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    Exclamation TRAMS Maintenance

    Down po ang Smartbro/Homebro ngaun.


    1. Connected No Net
    2. Connected Putol Putol Net
    3. ping , ping 121.1.320, ping 121.3.88 Fail (Request Time out)
    Last edited by inteloutside2k6; 7th Mar 2015 at 12:42.

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    Default Re: TRAMS Maintenance

    honga maintenance na naman
    ano naman kaya update

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    Default Re: TRAMS Maintenance

    di naman maintenance baka katay na ang mga unlock mo na mac heheheheh. connected pa naman ako smart mac

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    Default Re: TRAMS Maintenance

    Same here ts connected no browse. kaninang umaga putol putol nanaman yung net. Sana nga Maintenance lang

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    Default Re: TRAMS Maintenance

    maintenance din sakin, malamang may bagong luto si idol... abangan nalang natin.. ok nadin ang ganto maintain lang ng maintain..

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    Default Re: TRAMS Maintenance

    ok naman...............................

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    Default Re: TRAMS Maintenance

    Ok naman sakin.

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    Default Re: TRAMS Maintenance

    Ncr connected to browse simula knina umaga.

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    Default Re: TRAMS Maintenance

    PLDT’s customer service said that the nationwide downtime is caused by “system maintenance and update”. While there are no definite timetable for any quick fixes, they advise customers to monitor their connection in the next 24 to 48 hours.

    - - - Updated - - -

    La parin sakin yung legit ko na Homebro pa putol putol, piniping ko DNS Request time out tapos minsan meron

    Pldtmydsl ko pawala wala connection pag pining ko DNS ng homebro mababa ping

    Yung Fibr stable nmn

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    Default Re: TRAMS Maintenance

    ok na sya ..................

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