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    Default [CUSTOM][KERNEL] MerrukTechnology Kernel v.0.1 ALPHA 1 For Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360.

    " MerrukTechnology Kernel v.0.7 RC 20 ".
    My Latest Build Support Overclocking & it's Done AT (1Ghz bugs Used 900Mhz)

    For now we dont have much but we can do more :

    EXT2/EXT3 & EXT4 support. (Just Kernel Support, Still need Scripts to Convert Blocks)

    System/Cache & /Data mounted as EXT4 R/W. (Needs Fixes)

    Added /Data mount, IO Scheduler and CPU Governor Feature (Conservative, Ondemand, Powersave & Userspace. Enabled)

    NETFILTER Compatibility with DROIDWAL.

    INIT.D Support & Auto Create init.d in /system/etc. (Fixed & Works for Stock Rom too)

    BLMUNLOCK Added, & a Script to run it at boot. (Added in /system/etc/init.d)

    Root Support (SU). (DELETED).

    Overclock/Undervolt Support Min@500Mhz & Max@900Mhz Works Great. (@ 1Ghz 0.7.00 RC 10 but need some fixes).

    Best ZYGOTE Service for Detailed Catlog (DELETED).

    Recouvery in Read/Write mode.

    Sommes Improvements & Fixes.

    Version 0.5.1 ALPHA.( DELETED, it hungs at boot-logo)
    Version 0.5.2 ALPHA.
    Version 0.5.7 ALPHA.
    Version 0.6.80 RC. ( We are in RC Mode now )
    Version 0.7.00 RC 10.(1Ghz but Lag)
    Version 0.7.50 RC 10.(900Mhz Works Great)(DELETED unmounted sd_card)
    Version 0.7.50 RC 20.(900Mhz FIXED SD_CARD Probleme)

    Tested & Booted One's. ( Some unworkable versions are deleted )


    Test Governors, Overclock/Undervolt.
    Test DROIDWALL Compatibility.
    Test init.d scripts (put some scripts in /system/etc/init.d) (TESTED)


    Dont need to do this step, All is fixed, just pute your scripts and enjoy.

    For Test INIT.D, Please Create a Folder in /system/etc/init.d

    And Put some scipts in there. with suffix MT_. Ex : MT_Recovery.sh


    NEXT :

    Fixe OC/UV Problems
    Replace Orig Recovery (CWM).
    Support A2SD by Scripts.


    NEEDS :

    The Best and the Smaller CWM.
    Scripts That can help A2SD.
    A FOTA Logo.
    Codes OR Features to add in this Kernel.

    F YOU GOT PROBLEMS PLEASE GO BACK TO THE STOCK KERNEL : http://www.mediafire.com/?2o40bhqa6dfnfzt



    Files Needed :

    Odin3 1.84 : http://www.mediafire.com/?y7v62dq119suj8r
    Odin 1.85 : http://www.mediafire.com/?zgqfh954k9flr47
    Samsung Drivers : http://www.mediafire.com/?1nazuhaz2xj4w0s

    Test Kernel :http://www.mediafire.com/?0j6guwgg60opj7y
    Alpha v0.1 :http://www.mediafire.com/?1rsf19z8qgl1qu6
    Alpha v0.4 : DELETED
    Alpha v0.5.1 DELETED
    Alpha v0.5.2 http://www.mediafire.com/?4p6sfran2si6f3j
    Alpha v.0.5.7 http://www.mediafire.com/?fzndkvldkhais0g
    V0.6 RC 80 http://www.mediafire.com/?xdkh1n2owok72cx
    V0.7 RC 10 http://www.mediafire.com/?1vx122767j43z4f
    V0.7.50 RC 10 http://www.mediafire.com/?uvw3tqw3vos6o4n
    V0.7.50 RC 20 http://www.mediafire.com/?akzujvgyilaaj9x

    Short Flashing Guide
    - download the .tar file
    - install Kies, or Samsung driver pack
    - download Odin3 1.84 or 1.85 (download links above)
    - stop Kies
    - stop all active ADB sessions
    - start odin
    - power off Your SGY
    - boot into download mode
    - Press Vol Down, Home, and Power at the same time
    - When (about 5 sec) Warning screen appears, release Volume Down and Power, then (a bit later) Home
    - press Vol Up (You'll get Odin mode screen)
    - in the PDA field, browse for the kernel tar
    - leave all other fields and checkboxes default!
    - connect your phone, You must see yellow 0:[COMxx] in the first ID:COM and "Added" in the message box
    - Start flashing by the START button.
    - flashing will start immediately, see the progress in the message box, and progress bar on the phone
    - Wait 1-3 minutes, until green PASS! in the upper left
    - SGY will reboot, leave it as is for 2-5 minutes until startup finishes


    Flash Kernel Without Increasing Custom Bin Count

    Special Thanks to FAQBLY For This Wonderful zip
    faqbly has compiled a script that can flash boot.img from CWM Recovery and it will not increase Custom Bin Count.
    You can Install Custom Kernel without increasing your Custom Bin Count.

    Below is the ZIP file from faqbly

    In the .zip file provided by faqbly, you have to replace the boot.img with the boot.img from the tar file of a kernel
    Example would be to download kernel from Maroc-OS
    You Will Have A .tar file that contains the boot.img
    Extract boot.img from tar, and place it to the zip by faqbly
    And flash via CWM Recovery

    If Ever Problem Occurs, Just Flash Back To These Kernels
    Stock http://www.mediafire.com/?dzfcrhb8fj3s40x
    Terma Kernel http://www.mediafire.com/?81d1acx1c19m9k5
    Test Kernel http://www.mediafire.com/?0j6guwgg60opj7y

    credits to sir maroc, ronnieryan and the dev team


    hope i help
    lets overclock


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    Default Re: [CUSTOM][KERNEL] MerrukTechnology Kernel v.0.1 ALPHA 1 For Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5

    the developers claimed that this is not yet fully working...


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    hey one of the boys are here i can certify and atest that this kernel is working use the rc20 version running on creds 2.1 no bugs yet so far

    again this is a working kernel just be sure to flash it properly have eithet termagrrncis or stock kernel backed up....
    flash using mais or frqblys kernel flasher....again read the flasing guide and flash accordingly....

    tested on creeds 2.1 baseband dxkk4 (not sure of my own band)

    regards\zeusseuz of kernel dev team of xda
    note so far rc20 is working just confirmed with my own device and a couple of others
    please report any bugs...so we could forward to dev

    thanks ts for sharing

    edit init d scripts not working yet currentl
    Last edited by HHubs; 21st Mar 2012 at 12:08. Reason: merged posts - do not post consecutive messages in a short period of time. use the EDIT function

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    Default Re: [CUSTOM][KERNEL] MerrukTechnology Kernel v.0.1 ALPHA 1 For Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5

    yes salamat sa feedback this thread is still upgrading....

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    Default Re: [CUSTOM][KERNEL] MerrukTechnology Kernel v.0.1 ALPHA 1 For Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5

    copy paste ahahahah

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    Default Re: [CUSTOM][KERNEL] MerrukTechnology Kernel v.0.1 ALPHA 1 For Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5

    i dont think po na copy paste i am guessing na si ronnieryan to ng xda....hehehe siya ung nag compile nung ppost2 sa xda unless na mali hula ko.....anyways antutu gave me 14xx...me nakakuha ng 17xx and 18xx

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    Default Re: [CUSTOM][KERNEL] MerrukTechnology Kernel v.0.1 ALPHA 1 For Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5

    ahaha uu copy paste na lng baka mamisunderstood pa pag iniba ko ako si slicktrick22

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    Default Re: [CUSTOM][KERNEL] MerrukTechnology Kernel v.0.1 ALPHA 1 For Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5

    nabasa ko lang sa xda na walang pinagbago sa benchmark eh, pero i'll try it anyway....

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    Default Re: [CUSTOM][KERNEL] MerrukTechnology Kernel v.0.1 ALPHA 1 For Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5

    ok lang sakin walang a2sd, basta gumagana yung overclock....

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    Default Re: [CUSTOM][KERNEL] MerrukTechnology Kernel v.0.1 ALPHA 1 For Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5

    well for benchmarking i get the same scores om a differrnt gov nga lang pero again this is a work in progress and we are asking for everyone to helpout lali na sa bugs....

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