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    Default Re: Android Games Cheats/Hacks -Request Here.

    Quote Originally Posted by myphonex8 View Post
    destinia cheats po pa request
    eto po bossing pakitry wala kasi ako destinia na game.

    Auction Hall.. turn items 0 gold

    Manual Steps:
    1. Open Destinia
    2. Go to Muti mode
    3. Click "Auction Hall"
    4. Look for whatever Item it is that you want to buy.
    5. Look at it's price, and enter it into GameCIH.
    6. Change all "4-byte" results that you get to 0
    7. Now try to buy it, the item costs 0 Gold.

    ( This works best for items that have big numbers.. ex:999999 or 989991. Numbers like 43, 100.. GameCIH will find too many results.. making you not be able to change them )

    Buy Any item from shop:

    Manual Steps:
    1- Ok guys open game and go to the item merchant.
    2- open gamecih and search for the word: ITEM
    3- go to the one which says [email protected] it will be a big number.
    4- change it to 1 and then go back to game and select buy items in shop menu
    5- you will see that the first item has changed. Use different numbers to get different results.

    yan muna sa ngayon. maglagay na ako ng laro na to sir, para matesting ko din. pafeedback na lang po kung gumana. thanks!

    download ka lang po ng gamecih.apk install mo pero need rooted phone po ha?

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    Default Re: Android Games Cheats/Hacks -Request Here.

    Blood And Glory -Request by Ferio

    A.)Coins,skills and Glu Credits

    - Irun ang GameCIH2 at pagkatpos ay ang Blood ang Glory
    - While on the game, Pumunta sa store. at pindutin ang Magnifying glass or "search" sa GameCIH2.
    - Piliin ang "Input Number". at ilagay kung ilang ang current Coins or Glu Credits mo.
    - Bumili ng mga gamit at bawasan ang Coin or Glu Credits mo
    - at ilagay ulit ang natitirang Coins or Glu credits sa GameCIH2. hangang sa makakuha ka ng dalawang(2) address
    - Palitan ito sa kahit na ilan ang gusto mo.
    - Taa-daa. Infinity is yours. , enjoy Premium Items

    Homerun Battle 3D -Request by xdarellx

    A.) Golden Balls

    1) Type the number of Golden balls you have on CIH
    2) Click on ad, go back to game.. type new amount of goldball you have on CIH
    3) click back.. game will ask if you want to leave, click cancel. Go back to game, click the ad again.. let it load
    4) Go back to game, you now have more golden balls.. type the number of Goldenballs you now have.
    5) Results show up.. should only be one results, if not keep repeating.
    6) CHange to how many golden balls you want.

    Zenonia 1&2 -Request By Rebel1

    Zenonia 1
    Stat Editing:
    Requirement: Above Level 2 w/ at least 2 stat points
    1. Using any of your four stats, (one at a time), use "Input Number", and search the stat.
    2. Add one point to the designated stat
    3. Search the new stat number
    4. Repeat 2+3 until you have one result left
    5. Input one less than the desired stat
    6. Add final stat point (Reason for this is to get the calculations to actually apply)
    Viola! You now can has uber awesome stats!!!

    To go with the above cheat...
    Stat Point Editing:
    Requirement: At least 3 Stat points (Just go gain a level!!!)
    1. Use "Input Number" and search your current stat point number
    2. Use one stat point
    3. Search new stat point number
    4. Repeat 2+3 until you have one result left
    5. Input desired number of stat points
    Viola! You can now has cheezburgr!... I mean, lots of stat points!!!

    Level Editing:
    Requirement: Things to kill..... :3
    1. Use "Input Number" and search your current level
    2. Go kill enough to gain a level... or do lots of quests (boring option)...
    3. Search new level
    4. Repeat 2+3 until you have one result left
    5. Input desired level
    6. Enjoy equipping any weapon you wants!!!!
    NOTE: To be a truly evil person (just like me!!!), continually put your level back to 0... after you get to level 1, each kill (if you're moderately far into the game) will get you another level... and more stat points... and more destructive force!!! (An alternative to directly modding stats and such)

    Skill Point Editing:
    Requirement: At least 2 skill points
    1. Use "Input Number" and search your current number of skill points
    2. Use one skill point
    3. Search new number of skill points
    4. Repeat 2+3 until you have one result left
    5. Input desired number of skill points
    NOTE: Combine with Level Editing to get all skills quickly!!!

    Gold Editing:
    Requirements: Something to kill....
    1. Use "Input Number" and search your current gold
    2. Kill something (a.k.a - get moniez)
    3. Search new gold number
    4. Repeat 2+3 until you have one result left
    5. Input desired number of gold
    6. Have fun buying weapons and items and tasty nomz!

    Weapon Special Stat Editing
    Requirement: 2 Weapons with either HP/SP or Elemental special stat
    1. Equip a weapon with a special stat (preferably HP/SP or Elemental stat, to start)
    2. Search the stat number
    3. Equip other weapon with special stat
    4. Search new stat number
    5. Input desired stat number
    NOTE: What this actually does is edit the active weapon's special stat. It will hold once you've unequipped the weapon, so you don't need to lock the number or anything funky. For Critical and Accuracy, you have to add 00 after the number. So, if the weapon has a critical of 8, it'll show as 800 in GameCIH. Thusly, if you want said weapon to have a critical of 25, the number you put into GameCIH will be 2500. Lastly, weapons with -SP use are subtracted from 65535, with 65535 being -1 SP use... "Wait, I have to use basic math!? NO!" Yup. Won't hurt. Basically, You take one less than your desired number from 65535. So, if you want -500 SP use on a weapon, subtract 499 from 65535, and input that number (65036) into GameCIH. I suspect this works with other equipment, but I haven't tried... the method should be the same.
    NOTE2: This does NOT edit WHAT the stat is, just the number. I have yet to search for that... Next project??!?

    So, that project wasn't so difficult... Without further ado, I present...
    Weapon Special Stat Editing
    (WHAT the stat is, this time!!!)
    Requirement: At least three weapons with a special stat, with two of them being the same (I know it's hard to come by, but just go get the moneygolds and buy from the red special item sales-dude)
    1. "Low Level Analysis"
    2. Equip a different weapon (doesn't matter what)
    3. "!"
    4. Equip a different weapon
    5. If you equipped a weapon with the same special stat, "=". If you equipped a weapon with a different special stat, "!"
    6. Repeat steps 4+5 until you have a few results left
    7. Scroll to [email protected]:
    8. Change to what you want!

    0: Strength
    1: Movement
    2: Health
    3: Stamina
    4: Attack (Doesn't work)
    5: Attack
    6: Defense
    7: Accuracy
    8: Evade
    9: Critical
    10: Flare Attack
    11: Arctic Attack
    12: Angelic Attack
    13: Aphotic Attack
    14: Flare Resist
    15: Arctic Resist
    16: Angelic Resist
    17: Aphotic Resist
    18: Final Damage
    19: Critical Damage
    20: SP Usage
    21: Max HP
    22: Max SP
    23: HP Restore
    24: SP Restore
    25: Hunger Restore
    26: Critical Evade
    27: HP Absorb
    28: SP Absorb
    29: Counter Attack
    30: Knock Down
    31: Movement Speed
    32: Item Chance
    33: Gold Chance
    65535: No Special

    Zenonia 2

    1- Do a Low level Analysis search
    2- go back to game and kill a monster and you will see your exp get bigger
    3- go to gamecih and do the " title="+" /> search
    4- keep repeating above steps BUT if you level up then press the " title="-" /> search as the bar will go down.
    5- when you have a few searches left look for the address [email protected]:
    6- I would recommend you change that to something like 6000-12000 which will let you level up by a few levels.
    Do not level up too much as then you won't be able to level fairy up until you finish the game in normal mode.

    Stats/Skills hack
    1- Once you have gained a few levels you will have some stat and skill points.
    2- Simply search the number of points you have in gamecih
    3- use 1 point up and search the remaining points
    4- for stats look for this address [email protected]:
    for skills look for this address [email protected]:


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    Default Re: Android Games Cheats/Hacks -Request Here.

    di ko mapagana yung sa zenonia 1 and 2, ahaha, hirap

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    Default Re: Android Games Cheats/Hacks -Request Here.

    Parequest po nfs shift saka heavy gunner tnx...

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    Default Re: Android Games Cheats/Hacks -Request Here.

    di ko ma gets ung sa homerun... click ad???? sAn makikita un????

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    Default Re: Android Games Cheats/Hacks -Request Here.

    Bossing penge ng sites para sa inotia 3.at sa ibang games

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    Default Re: Android Games Cheats/Hacks -Request Here.

    Sir ts. Pa request pp ng cheat for lane splitter. Thanks

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    Default Re: Android Games Cheats/Hacks -Request Here.

    iba ung nalabas sa inotia...
    ung 1039 dapat eh dagger??
    ang lumabas eh mana potion...

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    Default Re: Android Games Cheats/Hacks -Request Here.

    pwede humingi lumang version ng inotia? yung latest na available sa market, nadedetect na ang gamecih at nag auto close na....

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    Default Re: Android Games Cheats/Hacks -Request Here.

    >>sana may lumabas na ring cheats, game walk-through bypass. etc. sa mga ito...
    >>magagawan ba ng paraan??

    list of games compatible for most Androids:
    1. My Monster Rancher
    2. Ninja royale
    3. Zombie farm
    4. Wonder cove

    Last edited by intelburst; 24th Jan 2012 at 17:26.

  11. 1 User Says Thank You to intelburst For This Useful Post.

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