko tulad ng hello ox eh stuck na sa unpacking files, ano gagawin ko?
    >A: Reinstall mo firmware mo gamit ka nokia software updater at i-hack mo ulet gamit ng pinang hack mo dati.

    Q: Hacked na ang phone ko pero hindi pa rin ako maka install ng sis at sisx, at palaging file corrupted lumalabas. Ano gagawin ko?
    >A: Hanapin mo yung installserver sa folder ng hello ox at i-move mo sa C/SYS?BIN at reboot tapos try mo ulet iinstall mga di mo mainstall dati.
    > Pag di pa rin gumana, try mong iformat ang phone mo at ulitin mo ang pag hack ng cp mo.

    Q: Nakaka irita yung ngpa pop-ups every time na magko-connect ako ng OM o kaya UCWEB? May paraan ba para mawala ito?
    >A: Meron visit mo lang ang mga thread na to.. Try mo kung alin jan gagana sayo.
    *disable java permission
    *[REVISED]Patched your phone - Make your phone Always Allowed

    Q: Nag hard hard format ako, pag on ko ng phone k nag aautomatic installing tapos biglang unable to install software. Ano gagawin ko?
    > A: open mo explore punta ka ng E:\PRIVATE\10202dce at i-delete yung sis file na andun sa folder, exit and reboot mo phone mo


    Q: Bakit nababawasan ang size ng phone memory ko samantalang lahat ng downloaded apps ko eh naka save sa MMC?>A: Isang factor kasi may mga apps kasi na directly nadodownload sa phone memory
    >Yung mga messages, contacts, notes etc ay sa phone memory mo din nasasave yun unless yung messages mo eh naka store sa mmc.

    Q: Paano mag store ng messages sa MMC?>A: Go to messaging>option>settings>other>memory in use>MMC

    Q: Anung gagawin ko, hindi ko maopen messages ko pati ang app mngr etc. Sinasabi dito na full memory daw, delete some data first eh madami pang laman both phone and memory ko?.
    >A:download ka ng moile cleaner o Gforce para madelete mga logs mo sa phone
    > at try mo din gawin to

    Q: Nakalimutan ko password ng memory card ko. May way po ba para maretrieve ko yung pw?
    >A: Try mo to.
    a) magdownload ka ng explore, at i-open mo yun
    b).i-configure mo ang explore para mashow yung mga hidden files by pressing 0
    c). for s60v1/v2:
    * C/SYS/mmcstore. Then rename yung mmcstore to mmcstore.txt at i-copy mo sa pc then open mo yung file at makikita mo na ang password mo.
    For s60v3
    *C/SYS/DATA. Pag nakita mo yung mmcstore press 3 at mapupunta sa hex editor.
    * sa right portion makikita mo yung password ng mmc mo
    B: mmc unlocker
    C: try mo din ito.

    Q: Bakit hindi ko ma reformat ang MMc ko? Sabi dito card is write protected.Card adaptor kasi gamit ko.>A: Sa left side ng MMC adptor mo ay may color white na maliit na nakatapatat sa lock, i-unlock mo yun

    Q:Paano idelete ang themes sa phone?
    >A: Click moDITO
    >[TUT]on how to delete themes w/ screenies.

    Q: After kong magformat hindi na ako makainstall ng jar files, anong gagawin ko?>A: Click App manager>online cert check>set to "must be passed"

    Q:Paano idelete ang mga jar files sa phone ko?

    note: alam ko pong alam niyo na ito at hindi na bago para sa inio. Ginawa ko tong thread na para sa mga hindi pa nakakaalam.. Kinompile ko mga common problems sa symbian phone at pati mga sagot ng mga master naten dito at credits po sa kanila..

    kung may mali po dito paki correct nalang at ieedit ko.. at kung meron kayong gustong i-share na satingin niyo wala dito share niyo po basta proven na

    Feel free to post your suggestions here

    credits to:
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    Default Re: common problems on symbian phone w/ a simple solution

    pwede pong report to delete. Or pwede din sigurong close thread

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    Default Re: common problems on symbian phone w/ a simple solution

    closed na po yung andun

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    Default Re: common problems on symbian phone w/ a simple solution

    nice informative thread

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    Default Re: common problems on symbian phone w/ a simple solution

    post ko to sa index

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    Default Re: common problems on symbian phone w/ a simple solution

    @pendukpeter & AKO xii KROPEK & mam devilsoul

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    Default Re: common problems on symbian phone w/ a simple solution

    nice index mas pinadali mghnap.
    Parang ung k ts devilsoul na index.
    Thanks for sharing mlaking tulong ito.

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