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    Smile [GUIDE] Convert PSX gamesaves to PSP-PSX / PSN saves

    Credits to mikeywilc from pspmod
    For the attached files, its from dl.qj I think.

    NOTE: Back-up your (old) save file first (if there is any) before doing these steps. 'Konting ingat lang po baka kasi ma-corrupt yung dating save file mo kung meron 'man.
    ■ The file CWCHEAT_0_2_3_HEN.rar is for firmwares: 6.xx
    May Faq na rin kasama yung files kung 'san ilalagay sa memory card mo.


    ■ The PSX game you need the game save for.
    ■ PSXeven
    ■ cwcheatpops.prx (to load .mcr game save)

    Handy Links:

    [Link available to registered users only. Click here to register.] (psx and psp game ID database)
    [Link available to registered users only. Click here to register.] (where to download psx game saves (.gme files)

    1. Download your PSX game save from GameFaqs. I've only tested this with .GME files from GameFaqs.
    2. Launch PSXeven, and go to Tools > Memcard Manager
    3. Press Import, and add your Gamesave.gme, click OK then close PSXeven.
    4. Take what ever the game id is from [Link available to registered users only. Click here to register.], and rename the memory card that PSXeven saved in the /PSXeven/memcards/ folder, the (gamesave).gme file needs to be renamed. For FFVII it would be renamed to: SCUS_94163-0.mcr (Yes rename the .mcr extension manually, it will still work.)
    5. Place the SCUS_94163-0.mcr in /seplugins/cwcheat/mc/.
    6. Restart the game and hold select, go to "Manage mem cards" then select "load memory card 1" it will say "Last Operation: OK!!!" (loaded your .mcr file successfully)
    7. Now your game save will have replaced mem card slot X... Load up your game save and enjoy your PSX game with new gamesave info.

    cwcheatpops.prx is included when you download the cwcheat plugin (if you don't have it yet). The above instructions would probably be much easier to understand if you already have a bit of knowledge on how to use the cwcheat plugin.
    Attached Files Attached Files
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