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    Default Symbianize Literati: The Freewriting Thread ♥

    Banner by 16MinutesLate

    Good day!

    As part of the Symbianize Literati project we present to you the Freewriting Thread. here in this thread you're free to write anything :-) Syempre as long as it does not violate the Symbianize forum rules and regulations. It's one way to help you writers overcome writer's block--without worrying about editing, revising and all... basta sulat lang ng sulat. From the word itself free and write.

    If you're not familiar with what freewriting is, here's a few tips and info:

    What is freewriting:

    Free writing is a prewriting technique in which a person writes continuously for a set period of time without regard to spelling, grammar, or topic. It produces raw, often unusable material, but helps writers overcome blocks of apathy and self-criticism. It is used mainly by prose writers and writing teachers.[1][2] Some writers use the technique to collect initial thoughts and ideas on a topic, often as a preliminary to formal writing.

    [ Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Free_writing ]

    Free writing is a simple process that is the basis for other discovery techniques. Basic free writing follows these guidelines:

    1. Write nonstop for a set period of time (10–20 minutes).
    2. Do not make corrections as you write.
    3. Keep writing, even if you have to write something like, "I don't know what to write."
    4. Write whatever comes into your mind.
    5. Do not judge or censor what you are writing.

    [ Source: http://web.mst.edu/~gdoty/classes/co...e-writing.html ]

    Then freewriting results in a mess?

    Yes, it certainly can. In fact, if your free writing is neat and coherent, you probably haven't loosened up enough. However, remember that you can't fail in free writing. The point of doing free writing is the process, not the end result. If you follow the guidelines, your free writing is successful.

    The benefits of freewriting

    It makes you more comfortable with the act of writing.
    It helps you bypass the "inner critic" who tells you you can't write.
    It can be a valve to release inner tensions.
    It can help you discover things to write about.
    It can indirectly improve your formal writing.
    It can be fun.

    Here's a sample freewriting exercise by our very own Padrepio (as posted in our Literati FB Hideout)

    ok. im staring at my monitor reading cecille's post and ohmygulay i dont know what to say but it doesn't mean that i dont like her suggestion matter of fact i extremely like it however i think i know the reason why my togue is tied in a manner of speaking and it's because right now at this very moment i am thinking of something else soemething very very important a matter of life and death and that is why i can't even be bothered to put any commas and periods on my sentences grammar be dammned and yes spilleng be damned too what was i saying oh yes about something important and the gist of the matter is i csnt think of any response to cecille's post because right now the urge to sit on a white throne with a pool of water below it is very strong oh god what a relief

    Another one from http://web.mst.edu/~gdoty/classes/co...g-example.html

    well I'm sitting here at the key board and I really don't know what to write about it is too chilly in this building today age after we complained all summe about it being too hot - remind myself not to correct errors it's second nature to go back and change mistales mabee i should have written this example in long hand but then i 'd have to translate my hadnwriting I don't know how to wirt ehte link for the Shiki list renga I want ot constribute a link if I can I saw a bumblebee in sweet pea blossoms this morning and i think that would work bery well as an image but i havent got it worked out well i don't know how the bee relates to the blossoms is he hiding in them? is he . . . is he . . . is he . . . making a home there, no of course not bees don't live in blossoms and he's not hiding either I cont' thins bees hide what do yu thing? (i'm aware I, m going to post hthis and aware someone may read it which causes some inihinbition I couldn't rfind another aexample earier my typing isn't always this bads excuses excuses but freedom too mabeb my bee link can can can canc can canc what ? include refenerce to alley where we were aw=walking the dof? i mean dog of course he was buried stuck his head in nettles or something some kinf of weed groins gwo growing in the chain link fense below the sweet peas so may be I can put the fo dog in the link but it can't be more than 14 syllables which isn't very much to wirte I guess but thats renga for you I like the hokku that Dhugal posted "sparrows/erip aw I can't remember they erupt from trees but I think Paul Mena says what kind of trees and there's the third line :"a sudden burst of thunder" and did I remember that write i mean rite and anyway the bee going INTO the blossoms I think links nicely with the sparrows coming out of the rte trees and the thunder with the bee's presumed buzzing although I ididnt hear anything and maybe that would be something to include in the link do you think? henh henh henh I rhymed I did and the bees and the blosssom, ah the birds and the bees and the blossoms and the supposed old fashioned man to man talk a father had with a son but I was a farmboy and it's kinda hard to miss what a bull does to a cow and that's probably enough of that guess I won't spell chect this file hee ehee hee and what next what comes nesct I stiull have a minut or ssp these tehrt there awas and idea aobyut the bee and blossom link there but it's past o yeh the silence the of the bee, ie "the silence of the bee / in the sweetpea blossoms? yeh I think that;s it finish this mess and sebd send it to Dhugal and see how he lings likes it see there, free writing fdoses pay off I didn't not intend that reslult and it wasn't planned iethter so that's about it
    Simple rules-- write to EXPRESS not to impress. No structures required. Just let the words flow...

    Keep writing!

    Last edited by melala; 8th May 2012 at 00:05.

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    Default Re: Symbianize Literati: The Freewriting Thread ♥

    May 8 pala ngayon bakit ba pag may ocho nagpapanic ako? it reminds me of something... Something na nakakapagsaya saken... nakakapag pa...ah basta... waaah if only i could turn back time... Pero ang hirap din isipin kung ipapagpapatuloy ko pa yun kasi parang anlabo pa kasi sana maging ok na ulet kami... Ok naman kami pero kasi parang may something na pumipigil na samen na gawin yung dati, kung anong meron kami nuon at kung ano ang meron kami ngayon..hahayz... Parang may mali... May mali nga... Parang may hindi ok na nangyari kanina... May hindi magandang nangyari nga...siguro.. Kasi napansin ko na parang may nag-iba sa kanya. Ang dami ko gusto itanong pero di ko masabi kasi natatakot ako. Baka mabalewala lang o baka ayaw niya malaman o baka ayaw niya lang talaga?
    Bakit ba ako nagkakaganito? baliw na ata ako.. Yes! Baliw na ako dati pa.. Sa kanya... Oo, sa kanya.. Teka, bakit nagsusulat ako dito? At bakit gising pa ako? Gusto ko na matulog.. Matutulog na ba ako? Teka
    Last edited by 16MinutesLate; 8th May 2012 at 00:59.

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    Default Re: Symbianize Literati: The Freewriting Thread ♥

    pagkatapos mapanood yung its kind of a funny story na movie for the second time mas lalo ko siyang naintindihan, bakit ko nasabi?
    simple lang nung una ko siyang napanood last year sa bahay ng close friend ko which is kalaro ko rin sa skateboarding eh medyo nakwento niya yung plot pero mas minabuti kong panoorin nalang
    para mas maintindihan ko lalo.simple lang ang dahilan kung bakit pinanood sakin yun ng kaibigan ko dati, para maintindihan ko kung ano ba talaga silbi ko sa mundo at huwag manghinayang sa isang bagay na nawala sa pagkatao mo.
    kaya nung matapos ko siyang mapanood sa unang beses after a week humingi ako sa kanya ng copy pero sa kasamaang palad minalas ako dahil nabura niya yung copy niya,nung una hindi ko talaga alam yung title nung pinanood namin dati na akala ko simpleng teen movie lang na parang
    american pie pero nagkamali ako, inabot ng ilang buwan bago niya ko nabigyan ng copy nung movie, nagulat nalang ako nung magpost siya sa wall ko ng kung ano na hindi ko maintidihan sa una pero nung nagkita kami eh ang ibig pala niyang sabihin sa post niya sa fb eh may copy na pala siya nung movie weird no?
    kaya ang ginawa ko nung tumambay kami ayun binigay ko agad sa kanya yung usb para magkaron ng copy nung movie pero inabot ng ilang linggo bago ko nakuha sa kanya yung usb ko kasi sobrang busy niya kaya't nung nakuha ko na eh ayun hindi ko napanood agad tsk...tsk...tsk...kasi nawawala lagi sa isip ko na panoorin agad pero nung time na nabagot ako sa bahay at hindi makatulog ayun pinanood ko narin siya
    atlast, bawat eksena hindi ko pinalampas dahil gusto ko talaga siyang maintindihan at hindi naman ako nabigo ayun natapos ko yung movie. naging malinaw na sakin ang lahat kung bakit ganon ang plot ng movie na napanood ko naisip ko bigla what if kung binalak kong magpatiwakal kagaya nung ginawa ng bida sa palabas? hmmmmmmmmm....napaisip ako bigla huminga ng malalim at nagdesisyon sinabi ko sa sarili ko na hinding hindi ko gagawin yun dahil isa lang ang buhay ng bawat tao at hindi siyam tsk.
    pusa lang ang madaming buhay hehehe....pero maganda talaga yung palabas promise.

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    Default Re: Symbianize Literati: The Freewriting Thread ♥

    Nandito parin ako... Di ako makatulog. Siguro kasi madaming hindi maganda na nangyari kanina. Madami ba? Madami nga.. Una yung ginawa kong design para sa t-shirt para sa darating na family reunion namin.. Sobrang saya ko pa naman dahil sa mga designs yun ang naaaprove na gagamitin.. Kaso in an instant nagbago ang lahat dahil sa... Waaa *insert bad words here* ayoko na nga ipagpatuloy sasakit lang ulo ko asan na ba ako? Anong oras na ba? Nakahiga parin ako at nakaharap sa cp habang nagtytype at d ko alam ang isusulat ko.. Ang ganda ng tugtog puro urbandub pinapakinggan ko ngayon

    Gusto ko gumawa ng tula pero wala akong maisip..hahaiz sana dalawin na ako ng antok.. Asan na ba ang antok ko? Ang weird.. Ang weird ko ngayon.. Parang nasa what are you thinking lang ako na thread pero dito mas pinahaba na version lang ng random thoughts..hehe

    May nabasa pala ako kanina... Parang it kills me a little inside ng mabasa ko yun..pero parang natatanggap ko na... Teka bakit nga ba?.

    Ano kaya magiging headline mamaya? Sino na naman kaya ang magsasapakan? Sino na naman kaya ang mabubugbog?

    Gusto ko na matulog pero d ako makatulog wala na ako maisip.. Parang tanga lang ako na nagsusulat ng katangahan dahil sa katangahan na naiisip ko.. Hoy antok! Dalawin mo na ako.. Napapagod na ang fingers ko sa kakapindot.. Wala na ako ma4sulat.. Maglilibot muna ako para antukin..

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    Default Re: Symbianize Literati: The Freewriting Thread ♥

    sabog kase ko ngaun kaya naisipan ko gawan ng tula ang laging nagpapasaya saken...

    ‎"sulat para kay Maria Juana"
    by Tutch

    ilang taon na tayong magkakilala
    hindi na mabilang na beses mo kong napatawa. kapag nandyan ka walang lungkot at sakit
    abot kamay ko ang langit.

    ikaw ang pakpak ko
    sa tuwing gusto kong takasan ang magulong mundo.
    payapa ang paligid, puno ng rosas
    hindi kailangan magmadali mabagal ang oras..

    kahit gaano kabigat ang problema
    handa mo kong pangitiin.
    nandyan ka palagi
    kapag ang mundo gusto kong gipitin..

    kaya hindi ko hahayaan mawala ka pa
    kapag hawak kita sa kamay ko di na kita bibitawan pa..

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    Default Re: Symbianize Literati: The Freewriting Thread ♥

    3:39 am

    kakatapos lang ng session namin sa paglalaro ng monster hunter,,balik na naman ako sa pagiging introvert..surf sa web,hanap ng makikitang kapakipakinabang..nood sa youtube..ubos oras ba...sa ngayon walang ibang pumapasok sa utak ko...basta kung anu nangayayri sa bawat oras un na un..di ko iniisip ang future at baka mataranta lang ako..anu ba talaga?may hinahanap ba ko o wala?nag lalakbay ang kaluluwa ko sa kawalan.tila naliligaw ng landas..hinahanap ang liwanag..masyado pang makapal ang ulap na bumabalot sa aking diwa..kelan ba matatapos ang paghahanap ng hindi malaman bagay..tatakas na lang ba ako palagi??namimiss ko din ung perslab ko..kamusta na kaya sya ngayon...may anak na kaya sya..naging doktor na kaya sya?siya lang nag iisang babaeng minahal ko..mula't sa pul..at aminado naman ako dun..limang taon ko siyang hindi nakalimutan..tumatak sya sa puso ko na parang isang tinta na hindi nabubura..haay...ang pag ibig nga naman...buti na lang at may psp..kahit magkanda pudpod ang kamay ko kakapindot eh atleast nakakawala naman ng boredom..masaya at may thrill ang laro..habang petiks pa ko sa buhay ko ngayon..eh dito ko nahahanap ung kaunting ligaya na nag papasabik sa aking batang isipan..o sabihin na nating "parteng bata". mag aalaskwatro na pala..mamaya lang ay mag haahanda na rin ako ng almusal para sa aking mahal na ina..mag titimpla ako ng kape,,ung creamy..mag sasangag ng kaning lamig...mag luluto ng ulam pang agahan..anu nga ba luluto ko?hotdog o ham..ahh..mag aadobo na lang ako..tamang tama sa sangag un..buti na lang at maaga din ako namulat sa pag luluto..kakanuod sa tatay at nanay ko nuon natuto ako magluto..ang sarap sa pakiramdam kapag nakikita mong sarap na sarap uung kumakain ng luto mong ulam,..kaya lang sa sobrang sarap di na ko natitirhan..haha..anu nga ba talaga kaya ang paboritong ulam ng pinoy..sinigang o adobo..hhhmmm

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    Default Re: Symbianize Literati: The Freewriting Thread ♥

    the fact that i am staring blankliy at my monitor isntead of doing my job here at the office is the reason why iam writing this mattery factly ramdom thimng oh que horror my mind bugling issue what am i going to do if i cant write any single poem nor prose nor short story for this week i'm in gell maybe this might help but what idea will i get with this kind of thougghts i am having please bear with me for i am in brink of insanity dont mind my business just mind your and before i forgot i warched a movie last night hoping to gather some ideas and boila i di get some and i am hoping i can write story todau i onley have tewnty two days left before may eneded. que horror jefiner what are yout takling about is this really whats on your mind just shuyt up heart i ndeed to put this in writing before anything else goes wrong oh my gosh thanks for my sister melala for bringing up this kind of thread err ideas.

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    Default Re: Symbianize Literati: The Freewriting Thread ♥

    Kanina ko pa tinitignan tong thread na to. Na blangko na utak ko sa kakaisip kuna panu umpisahan ang freewriting ko. Lingon sa kabilang monitor at maganda yung eksena sa Bones na pinapanood ko ngayon, ayan na blangko na naman utak ko . Ha?? nakaumpisa na pala ako HAHAHAHAHA!!! Taas ko na tong dalawang paa ko!! Ready na ako magsimula ng topic! Feeling comfortable na para maumpisahan na... HETO NAAA!!!

    Anu nga ba?? Uy nahuli na nila sa tv yung salarin. Ngek hindi pa pala. Lingon lingon muna sa daan. Tingin tingin sa mga puno at halaman para makakuha ng inspirasyon sa gagawin kong... teka anu nga ba ang gagawin ko?? Waaahhh!! Nag good morning na ang mahal ko rereplyan ko muna. OOOPS! Nahuli na ata talaga nila sa tv ang salarin, pfffft hindi na naman. Matignan nga kung sino online sa shoutbox... Hmmm.. busy ata lahat. Naku me txt na naman ang mahal ko nakalimutan kong replyan kanina.. Waaah!! replyan ko na agad para hindi magalit gaya kahapon. *txt* *txt* *txt* *txt*

    Yan tapos na.. Balik keyboard na naman ang mga kamay ko. Oo nga pala gawa ako ng freewriting. Heto na uumpisahan ko naaaaaaaa!!!!


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    Default Re: Symbianize Literati: The Freewriting Thread ♥

    napapaisip ako, ano nga ba ang gusto kong isulat ngayon? wala ata. haist. wala lang. gusto ko lang may mailagay dito. hahahaha.. yun lang e. gusto ko magsulat pero di ko magawa. gusto kong magisip pero wala ako maisip. awwww, bat may kama at period parin ako? haist nasanay lang ata yung kamay ko na automatic mag kama at period. kulang nalang e unan at kumot at pwede na ako matulog. antok ako, di naman ako masyadong napuyat kagabi. wala lang, gusto lang mag close ng aking mga eyes at gustong matulog ng utak ko. parang pagod na pagod ako. para bang galing ako sa mabatak na trabaho kahit hindi naman. hayan, di ko talaga maiwasan maglagay ng kama at period. hehehehe. wala lang. paulit ulit lang sinasabi ko, unli, sabi nga ni vice ganda. nga pala, bat kaya wala yung mga ibang cast ng showtime? tanong ko yan na hanggang ngayon wlaa pang sagot. haist. wala lang ulit.

    im thinking of the challenge the literati had posted in our fb group. haist. sakit sa ulo. an oral interpretation of a poem, either your poem or others poem. e i am literaly mute. i cant speak orally. im blind. hahaha. orally na nga speak pa. tsk tsk. haist. am thinking how will i do it if i cannot speak. challenge, aint? a challenge to make the deaf speak and the mute hear. nyahahahahha. how will i interpret a poem orally when i cannot speak. maybe i could hire sombody to do it for me. then i lip sync. hahaha, a good plan, but devulging it here gives the other literati an idea...hmmmm..w ala, naputol ang isip ko sa sasabihin ko. na blancko.

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    Default Re: Symbianize Literati: The Freewriting Thread ♥

    im hoping im not going to be dubbed spammer, flooder or w\hatsoever with my 2 consequtive posts. hahaha. spelling ko ng consequitive. so gross and so wrong. well, im poor with spelling and thus my spelling. i just want to post and post and post something but that something seemingly doesnt exist but i doubt if it doustn exist since something is always something and it must be existing tht is why it is called something. well just pulling your legs with my posts. hahaha, just want to post and write and just write whatever comes in my mind wihtout having to worry about conciseness and simpliticy and the damn rules of writing and and and and and and no more. hahaha. i sae mella's signature, the drawing and i think im grateful to melala for creating this thread. i mean, write all you can and write all you want hahaha, like eat all you can and pay the rest i just noticed that melala has brown eyes. well were the same. she has brown hair, dyed i guess. and wears eyeglasses that makes her look like, well, no offense meant, strick. like a superviros. hahahaha. melala fish on earth. she has a nice eye brows, a brown as well, im beginning to think that your fave color is brown or something like yellow, or maybe a combination of brown and yellow. other than the eye glasses's color, which is pink, the reast of the color is bronish yellow. hehehehe. thanks mella. for this thread. i am very thankful.

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