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    Thumbsup Index of Nokia Phone Tutorials & Other Useful Nokia Phone Info's

    Here is the index of useful Nokia phone tutorials.
    Some are fully working and updated, some of them might be not working anymore, however I rather keep 'em still in handy for reference.
    Also if I missed some threads or you want your tutorial to be listed, feel free by posting the thread name and the link.

    Tips: In reading a tutorial, note following:
    • Make sure you have the tools needed before the actual procedure, from hardware (like cables) to software (all pc / cp applications required). It will help you to save time.
    • Read, comprehend, follow the procedure carefully. Have a minute to glance the thread to be familiar, also to know if there's a possibility that the tutorial will not work or may cause danger to your phone.
    • If a problem emerges as you go to the procedure, have them noted and later throw it to TS.
    • If your concern is not addressed, find some other thread or people which you think is knowledeable about the topic.
    • Lastly, if you succeeded or failed to do the tutorial leave a comment for others' reference. It's a good contribution to the thread.

    Wait, you might encounter the following abbreviations, be familiar with them before beginning:
    • CFW- Custom Firmware
    • FW- Firmware
    • GUI (Graphic User Interface)
    • Jaff- same as Phoenix
    • MOD- Modding / Modifying
    • NFE- Nokia Firmware Editor
    • NFC- Nokia Firmware Cooker
    • NSS- Nemesis Service Suite
    • NSU- Nokia Software Update
    • OFW- Original Firmware
    • Phoenix- A PC application for flashing, updating,
    • UI- (User Interface)
    • Reboot- Restart

    Here we go:

    Customization Tutorials:

    Flashing, FW Upgrading / Downgrading Tutorials:

    Hardware Tutorials:

    General Tutorials:

    Other Tutorials:

    Phone OS Hacking Tutorials (Hindi phone hacking):
    FYI: I wanna clear this: Phone OS Security po ang ni-ha-hack, hindi po ang Phone alone. 'Wag masanay sa laymans' term, tayo din ang mapapahiya.

    Security Code Recovery Tutorials:


    Hold on, there's more ....

    Nokia phone info threads:

    * Sorry magulo pa ang part na ito, I will update and sort this better when I have extra time.
    Last edited by chizcarl; 5th Mar 2012 at 12:05. Reason: Update. ;)

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    Default Re: Index of Nokia Phone Tutorials

    nice thread for the info keep on sharing

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    Default Re: Index of Nokia Phone Tutorials

    ganda nito sir chiz..thnx

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    Default Re: Index of Nokia Phone Tutorials

    bro tinatamad kasi kong maghanap ng mga tutorials buti nalang nagawan ng index, hinahanap ko mg tut for symbian^3 OS N8 user here.

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    Default Re: Index of Nokia Phone Tutorials

    thanks sir sa comfilation na ng mga useful tuts...
    malaking bagay to sa ating mga kasymb...

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    Default Re: Index of Nokia Phone Tutorials

    uy ayos to ah salamat sir chizcarl..

    Salamat din at naisama mo ang isa sa mga tutorials ko

    Keep up the goodwork sir chiz..

    Our next contributor hehe

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    Default Re: Index of Nokia Phone Tutorials

    Thanks for appreciating my thread.
    Updated na itong thread, dinagdag ko yung mga abbreviation / shortcuts na madalas na ginagamit.
    Napapansin ko kasi yung mga baguhan sa ganitong gawain ay napapaisep kung ano ang ibig sabihin ng mga iyon.

    I will keep this updated, since medyo madali na sa akin ang pag-se-search.
    Keep this thread up guys, but to not post such bumping post, baka mabigyan kayu ng reward.


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    Default Re: Index of Nokia Phone Tutorials

    re up ko to for newbies...

    Again thanks for this useful thread sir chiz

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    Default Re: Index of Nokia Phone Tutorials

    Thanks clinique, it seems hindi na-appreciate ng iba. Sad.


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    Default Re: Index of Nokia Phone Tutorials

    Ayos tong library mo bro. Good Work..

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