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    Default Re: [TUT]Alcatel Glory 918D/M/N

    thanks ts sa info, newbie lang ako sa android eh.

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    Default Re: [TUT]Alcatel Glory 918D/M/N

    Quote Originally Posted by patchog View Post
    can you help me root mine thanks
    Did you follow the steps in the first page? Are you receiving an error message?

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    Default Re: [TUT]Alcatel Glory 918D/M/N

    Quote Originally Posted by pao2pao16 View Post
    Checked date and time. But like I said I think here or in the other thread, it doesn't matter. Cause the inbox should and must be chronological, unless you edit your time after sending a message.


    Im not sure if this issue has been going on for days, I just only noticed it today. My phone just stopped vibrating when receiving text messages, silent or not. Okay naman ung calls. I am very sure before nagvivibrate ito pag nakakatanggap. Went to messaging settings and found no vibrate setting.

    Help is appreciated
    Okay na to? If not, send ka ng text sa sarili mo. If na-receive mo instantly yung text, take note of the time na na-receive mo. Then, set mo yung time ng phone to that time na na-receive mo yung text.

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    Default Re: [TUT]Alcatel Glory 918D/M/N

    Quote Originally Posted by bluerain28 View Post
    **To those who have a question please read the F.A.Qs FIRST HERE before asking, pag wala dun ang sagot sa tanong nyo then you can post to ask provided with a screenshot. THanks.**


    **************PLEASE READ CAREFULLY THE INSTRUCTION*********************

    First of all, before rooting your Alcatel 918N Glory /Glory X(2.3.5/2.3.6), you must install a custom recovery first. Then after installing the custom recovery, you can now root your phone by following the next tutorial on how to root your phone found at the bottom. Thanks.

    *****Installing Custom Recovery for Unrooted / Rooted Phones*****


    - Android Usb Driver :

    here - Windows XP/Vista/7 32-bit
    here - Windows Vista/7 64-bit

    -Android MT65xx PreLoader driver (xp/vista/7) > Download

    -Android MT65xx Vcom driver (xp/vista/7) in case if PreLoader won't work > Download

    -winrar or any zip extractor

    -SP Flash Tool > Download

    -scatter text file for v2.3.5 phones > Download (for v2.3.5 ONLY)

    -scatter text file for V2.3.6 phones > Download (for v2.3.6 ONLY)

    -Download zip file > Download (system.img for 2.3.5 ONLY)(Optional)

    -Usb data cable for your phone

    -Recovery image file > Download

    -your phone ( unrooted / rooted )

    -USB debugging enabled (Settings > Application > Development > USB debugging)


    1. Install Android USB Driver (PDAnet).

    2. Turn off your phone. Then connect your phone via usb data cable.
    [ a ] Then an unknown device will appear instantly, it will disappear and then it will reappear. Right click on it and choose to update driver manually. Now locate the folder where your Android MT65xx PreLoader is. Then press OK / Next. If prompt, choose “INSTALL DRIVER ANYWAY” OR

    [ b ] Find new software mt65xx preloader. Then choose install the software from a list. Now locate the folder where your Android MT65xx PreLoader is.

    NOTE: If nothing happens after plugging then boot to recovery by PRESSING HOLD POWER + VOL UP Button then see your notification area on your desktop then follow either [a] or above.

    - Done. Now disconnect your phone from the computer. And make it sure that your phone is turned off before proceeding to step 3..

    3. Extract downloaded files to one folder for easy locating of the files. Open SP Flash Tool. Then choose scatter loading. See image below.

    4. Look and find the scatter text file and open it. See image below.

    5. Ignore and tick OK. See image below.

    6. Check the box with the name "Recovery". Then look for the downloaded recovery file. And open it. See image below.

    7. Tick Option from the menu and check USB Mode. See image below.

    8. Tick the Download button. Note: Look at the image carefully before ticking the download button. Make it sure nothing else is checked. See image below.

    9. Plug your cellphone via your usb cable. Then wait for it to be finish. See image below.

    ***NOTE: If your phone isn’t detected after plugging then boot to recovery by PRESSING + HOLD POWER + VOL UP Button THEN go back to step 2. ****

    10. A yellow bar will appear. Wait for it to reach 100%. See image below.

    11. Done. Congratulations. You successfully installed a "CUSTOM RECOVERY". See image below.

    12. Now it's time to root your phone by following the next tutorial below.

    Credits to Obcenity for the Tutorial
    Credits to Jbazt_katuforzs for the Flash Tutorial

    *****Rooting the phone******

    -Unrooted Phone
    - Accomplished the method above. Or a Custom Recovery is already Installed
    - Download SuperUser Zip file > here


    1. Copy and paste the downloaded zip file to the root of your SD Card.

    2. Turn Off your phone and open custom recovery by pressing and holding Power Button + Volume Up.

    3. Install zip from sdcard.

    4. Choose zip from sdcard.

    5. Choose the file downloaded. Then confirm update.

    6. Reboot.

    7. Look for an icon with an Android Face named "SuperUser".

    8. Done. Congratulations. Your phone is now rooted.

    Hope this helps. Thanks.

    Thanks to NohjSuperUno for the idea.
    sir pwede ko po bang makita ulit ung mga image below dun sa procedure ng pagiinstall ng recovery.
    new user po ako ng alcatel 918N Glory 2.3.6 gusto ko sanang iroot ung android ko. thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: [TUT]Alcatel Glory 918D/M/N

    Quote Originally Posted by 28redhorse View Post
    mga kasama OT po sana, tanong ko lang po...lahat po ba ng recovery image ng CWM any version pwede sa lahat ng android? gusto ko po sana palitan yung recovery ko kasi chinese sya kaya di ko mabackup phone ko...ZTE Kis po phone ko...tnx...
    di ka lang po ot, wrong thread ka rin po..
    Last edited by hardkulangot; 6th Aug 2012 at 12:00.

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    Default Re: [TUT]Alcatel Glory 918D/M/N

    Sir Blue, may issue ako na na-encounter nung nag-backup and then restore gamit yung CMW;

    1. Nawala yung mga installed apps pati na yung google play.
    - Eto madali ko lang naayos kasi may mga apk files naman ako nung mga apps.

    2. Nadisable yung screen lock feature nung phone.
    - I've tried doing the restore and installing new launcher pero wala pa rin eh. OTU lang yung naiisip kong solution.

    Sir, may alam ka bang solution aside from OTU para dun sa issue nbr 2? TIA

  7. #587

    Default Re: [TUT]Alcatel Glory 918D/M/N


    free browsing sa net sa phone natin.. mahina nga lang kasi di wdcma..

  8. #588

    Default Re: [TUT]Alcatel Glory 918D/M/N

    This is not working I always get an error that my phone cannot be detected. I did every thing, but I always fail. Could you be more accurate with your tutorial and please explain to me what to do?

  9. #589

    Default Re: [TUT]Alcatel StockRom for 918D/M/N

    Quote Originally Posted by fidelcruz View Post
    bluerain28 and rikardoalas maraming salamat po na root ko na po alacatel 918n v2.3.6 and kay duron850ph at
    aybandaniel12 para sa usb driver........ maraming maraming salamat po
    mukhang may pag-asa nko na maroot ung alcatel 918n v.2.3.6 ko.
    kakakuha ko lng ng unit nto last week sa sunshop at ito ang kaunaunahan kong android phone.
    hope hindi ko madisgrasya.
    basahin ko muna at pag-aral lahat ng post dito sa thread na to bago ko iroot phone ko. gathering data mode muna. thanks sa mga master dito, galing nyo...!

  10. #590

    Default Re: [TUT]Alcatel Glory 918D/M/N

    Quote Originally Posted by bluerain28 View Post
    No probs. Feedback nlng sir. Btw, anu version ng android mo?

    At least 1.16.x. But you can install busybox v1.18.2 or 1.19.3. Kahit alin dyan sir.Pwede mo ipagsabay yang kernel at supercharger and Script Manager ang need dyan, hindi ES or Root Explorer.

    Sir, yung mga filename sa attachment files para sa data2ext tutorial magkaiba. Yung e2fck sa TUT ay e2fsck sa attachment tapos yung 01data2sd.sh ay 01data2ext sa files. Kailangan pa ba palitan ng mga filenames tong mga to? TIA

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