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    Default Re: Symbianize Literati: The Freewriting Thread ♥

    hindi ko alam kung paano sisimulan.
    o kung ano ang pinagmulan.
    nang iyong paglayo

    puro na lang ba tanong ang iiwan sa akin?
    wala ka bang balak na ako'y kausapin?

    hay sayang naman
    dahil mahal na kita.

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    Default Re: Symbianize Literati: The Freewriting Thread ♥


    Tirelessly fumbling through his messy bag
    looking for something that might not be there at all

    "I don't have much time"

    is all he could utter under his breath
    whilst running with all his might
    and trying to reach out for his wallet in his bag
    if its really there for him to find.

    "oh sh*t, naiwan ko ata.."

    only to find it stuck in his rear pocket in his pants
    as he felt something as he gets seated in the cab

    it wasn't a very nice day for him
    he lost a lot of time thinking about something from way back
    some distant memory he kept wishing back

    only to realize half an hour later that he totally forgot
    that he woke up to go to work on a thursday afternoon


    he thought.. he got lost in thought again
    the last time he did, he almost got hit by a cab.

    There's something in his dream that alwassys jolts him awake
    something about a person always appearing in his dream
    although he seems to always forget her face.. yes her face..
    some girl who appears in his dream over and over
    like some girl from a lost memory
    but he was sure of it.. he hasn't met this girl yet
    and it seemed this girl is somehow more than familiar to him
    in his dreams, the girl seemed to be a little like more of a friend
    but somehow also less than a girlfriend.. or so the guy thought

    then again, he almost got too lost in thought
    its almost time for him to pay the cabbie so that he can jump out
    and keep running to catch the next train before he gets so late.

    d*mn this life, he thought

    always swearing at the back of his mind


    end of thought (3:01pm)

    mahirap rin pala magtry ng impromptu writinmg..

    without actuall a backspace

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    Default Re: Symbianize Literati: The Freewriting Thread ♥

    5:59 pm 11/21/16

    Missing you this day is unacceptable,
    Wanting you bad this day is unexplainable,
    I cant wait for another day,
    I need you desperately this day.

    Now I am a crying lady,
    But you cant blame me,
    It's our Monthsarry.

    Last edited by Miss Red; 21st Nov 2016 at 18:07. Reason: for no reason

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