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    Default LG KM555 all in one thread

    Hello fellow symbianize users especially LG km555/lg km555e users. Ginawa ko itong thread na ito para sa ating lahat..

    Hope this one helps

    Ilalagay ko dito lahat ng need nyong malaman para makatulong sa pagpapaganda at pagpapa-ASTIg ng ating phone..

    Nag aaccept po ako ng suggestions at tulong din from you co-symbianizers.

    How to upgrade firmware-Install custom firmware!

    You will be needing the driver and softwares (KM555.7z). download it here--> http://www.mediafire.com/?66xmw1dm752jd71

    Eto naman sa firmware http://csmg.lgmobile.com:9002/swdata...00/V10K_00.kdz

    After downloading

    Extract file you have downloaded (KM555.7z) in your desktop.

    Open KM555 folder cut "UpTestEX_1.0.4.8" and "FlashUSB_1.0.0.7" Folder and Paste it on your Desktop.

    On your desktop you will have your three folders (UpTestEX_1.0.4.8 , FlashUSB_1.0.0.7 and KM555 folder)

    Paste these three folders on your drive C together with your desired KDZ file. [firmware]

    Open KM555 folder and run/install "LGUSBModemDriver_WHQL_ML_Ver_4.9.7_All_Win7.e xe"

    Open "FlashUSBAGOLD" folder and run/install "setup.exe"

    Do same process on "FlashUSB" folder. Open it and Install "Setup.exe"

    After that back to you drive C open "FlashUSB_1.0.0.7>WIN32" folder (I'm using 32bit) and run/install "setup.exe"

    Connect your phone (you must select PC suite as USB connection mode) on your phone.

    Open LG drive on My Computer and Run "USBAutoRun.exe" to install your phone driver and PC suite. you can download or use the provided CD.

    After installing Open your PC suite Installed and you will see your phone is connected. (You have installed this to make sure your phone is connected). You Can Exit PC suite. (File>Exit) Do not Disconnect your Phone.

    Open your Drive C. Open "UpTestEX_1.0.4.8" > "UpTestEX_1.0.4.8" folder.

    Run "Windows Enabler.exe". You will see a new icon on your Notification Area/Tray (lower right, together with the time).

    Click on it to turn it on. (You cannot proceed on the next procedure if is is turned off)

    Back to "UpTestEX_1.0.4.8" folder. Run "UpTestEX.exe". A new window will appear (R&D Test Tool).

    On the Upper Left on the new window click on "INFINENON". Just click on it.

    On the Upper right Click "Model" and type KM555.

    Click on "select kdz file" and browse your kdz file on drive C.

    Click on "Loop Test count " and type 1.

    Click "Start Upgrade" twice.


    (medyo matagal ng kunti kaya u need patience)

    You Will see Finish or something like that on the lower right of the R&D Test Tool window. A Sign that your done!


    You can now disconnect and open your phone (it's turned off)

    Enjoy your Upgraded phone!

    You can view this video for your reference--> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rrmS6tUPdGc

    By the way, you don't need to remove your battery, sim and memory card. no setting will be changed.

    If you need a pre themed firmware try nyo to

    Popdroid theme http://www.mediafire.com/?67m8169210zmu8c#1 -eto gamit ko ngayon

    Android theme http://azsharing.com/jzio5xvjk5tl/V10K_00.kdz.html

    Expedia Theme http://azsharing.com/tamthangia/10319/KM555%20X-pedia
    password: gtsd

    credits to sir Sideflip for this tutorial

    Drag the folder popdroid sa External Memory nyo.
    Walang image yong homescreen mo. May arrow sa upper right ng homescreen (baba ng signal bar) tap it and choose WALLPAPER > SLIDING.. then ok. exit.. okay na..
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    Default Re: LG KM555 all in one thread

    HOW to extract/upload cust

    You'll be needing
    LG utils KM555
    Flash USB if you used R&D tool before, you have already have this. (i've attached the files needed)

    .Install winimage and flash usb
    .Extract KM555 utils on your desktop
    .Move KM555.flb to your drive C from KM555 utils folder
    .Remove you phone's memory card, sim and battery
    .open km555 utils on your desktop and run KM555-Utils-EN.exe
    .type the following and hit enter after every line (downloading cust)

    CUST_THEME (after you hit enter here connect your phone immidiately)

    .Wait for the cust to be downloaded. unplug your phone after downloading cust (will be downloaded on KM555 utils folder)
    .normally you will be downloading 2 files (CUST_THEME and CUST_THEME.big. you can delete CUST_THEME.big).
    .in some cases its having an error and downloading only CUST_THEME.big (132mb approx.) use the CUST_THEME.big if you encounter this. rename it to CUST_THEME
    .Move your CUST_THEME on your drive C
    .Open your CUST_THEME with your winimage.
    .you will inject DMF files here. (search the forum for dmf files)
    .after you have edited your cust, save it. close winimage.
    .run KM555-Utils-EN.exe again
    .type the following and hit enter after every line (uploading cust)

    C:\CUST_THEME (after you hit enter here connect your phone immidiately)

    after uploading it, unplug your phone. put your battery, sim and memory.
    your done.

    credits to sir sideflip

    Attached Files Attached Files
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    Default Re: LG KM555 all in one thread

    HOW TO SPEED UP LG km555

    Credits to kulesiak2
    How to Speed up your LG Cookie Steps:
    The first step I suggest you to make CUST copy €“ everything can happen..
    Files you can delete:

    makikita nyo mga ito sa file na inextract nyo using 2nd Tutorial

    Lgapp/dmf/Startup €“ everything
    Lgapp/media/Sounds €“ folders "Aging" and "Default mp3"
    Lgapp/media/Sounds/Default sounds/ €“ Everything except of "Other Tones"
    Lgapp/media/Sounds/Game €“ Here you can delete what you want. I bet u use flashplayer except of roulette, so you can delete every file with "roulette", files with "dice" are ofc "Dices" game sounds. Delete it or leave it €“ your choice (i€™ve deleted them)
    Lgapp/media/Flashcontents/Default SWFs €“ whole folder
    Lgapp/media/BlogService €“ all
    Lgapp/Media/Factory €“ all
    Lgapp/Media/builtin €“ if you€™ll delete it, you€™ll be unable to use Muvee Studio, the rest will work properly
    Lgapp/Pso €“ everything except of YOUR LANGAUGE file. After deleting it, u€™ll be unable to use other langauges, only the ones you left.
    lgapp/Common €“ these 2 images
    lgapp/Common/Obigo/img €“ all
    lgapp/Media/Event Sounds €“ you can delete all
    lgapp/Media/Language €“ everything except of your langauge (mine was "Polish"), HeaderInfo.bin and FakeLanguage!
    lgapp/Media/Images/Default Images €“ i€™ve deleted all except off Power_on and off
    lgapp/Media/Keytone sounds/ivt/Game/ €“ Roulette for sure, files with "dice" could stay €“ u can delete theme too if u want
    lgapp/Media/Keytone sounds/ €“ here you can delete touch sounds you dont use, i€™ve deleted Bee-beep and Piano. DO NOT DELETE "ivt" DIRECTORY!
    lgapp/dmf/Browser €“ if u€™re not using default browser, i suggest you to delete it. Phone is much faster without it (browser folder = 5mb+)
    lgapp/dmf/MuveeStudio €“ if u€™ve deleted files from Lgapp/Media/builtin, delete all files from here aswell except of Muvee.dmf. U€™ll be able to visit Muvee studio but it€™ll be unusable.. Little extra to this on the end of topic
    LGAPP\Media\Frames €“ this will delete frames in camera. You can leave it or delete if you want

    Update - 3.07.10
    If u've deleted BROWSER files, delete this ones too:

    Thanks to Akkster for these files!

    Update - 9.07.10
    If u've deleted BROWSER files, delete this ones too:
    LGAPP/Vtp - this one file from it
    LGAPP\DMF\Game\Asset\wheelblur1/2/3/4 - if u use flashplayer instead of roulette
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    Default Re: LG KM555 all in one thread


    Internet config

    GO to Menu > Settings > Connectivity > Access points > add access point >

    STEP 1

    Connection Title: (any name you like)
    Bearer: GPRS
    Authentication: Pap
    APN: http.globe.com.ph

    then SAVE

    Then Back to Connectivity > Internet Profiles> Add profile

    STEP 2
    Title: (Any)
    Use Proxy: On
    Proxy Server Address: or go http://www.symbianize.com/showthread.php?t=403095

    Proxy Server Port: 80

    Access point: (ung ginawa mo sa STEP 1)

    then SAVE

    back to connectivy >Java Settings> add profile

    Title: (any)
    Internet profile: (ung ginawa mo sa STEP 2)

    Then save and ACTIVATE ..

    your done

    you can use this on your Built in browser/ Opera mini (default)/ Snaptu /
    Attached Files Attached Files
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    Default Re: LG KM555 all in one thread

    sa internet config ,.,.

    anu po sim ang bagay jn???


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    Default Re: LG KM555 all in one thread

    sir , ano ung mga changes sa cp ko after kong gwin ung unang post nio? tnx

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    Default Re: LG KM555 all in one thread

    puede po b mlagyan ng mga tricks ang LG phone??

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    Default Re: LG KM555 all in one thread

    @Hotlola, internet tricks pwede po.. may tut nadin po dito.

    @jaise21, Globe po gamit ko.. for smart po check nyo nalang po sa smart section kung anong nagana ...
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    Default Re: LG KM555 all in one thread

    ayaw gumana sa built in browser ts??
    globe here

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    Default Re: LG KM555 all in one thread

    sa built in browser po just use my globe connect.. pasok yan
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