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    Thumbsup [CFW] XtremeTouch for 5800 v52.0.007 & 52.0.101 May 24, 2011

    For v52.0.101 ONLY!
    Release next week.


    5800 (RM-356) v52.0.007
    5800 (RM-356) v52.0.101 (Test)

    Special Thanks to:

    CFW Based:
    :C6 V20.0.042 for 5800 V52 ported by binh24

    CHANGE LOGS 05-24-2011:
    Light time out set to 35 seconds
    Summary after call Enabled
    Global Heap size Increased
    Integrate I-SMS in Messaging credits to powercycle
    N8 Keyboard by dan av
    New Theme effects
    More Battery Life mod by me
    Xplore 1.45 (Need to restart phone)
    StartUp RAM: 57+
    Average RAM after heavy Used: 50+

    Media Files:
    Photos: E:\Images\
    (Photos will not read Videos)
    Music Player: E:\Playlist\
    Videos: E:\Videos\
    :4x4 Menu (Portrait) 4x4 (Landscape)
    :Icons arranged by Vbyakuya
    :General profile rename to XtremeTouch
    :Music Player reads E:\Playlist\
    :Battery Icon Change
    :Fake 3.5G Signal Added
    :Use N8 Icon Pack by mara-
    :XtremeTouch HS shortcut settings on by default
    :Theme effects on by default
    igital clock set on default
    :S^3 Equalizer used
    :Touchscreen stiffness are improved by Vbyakuya. Touchscreen now more sensitive
    :Auto key guard time are enabled. Set to 80s on default.
    :Improve Image Camera quality by Vbyakuya
    :Improve video capture by Vbyakuya
    :Fast response music player
    :Alpha Numeric Keypad mod by Dan-av
    :Center text on Options box like S^3.
    :Smooth brightness adjustment mod by newcooler.
    evice update info are change (add CFW creator)
    :Use swipe to Unlock by newcooler
    :N8 Swipe to Unlock used with auto-rotate
    :N8 Kinetic Scroll Used
    :Use light mod v2 by mara-(Dimming feature).
    :Replacing Share Online on mediabar with Acell Switch (Also change the Icon)
    :Use latest Ovi Maps 3.06
    :SIS file and other stuff can be send over Bluetooth (for File manager and File Browser)
    :Use themes effects that more similar with N8 themes effects. Effects are optimized for better performance (files from PedroCst and redefined by me)
    :Music Stopper icon in Music suite Menu
    :Add ovistore in Internet folder. It doesn't install Ovistore when open it but go direct to the Ovistore site (save space in C:\ drive)
    :"Restart Phone" instead of "lock screen and key" on power button options.
    :Added characters and symbols 3 pages..
    :And many More.....

    Google Maps
    Vivaz Conversations
    Photo Browser
    Rompatcher+ 2.5
    X-plore 1.45 with N8 Icons (need to restart phone before use) (Credits to Phadly)
    Kill Me
    Global Race Racing Thunder games as built in


    Software Update
    Here and Now
    My Nokia
    Zip Manager
    Quick Office
    Adobe Reader
    Phone Switch
    Accessory Setup
    Online Support

    Nokia Theme Black

    : Remove vibration on side lock to save battery.
    : Optimizing CPU speed for better battery consumption by Vbyakuya.
    : Battery now can reach for 2 days or more than 2 days in normal used

    Flashing Tutorial:

    Flashing Guide By wilsonJR

    Download Links:
    Last edited by Vbyakuya; 9th Jun 2011 at 08:50. Reason: Update

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    Default Re: [CFW] XTremeTouch for 5800 v52.0.007/v20.0.042


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    Default Re: [CFW] XTremeTouch for 5800 v52.0.007/v20.0.042

    gwapo...ang galing ni otor... nantapis

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    Default Re: [CFW] XTremeTouch for 5800 v52.0.007/v20.0.042

    ganda ng splash.. kanino ka nagpagawa..

    @hybrid: bawal dyay asibok..

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    Default Re: [CFW] XTremeTouch for 5800 v52.0.007/v20.0.042

    ala ba pang v52.0.101?

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    Default Re: [CFW] XTremeTouch for 5800 v52.0.007/v20.0.042

    Quote Originally Posted by princekaizer View Post
    ala ba pang v52.0.101?
    ..wala pa po eh..

    @sir ash ako po gumawa nun,

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    Default Re: [CFW] XTremeTouch for 5800 v52.0.007/v20.0.042

    anong gamit mo?

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    Default Re: [CFW] XTremeTouch for 5800 v52.0.007/v20.0.042

    sir, gawa po kau para sa mga v52.0.101 users!

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    Default Re: [CFW] XTremeTouch for 5800 v52.0.007/v20.0.042

    malupit na cfw!

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    Default Re: [CFW] XTremeTouch for 5800 v52.0.007/v20.0.042

    Quote Originally Posted by ash0103 View Post
    anong gamit mo?
    photoshop po..tas konteng search ng background sa google..

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