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    Default Re: Free bm622i working MAC address

    sir nagana mo bah ang bm622i sir..paturo sir ahehehe.
    sir try mo ang mac sa bm622 poh sir..
    kasi ung mac nang bm622i ni try ko sa bm622 gagana poh xa sir..

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    Default Re: Free bm622i working MAC address

    paturo nman sir kung pano magpalit ng mac add sa bm6221, then turuan nman kita how to get working mac add for bm622i...thanks
    may post n rin me regarding sa globe working mac add

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    Default Re: Free bm622i working MAC address

    eto susubukan ko

    hwnrun cmd
    type telnet <enter>

    -----Welcome to ATP Cli------

    Login: wimax

    ATP>cmd : <enter>

    ATP>cmd setuser super <enter>

    ATP>cmd : <enter>

    ATP>shell <enter>

    /# cd bin <enter>

    /bin #

    /bin # hwvconfig <enter>

    /bin # equipcmd help

    equipcmd swversion display == equipcmd 1
    equipcmd adsl info == equipcmd 2
    equipcmd chiptest adsl == equipcmd 11
    equipcmd chiptest lanswitch == equipcmd 4
    equipcmd usbtest == equipcmd 5
    equipcmd wlanled on == equipcmd 6
    equipcmd wlanled off == equipcmd 7
    equipcmd wpsled on == equipcmd 8
    equipcmd wpsled off == equipcmd 9
    equipcmd setboardnum == equipcmd 10
    equipcmd setmacaddr == equipcmd 11
    equipcmd setserialnum == equipcmd 12
    equipcmd setouinum == equipcmd 13
    equipcmd boardnum display == equipcmd 14
    equipcmd macaddr display == equipcmd 15
    equipcmd serialnum display == equipcmd 16
    equipcmd ouinum display == equipcmd 17
    equipcmd setuserpwd == equipcmd 18
    equipcmd setssid == equipcmd 19
    equipcmd setwlpwd == equipcmd 20
    equipcmd userpwd display == equipcmd 21
    equipcmd ssid display == equipcmd 22
    equipcmd wlpwd display == equipcmd 23
    equipcmd setAssemblydisable == equipcmd 24
    equipcmd setAssemblyenable == equipcmd 25
    equipcmd settr064pwd == equipcmd 26
    equipcmd tr064pwd display == equipcmd 27
    equipcmd elabel display == equipcmd 28
    equipcmd loadelabel == equipcmd 29
    equipcmd backupelabel == equipcmd 30
    equipcmd restoredefault == equipcmd 31

    kayu na pong bahalang mag explore...
    nandyan npo lahat ng kasagutan!
    make at your own risk...

    credit goes to animalitycomz...luv you bos,nalasing ako sa puyat kakaantay sa sagot mo!hehehehe


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    Default Re: Free bm622i working MAC address

    pashare naman po dyan ng 3g wirleess modem password viewer for mac pls... thanks

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    Default Re: Free bm622i working MAC address

    mark po muna

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